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Pantheon Build Guide by Nc The Church

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nc The Church

Mantheon is Jumping in. Update [v1.0.0.123]Updated

Nc The Church Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction: That Shield and them muscles and yet so Squishy?

I always found this odd. Pantheon has a high attack power however i found it impossible to use it sense i often get first targeted and destroyed before i was able to be usefull. This build counters that and still allows you to deal quite a bunch of damage.

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Pros & Cons

High Damage
Can Melt Squishy Champions
If fed then he can not be stopped
Fun to play

Cons: Squishy
Not to easy to farm with without a big mana pool which this guide will not give you(you need a constant farm)

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Pantheon Nerf: Might as well walk (Patch v1.0.0.122)

Last patch v1.0.0.122 Pantheons Ulti got heavely hit, i always felt that being able to jump evrywhere gave Panth an edge in the game. He could jump to friends in aid, towerdive or catching up to escaping champions. this Patch made Pantheon unable to get thouse early kills/Assists.

HOWEVER it is still usefull. One great aspect that stayed is the fact that you can still jump in behind enemy Champions and swiftly take out there Squishy Squishy Carrys. Then you Flash away.

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Masteries: Remake

I originaly went Utility masteries however with the Buff given to him in patch (v1.0.0.123) he no longer needs them.

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Impale or Puncture?

This is a Choice which you will make yourself. Chosing these are based on 3 aspects

1. Lane Partner: if you have a lane partner who can stun or slow then go for Heartseeker Strike first, Heartseeker strike is extreamly powerfull if the enemy stays in the cone for a long period of time. now that is obvious right? yes but unlike other AoE over time Spells Pantheons deals EXTREAME damage at early levels.

2. Enemy Lane: if you feel like you can not deal eny damage to the enemys in your lane, for example 2 healers whom both have mana manipulator then i suggest to Spec your Spear and just farm the Spear is great for last hitting without being harassed to much.

3. Aggressivness: if you find yourself pushed back by that annoying 60 AP lv 1 Katarina then spec your spear and last hit until you are level 3. the best thing that can happen to you here is that she towerdives and uses her ulti. all you do then is stun her with your Aegis and then Puncture the *****.

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Merc or Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness have been reborn with the pantheon buff, Boots of swiftness are now great for catching up with Grand Skyfall. You can also take Merc boots as they give you Magic resist and reduced CC time.

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Frozen mallet

Perfect for Pantheon the slow helps keeping people inside your HeartSeeker Strike and the Health makes you incredibly durable early Levels and it gives you a Small Attack Damage bonus. UPDATE: still works, that helped right?

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Atmas: But i already have a spear?

Yes but this one gives you all the armor you need along with some crit. With the Frozen Mallet and your base health you will gain 54 Extra Damage (Level 18)

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Congrats you are now almost indestructable. This item will give you all the Spell immunity you need to survive the close quarter fights which you will now win.

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Last whisperer? yeah theres perhapps...

This item is the last you need Damage wise. Nothing can beat this item when it comes to Pantheon. you will now be able to take on anyone. Enjoy Piercing though the enemy tanks, carrys supports dps anything.

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Last item? your choice

Guardian Angel. warmogs armor or Bloodthirster are recommended. If you feel like you are still being the first target in fights (and really if you are what the enemys are spending there time on then you will win anyways sense your Team mates should have enough time to end the enemys attacking you) BUT! if the enemys succeed in killing you and then getting away then get a Guardian Angel. after you are dead you jump back up and Kill ANYONE YOU WANT! HAHAHA.

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MARK: Armor Penetation: Goes together with you Q
and your e

SEAL: Mana Regeneration: Great for Early game, goes together with your Masteries to give you a high Mana regeneration to last hit with your Q and to Harras enemys.

Glyphs Magic Resist: Helps you against Harrasment from Mages in Lane

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Summoner Spells

The four Spells that would benefit MANTHEON! the most would be

Iginte: to help you get some Early kills

Exaust: To keep enemys from escaping your Cone of doom (HeartSeeker Strike)

Ghost: Good for get aways or chases all around neat to have.

Flash: Good if you realise after Jumping in that your team is losing, just flash out and have fun with your life.

Spells you might concider:

Cleance: not needed with Banshies or your Passive

Revive: Used to work (kinda) you die in a fight and you can jump back in. Now useless thanks to the nerf.

Teleport: not needed, the cooldown is to high and with your ulti you can "teleport" where ever you want.

Clarity: no...just no it will be a waste of a spell Mid to Late

Clairvoiance: No you do not need this. if you need this to see where you can land your Ulti then you should not even try to land there to begin with.

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Play Style

First Tactic: Take it slow until Level 5. that is when you will start dealing high damage. Now a basic tactic is to jump and stun who ever has the most health on the lane. when you do this the one with less health will move forward to try and attack you, now you hit the weaker one with Exaust and HeartSeeker Strike (if speced to lv 3 then it will melt anyone who stands in it) your Team Mate should already have started going for the Squishy as well. The Squishy is now dead Flash away and Juke the enemy sense you will most likely have taken alot of damage mean while your Team Mate should be able to kill the last one standing.

Second Tactic: Jumping in to bushes. if you jump into bushes that does not contain enemys then the ring will not be seen neither will the Impact partacles. You are now behind enemy lines. get your Team mate to go in and bait them. they will now go for him thinking that he is alone. you run in from behind and kill the Squishy one.

Third Tactic: Farm, if your lane is going bad then just survive and farm as much as you can with you Q. we can not have our Mantheon dying now can we?

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You better type that in chat evrytime to use your MANDROP cause you will have them running.