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Pantheon Build Guide by HugzDoinLoL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HugzDoinLoL

Mantheon as Supportive Bruiser

HugzDoinLoL Last updated on June 4, 2012
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Welcome to my pro Mantheon supportive bruiser guide.

Here you'll learn how to bottom lane with Mantheon, and still be that stronk manly ballsy bruiser.
I'm a Platinum bottom lane player, who decided to try out each champion as a support, Mantheon is just one of many. If this guide is a success and people tend to like it, I will continue making as many guides as possible, similar to this one (such as Shaco, Teemo, Karthus, Lee Sin.. support, etc).
There won't be any masteries / runes content or explanation due to people might have their own opinions about it and these are just the way I feel the most comfortable playing with.

Also, I'll be keeping this guide up-to-date with patch changes and etc. So make sure to tune in ;).

If you wish to contact me about anything, my skype is xxsaraxx42 and my hotmail, for further information perhaps.

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Pros / Cons

Now, I bet loads of you are thinking that there are a lot more cons than pros and hence he isn't viable, but I'll try my best to prove you otherwise.

[*] Pros:

- Great poke damage
- Hard to burst down early
- Ultimate "teleportation"
- Very fun to play
- His W is great for engaging
- Good looking too ;)
- Last but not least,
his passive makes AD carries cry

[*] Cons:

- His ultimate not as viable as other supports / bruisers
- If not played correctly, W can be his death
- His ultimate takes skill to use properly
- Cannot help the AD carry except for W and Exhaust

So as you can see, it is mostly his ultimate that's the biggest issue, but if mastered it won't be a problem. Moving on..

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Early game

Early game, from 1-6 it's all about poking with Q and jumping in with W.

To get maximum damage output and minimum damage taken this is what you should do;
1. Stay in the bush
2. Throw 4 spears to activate your passive shield (I'd suggest using them on the AD carry)
3. Ping for your AD carry that you're going in
4. W one of the enemy teams champion
5. E towards the enemy you jumped on
6. Throw a Q
7. Profit.

So long story short, the skill usage order should be W -> E -> Q
If you aren't certain about your AD carry getting the kill, use your summoner spells, it's almost a 100% chance to get a kill if you use every skill you got + summoners at the same time, alongside your AD carries damage output.

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Mid game

From 6-14~ the hardcore ultimate usage begins.
It might be extremely hard for beginners to land Mantheons ultimate properly, due to the casting time being long enough for people to avoid it.
There are certain champions that you should NOT try to catch with your ultimate, I'll list a few of them:

- Alistar (Can knock you up and backwards)
- LeBlanc (Has an escape ability with short cd)
- Tristana (Also has an escape ability)
- Corki (Same as Tristana)
- Ahri (Same as the above)
- Kassadin (Same as the above)
And etc.
(Not going to list all of them, check out if you aren't sure about certain champions escape abilities)

In areas that are tight, such as the jungle, you can the most easily catch people.

Now, mid game is not all about ultimate usage! It is also about ganking mid, stealing blue buffs and turret diving with your passive if needed.

After 6 I usually try ganking mid as much as possible, f.e each time my AD carry goes back to buy it's the perfect timing. All you need to do is rush up from the bush, either around the turret or from the middle river and do the same combo as on bot, W -> E -> Q + summoners, if needed. This will not only help your mid, but ease the job of the jungler, he can freely babysit top while this OP supportive bruiser Mantheon does the work at mid.

A really good strategy is to ward their blue buff and attempt to steal it with your Q from the other side of the wall. This weaken the enemy jungler / mid, and keeps you able to spam Q.
.. Might have forgotten something here, but will edit if needed.

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Late game

Now at late game you should have a somewhat good damage and sustainability, the truly hardcore supportive bruiser, a champion who manages to deal damage and yet support his team.

There are a few things to remember at late game, such as..
1. You don't have flash, it's kill or be killed at this moment.
2. Unless there's someone else in your team who has built tanky, you should be the one engaging teamfights EVERY time.
3. Yes, you can steal Baron with your ultimate, but be aware that it's highly unlikely and will just give the enemy team another kill.
4. Do not underestimate the enemies even tho you're Mantheon
5. Remember, you ARE still the SUPPORT, meaning you have to keep the Shurelya's and maybe buy something to replace the other (bruiser) items if your team is in need of supportive ones.
6. Wards, I know it's tempting to just keep rolling in bruiser items to become even more awesome and etc, but your team still needs you to be the one carrying those extra wards.

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Random videos

In this section I will put videos of Pantheon support, both good and bad sides of it. But keep in mind these things take time and I might not be able to do too many of them.

The first one up will be a duo with Twisted Fate and an Amumu as jungler, Kennen mid and Jax top. There aren't many ultimate usages to gank, and also a few fail ones. This is one of my few videos so it might not be as high tech and good looking as the other League of Legends gameplay videos. Anyways, here it is.. (Oh and, it might be a bit laggy at first, but keep watching, it gets better ;))