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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Systemic33

Malzzy - The Floating Nuke

Systemic33 Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build evah, so please give some constructive critique and not just troll on me :P

I'm a diehard Malzahar fan, and looking through the guides that were on mobafire i was quite dissapointed with them.
They were i my eyes, way too underpowered and severely lacking comprehension about what malzy is about.
So i intended to build this guide for you who want to have the most fun playing Malzahar, and still kick ***.
This is one of the only builds that give you tremendous amounts of Ability Power without going 6 x Rabadon's Deathcap (which would be pretty ****ing awesome, but impossible to get)

Try it out, and come back and comment and vote :P

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Okey so basicly the item build is pretty precise, and targetted for general occasions.
do note that you sell your Doran's Ring when you run out of space for the last items ofc :P
(don't trust the AP it gives in the top, it doesn't take into account the passive from Archangels Staff :(

If you run into a tanky team:
Go for more Magic Pen, rule of thumb

If you run into squishy team:
Go for more AP (xD)

These are the two stats you want to balance.
Health should not be a concern for you since its pointless to try, and you get better results to just go with AP over Health (this is for more health than this build specifies)

Mana can be a problem early game, and if it is, then try to use your Malefic Vision more tacticlly

Rule of thumb for Malefic vision is that its mana free after 5 creep jumps decreasing for rougly every ability level it goes up.

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Learning to nuke

As Malzahar you are pretty squishy, and being the floating guy with the purple outfit, people will find you intimidating and are going to target you pretty fast.

So you ALWAYS wanna stay behind your buddies and/or creeps so that they can die first.

Before you do anything, know this: YOUR ULTI IS ****ING INSANE (Spell Dmg + 150% AP )

You ability cycle for a standard teamfight or other than gank should be Call of the Void -> Malefic Vision -> Null Zone -> *Are they low on health (squishy = 40-50% , tank = 10-20%)* -> ULTIMATE! (OBS: DO NOT MOVE WHEN DOING ULTI!!!!)

If you are on a gank spree, and hunting down people where you are sure of victory, then use:
Malefic Vision / Ignite -> Ulti -> Anything that damages except null zone (considering they are probably running)

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Farming as Mallzy is easy, place your malefic vision on the first creep in the wave and start auto attack him (if you are unsure if you can kill it within one or two seconds then wait till he's low on health) and then maybe place Null Zone if there's a bunch of them. (You can also use CoTV if they are on a line and you need to kill quick.

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Not too strict here, just basicly follow these guidelines
- AP, AP, AP
- Spice up with some magic pen
- Go for instant AP instead of incremental AP, because you want to get as much AP as soon as possible in the early game

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Very important to get the improved ignite which gives you +10 AP when its on cd, so for the love of god, spam that Ignite when you can early game, and use it on low health players in mid/late
NOTE: Be sure to put it on Trynda when he goes unstoppable, and then just kite him.

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Skill Sequence

I personally go for Call of the Void as the first ability, because it has huge harass potential, and does really good damage.
Otherwise you wanna just stack Malefic Vision, which will be your main (although indirect) damage dealer.
Use it for team fight harrasing (put it on squishy ofc) and especially for picking off mobs fast.
NOTE here, that you can get huge amounts of gold if you put this on creep and continue its jumping because it gives lots of dmg fast = more gold to you = more AP)

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Summoner Spells

You should not think twice here.
You want IGNITE and FLASH

for the obvious reasons of more firepower, and the ability to get out of hotspots / closer to action.

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Have fun when playing Malzzy!

And remember that more AP = more fun :P