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Pantheon Build Guide by Underpaidfoot

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Underpaidfoot

Mana-crazed Pantheon

Underpaidfoot Last updated on May 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first guide on Mobafire, any constructive criticism on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated. So, I've played Pantheon as my main for quite sometime, and I've noticed he has a huge mana issue throughout most games. I particularly enjoy spamming Spear Shot to harass the enemy, but my mana supply is drained whenever I need to move in for the kill. Well this guide will solve Pantheon's mana issues and make him an OP @$$ mofo not to be trifled with.
Please don't down vote without trying the build.


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So for the runes, I went AmrPen Marks and Quints because he's a bad@$$ mofo who likes to break down whoever is in his way. Flat armor seals for survivability early game against AD champs and magic resist per level glyphs for the AP champs who are hard to counter late game.

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For masteries I went 21/9/0 as any Pantheon should, some people try to play Pantheon as a tank, I like to play him as a sort of Glass-canon that can take some hits before breaking down.
The offensive masteries don't really need an explanation, but for defensive masteries I put 3 in Resistance for some early game MR and 1 point in Hardiness because Pantheon has the flat armor seals. Next I put 4 points in Hardiness so I can get Veterans scar which is great for early game because its like having a flat health quint without wasting a rune slot or using IP on one.

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For items, I start off with a Meki pendant and 2 health pots, the pendant helps curve Pantheons mana hungry issues until you can get your Tears. After that you'll want to build up to a Manamune fairly quickly because you won't be doing a lot of damage until you do. Afterwards Pantheon starts to snowball with glacial shroud because of the added mana and armor as well as the very useful cooldown reduction which lets you spam Spear Shot more frequently, added with the Manamune, you wont run out of mana and you'll be harassing your opponent for as long as you want. If the enemy team is AD heavy, glacial shroud is definitly the way to go. If they're AP heavy, a negatron cloak will suffice for MR, unless your confident in your abilities and want to get a glacial shroud anyway for the CDR.

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Skill Sequence

For skills sequence, I normally go Q>E>W, I max out Spear Shot first because its your poking tool, it has the lowest cooldown of all your abilities and it only uses 45 mana per use, with this build you'll be able to spam Q as much as you want to last hit minions or harass without worrying about your mana supply drying up. You'll want to max out Heartseeker Strike second, this is a great ability to farm creeps or cause some good damage to enemy champs, it hits 3 times and does double the damage to champs. I max out Aegis of Zenonia last because the stun duration doesn't increase with each level, only the cooldown is reduced and the damage scales with AP, which Pantheon doesn't build.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, Flash is a must. Flash is your #1 spell to use on Pantheon, every game. Unlike most other champs, Pantheon doesn't have any escape mechanisms, except his ulti which would be a waste to use as a escape mechanism.

For the second summoner spell, I either go Ignite or Exhaust. However I use exhaust 80% of the time because its great for late game to runaway or catch up to an enemy champ.

If your confident in your ability to harass you enemy down to barely nothing, then get Ignite in case they flash away, then you can flash towards them and plant your ignite for the kill.

Ghost isn't really useful on Pantheon unless you like to chase, which I wouldn't recommend with this build, you never know if any other enemy champs are lying around waiting to pounce on you, but if you think you know what your doing, I say go for it.