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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foxx33

Map Control/Gank Master

Foxx33 Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

*Updated since January 2011 patch*
To start off, this is my first guide and I've currently only played the game for about a week. I made an account to make this guide because I felt that it was a pretty decent build and would like to see if other people enjoy it as much as I do. Keep in mind that I've used about 10 of the TF builds on Moba and I tried to pick out what I thought was the best from each one that felt right and worked on it. So, to the actual explanation.
Been playing a lot longer now. ;] Changed up the runes and well...I have a lot more experience now with picking the right cards.

This is pretty much an all around Carry build I guess...Plays on AP/AS Mainly. Pretty much if you get fed at all it's pretty much game over for the other team. I've come back from a crazy 5v5 where 1 of our inhibitors was down and quad killed the opposing team and pushed to a win.


Teleport: Amazing for saving a Teammate/Turret that needs back-up, Blue pilling back and buying some items and getting right back to your lane so you don't lose all the work you put into pushing it, or if you see a bunch of Minions gathering up in one spot on the map and we all know TFs can use the gold...go snag a few hundred.

Ignite: This skill is awesome for finishing people off in any part of the game and the thing a lot of people don't use it for is the Healing Reduction(Especially against Tanky/Healy classes like Taric/Sonah or my favorite is against Tryndamere, right when his Ult pops...generally most Tryndameres like to pop their Bloodlust stacks to heal...just pop an Ignite and it reduces the Heal greatly so you can easily finish him off.

Like I said we're going pretty much just overall dps so obviously get the Summoner spell masteries and in Offense I feel you pretty much get the most bank for your buck as far as mastery point wise.

One thing I notice a lot of builds/guides don't do is put some masteries builds for the lower levels so here's my newbie love.

The main thing you want to do here is, get your 1 point in Spatial Accuracy(Improved Teleport), then head down Offense for Burning Embers(Improved Ignite), so Sorcery > Alacrity for my build...Grab Archaic Knowledge as well. Once you get those 10 in Offense finish out your Utility and then back to Offense.

The order I have chosen above, is what has worked best for me out of all the guides/builds I've tried.

Pick a Card - This is your Bread and Butter skill...a lot of people say to not use the red cards at all but I was determined and found a use for them. You want to make sure that you know the order by heart and Pick the right card at any time. The order is Gold->Blue->Red

Gold: Obviously this is THE ganking/harassing card of all. The stun is so
useful in so many ways and you want to make sure that if there is room
to move towards your enemy once you stun them that you do it so you
can hit them for a longer period of time and maybe even get another
Gold card on them to finish them off. Also great for running away to
a turret(Turrets = safety early/mid game) or just in general being a
pest and harassing and running away.
Blue: Last hits on Minions for Gold/Hitting Turrets or Inhibitors/Just
pounding away at anything and you want(like a Dragon/Baron because
they're immune to CC to conserve your mana.
Red: Hitting the 3 Caster/Cannon Minions when you don't have to worry about
mana at all. Also, you can hit the turrets with a red card and the
splash will hit the minions around the turret, which can be quite
handy at times; especially, if you're really trying to push a lane.

Stacked deck - This is THE damaging part of the Card Dealer. Most people tend to go for the 3 stack + Gold Card combo to get maximum effect. This effect stacks with the Sword of the Divine and is quite deadly.

Destiny - This is the skill that makes or breaks you...use it to get an assist/possible kill(Kill stealing helps the team aka more total gold to team and as Phreak says, "They just need to get on my level.") from others, escape from a group fight you might have lost/possible gank they tried to pull off, or simply get back to your lane like a Teleport.

Wild Card - Tons of guides/builds say that you need this early on because it's great for farming and such, but your Attack speed will be so high that you wont need it at all; especially since you're going to be getting just as much gold from killing Champions as you do from Farming Minions. It's great for the range if you're pushing a lane and the Minions are still lined up that you can hit all 6/7 of them or you could finish off an enemy Champion that just barely escaped your Gold Card reach. Leading the shot can be quite difficult to master unless they're just running in a straight line.

Marks - Desolation - Armor Pen is so vital for ganking those tanks or anything for that matter.
Glyphs - Insight - Magic Pen for PAC attack penetration during early harassment.
Seals - Fortitude - You need some extra HP at the beginning for sure because we're so squishy.
Quints - Desolation/Fortitude - I chose Fortitude because I like to stay in the lane longer in the Early game but if you find yourself having no problems harassing without help/HP problems you might want to try some more Armor Pen to make it easier to kill early on.

Pretty self explanatory stuff here. Madred's makes it to where Tanks aren't an issue. You're mainly Physical damage but you have some Magical Damage(PAC) so Magic Resists shouldn't affect you too much. Frozen Mallet makes it even harder to escape you, because of the slow and you'll tend to notice people start to run once they see that you have amazing card powers.

Snowball items: (Obviously cheaper but it's a gamble for sure.)
Sword of the Occult instead of the Stark's Ferver
Leviathan instead of the Frozen Mallet

Early Game:
Harass with your Pick a Card using Gold+3 Stacks of Stacked Deck on Chapmions and try to get last hits with your Blue Cards because you don't really have much mana at this point.
Play defensively aggresive because you're a ranged and you should be using that to your advantage. Meaning, hit the champions when they're in range and if they get past lets say 40% health, hit them with a Gold Card + Ignite combo and finish them off with Stacked deck. Other than that, stay back. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to NOT die. You would want to prefer to get mid lane so you can level faster to carry your team on your back to victory.

Mid Game:
You now have some Attack speed and Destiny on your side. Use Destiny to get kills or save your teammates. Try to instill the idea to all Champions meaning Friends and Foes, that you're just a port away. I don't know how many times I've been thanked because I ported in and saved a teammate with a Gold Card allowing them to run away. No, you're not getting your gold from farming BUT you're saving you ally from potentially feeding the opposing team.

What is even better is that you can get some kills if you're strong enough and save your teammates which no one can ever complain about. Make sure you're keeping your Mid Lane pushed but helping out your teammates by making constant use Destiny/Teleport.

Late Game:
By this time you're probably destroying anything that you see and can almost solo 2/3 maybe 4 people if you got your Frozen Mallet by now. Just make sure you're helping your team by owning lanes and porting in at all places and keeping map control with Destiny.

To wrap it all up, I'll be adding pictures to this as I have more time in the future and feel that any feedback will be helpful into making all of us better Card Masters.

Foxx =]