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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rawranator

Malzzy, The Pimping Prophet

rawranator Last updated on October 10, 2010
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This is how I play Malzahar, hope this is helpful. Please, if you give a rating, post a comment as well to better improve the build.


- Good at solo lane / good farmer
- Silence effects multiple targets
- His Malefic Vision can easily clear a lane of mobs and work its way up to Champ, and you don't even have to be in the lane! cast it and move to another lane.
- Malefic Vision regenerates mana per kill
- His ultimate (Nether Grasp) stun enemy champion while channeling, great for setting up a team attack on target champion
- Voidlings are awesome


- Super Squishy
- Mana hog early in game
- Slow moving champion, even after I obtain Lichbane (or so it seems to me)
- Big delay on his silence (Call of the Void)
- His ultimate (Nether Grasp) can be stopped if cleansed or stunned.

So with that out of the way, let give a brief summary on how I play him.


I get Igniteand Clarity.

Igniteworks very well with Malzahar main dot, Malefic Vision and can easily bring a Champion down when combo together. Also, it can be cast while your channeling Nether Grasp.

Clarityis very useful since Malzahar is a Mana hog, helps stay in lanes longer and, for me anyways, be more aggressive.


I got stuff to make him have more mana, regain mana faster, and reduce his cooldowns. Plus I put some point in offense to help you get faster kills.


I get magic pen, ap per level to make you stronger in higher levels, flat ap runes to help get early kills.


Core Items

This is my main build. Wasn't sure what to pick for my last item so i got will of the ancient, helps a lot when trying to say alive.


This was pretty much my old build. Magic Pen is awesome but sometimes not a good idea in certain matches. I still use this item build from time to time.

Another alternative is this item build.

Early Game

I stay a good distance for the enemy champ ... always! It doesn't matter if I'm mid lane or with the best tank in the world, I keep my distance since Malzahar can be easily picked off.

Early Game Combo

1.Call of the Void
2.Malefic Vision
3.Ignite (for the kill)

4. rinse and repeat

Once I get Malefic Vision, I cast Malefic Vision on minion, attack that one minion, minion dies, Malefic Vision moves to next target, attack new target. Rinse and repeat. This is a great way to farm gold, and most of the time, the enemy champ get the hit my malefic vision as well.

Around level 6, I should have enough gold for my boots. Port back, buy Sorcerer's Shoes, back to my lane. With these shoes, malefic vision can pretty much clear a lane. In a good game, I might have enough for a blasting wand.

Mid Game

Mid Game Combo

1.Call of the Void
2.Malefic Vision
3.Null Zone (try to plant it ahead of them if they are running away)
4.Nether Grasp (try to cast while on top of Null Zone)
5.Ignite (For the kill)

6. rinse and repeat

This will become your basic combo. Perfect for 1v1.

I get Lich Bane for the extra mana and extra movement speed, and the extra boost of dmg when his passive prompts. If you feel the need to move faster, sell your Shoes and get Boots of Swiftness. If you do sell your shoes, don't get Void Staff. Instead, get Rylais Crystal Specter.

At this point, the enemy should see you as a threat! Why? Because your pimping! Your call of the void hits hard! You got crazy dots! You're like the Fonz of League of Legends (if you didn't get that reference, your too young *sad face*)

Late Game

So, I got Malzahar build up very nice. We should be in a lot of team battles. This is how I start off big confrontations.

Late Game Team Battle

1. If there are enemy minions, cast Malefic Vision, it will eventually work its way to a champ. If there are no minions there, save it.
2. Call of the Void on the massive crowd of baddies.
3. Null Zone on their feet to bring the hurt and panic!
4. Get close! Malefic Vision (smaller casting range than other spells, hopefully you noticed)! Get back.
5. Rinse and repeat ... unless ...
6. If your ultimate is up, and it look safe, cast it before the enemy champ can get out of null zone.
7. Remember to ignite the enemy!


This is no easy champion to master. He takes A LOT of practice.

#- Voidling are useful for there extra attack but they are even more useful for taking down towers. I cast as many spells as I can if I am taking a tower down to get my voidling out, does good damage to destroying towers.

#- You got can be sneaky with him, attack from bushes if you can, around the corners, help you malefic vision reach the champion if you casted it on a minion. You must do these things WHILE paying attention to your mana.

#-<<<< this item is amazing, Elixir of Briliance, strongly recommend you get one each time you return to base to buy an item.

#- Your call of the Void and Null Zone can be cast while at base to help bring you voidling up quicker. Why in base? Well to gain back the mana you used for the spell. I do this when I port back to buy, or after I respawn when I have died, and in the very beginning of every game.

#- Your call of the void angles itself in front of you as a wall. You can play with the angle depending on where your standing.

Example; an enemy champ is directly in front of you (your facing left, and him right), if you cast call of the void, it will cast across (2 portals open, top and bottom) giving him a small amount of time to react and step away.
BUT let's say you moved down a bit and now your facing up while he is still faceing right. Now this spell will cast in a different angle, making it slightly harder to avoid (2 portals open, right to left)! Very Important to remember since that silence can save you.

I hope this helps some player and not confuse anyone. Please comment!