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Malzahar Build Guide by matszz

Malzahar ze Ap carry

Malzahar ze Ap carry

Updated on October 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author matszz Build Guide By matszz 2,447 Views 0 Comments
2,447 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author matszz Malzahar Build Guide By matszz Updated on October 3, 2011
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Hello! this is a Build/guide for Malzahar: The Prophet Of The Void. For me Malzahar is kind of an Mage assassin due to hes high single target dmg output ,and devastating mid game(Lv6+++), not unlike Kassadin. But at the same time i feel he can carry hes team because he has high AoE dmg output aswell.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Great farmer/pusher
Strong magic damage output
Good AP Carry
Excellent ganker
Alot of strong poke in teamfights
Cool voice
Fun to play

Very squishy
Extremely dependent on early game farm and items.
Vulnerable target in teamfights
Malzahar is pretty screwed if enemy has QSS late game.
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I start with Boots and 3 health Potions. With this you can play more aggresive in lane, and will be less vulnerable to early ganks.

After first trip home grab either a another ring + boots and some extra health potions. With this you have extra sustain. Later go for catalyst then RoA

Core Items:ridiculous early sustain combined with 2x Doran rings,and throws in some nice damage too.Aimed on kiting enemies in teamfights, gives great survivability aswell with the hp.Core item for any AP carries.

Against a hardcore magic resist team:
Against Strong bruiser team:
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Passive Summon Voidling: After Malzahar cast each 4 additional spells he summons a voidling. The voidling is a kind of malzahars pet, which can do great stuff like help pushing the lane, or harass the enemies.

Call Of The Void (q): Malzahars highest spell damage ability except for his ultimate.This ability is a skillshot burst that shots out 2 portals in a cone. This spell deals alot of dmg (300+ 80% AP at Lv5) and silences up to 3 seconds(Lv5). This ability is great to help farm with a combo ofin laning phase. And is extremely useful in teamfights as u can hit and silence multiple opponents due to the spell`s great range.

Null Zone (w): Probably my least favorite of Malzahars abilities, though its a pretty decent poking and pushing spell. It creates a "zone with negative energy in the ground" in the ground for 5 seconds and deals magic dmg to anyone who stands in it. I personally think it s a good poking spell,and for pushing lanes,(+ late game gank w/ combo) but it has an unecessary high mana cost.

Malefic Visions (e): Probably all Malzahar player`s wet dream. This spell called Malefic Visions is loved by far and wide, with me no exception. This single ability can do so many things! Example: Pushing lanes/farm, it can regen mana if it bumps from unit-to-unit,(same effect if a champion dies to, did get a quadra once in ranked just for that). it is a great harrasing spell, it has low cooldown and its a deadly spell with the combo of R and the voidling. If u for example want to kill off the enemy mid laner at lvl 6 if hes at half hp or so, you should really go for it. One thing to remember is first that you should be into range for casting ur combo, so you should flash or something in range for it. Secondly you should always cast malefic first before any other spell before you finish him off with the ultimate.

Nether Grasp (r): Malzahars ultimate. its a single target dmg nuke spell(550+130% AP) Which makes Malzahar one of the scariest Mid game laner and ganker in the game.

In Order
For best single target damage output possible.
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Magic pen red: Red Magic Pen is always a good idea for any AP carry it penetrates the enemys magic resist hard late game, and with malzahar`s deadly spell combo, magic pen is devastating.

Ability power yellow: Simply for magic dmg. I don`t believe Malzahar need any mana regen runes at all because he can regen more than enough from Malefic Visionsin lane. Cooldowns are also meh for me personally but its of course alternative.

Magic Resist blue: helps me in lane against strong AP champions like Orianna, Annie, Le blanc

Potency purple: I run purple to help abuse malzahars early game which is very important for him as hes a champ that needs farm,farming and FARM.
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Running the basic 9/0/21 magic dps masteries in the tree for cooldowns, movement speed, mana regen and magic pen.
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Summoner Spells

Runs Flash And Ghost as summoner spells.

Basically because Malzahar is a squishy champion, with no escape mechanisms whatsoever. It is also great use for ganking top or botlane, or escaping incase you get focused.

Here is a great example of the use of Summoner flash,ghost+ult offensively in a 100% unescapable gank. ( Bad play from ashe/team warding but still fun to watch.)

The gank at 08:49
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In laning phase is where Malzahar really shines. With help of his Malefic visionshe can constantly push lanes back pretty quickly and will farm alot gold in the process. If u spam voidlingsout too that will be a bonus. Boosting the malefic visions bumps help always with the help of the Q ability,with autoattacking, and this will give u lane dominance, and alot of farming. You obviously want to keep bumping the E as on many minions as possible since it grants u extra mana, and if it bumps to enemy laner it grants free harassing aswell.
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Hope you found this brief malzahar build/guide useful. (And sorry for bad Engrish) :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author matszz
matszz Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar ze Ap carry

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