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League of Legends Build Guide Author LASGoyo

Map pressure to take advantage of terrain.

LASGoyo Last updated on February 9, 2016
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Well, my name is Goyo and this is my first guide ever, Im at the moment platinum 3 in LAS server, my highest rank was Diamond 5 100 LP in PreSeason 6. I don't consider myself a good player in one aspect, I have reached that rank by improving the fundamentals of a strategy game, implementing them in the league of legends terrain. To put an example I see LoL as a game based on controling the map and creating pressure to force mistakes and make the other team win the game for me. And that is a strategy I took from other games I played before, like Warcraft 3, Chess, Poker, etc. None of these games I played them professionally but I always like to understand the game rythm and how you can pressure an enemy to make them lose.
For league of legends this is really useful, because you are not playing 1v1, so you can take that advantage to destroy the enemy team by parts, for example you can make your enemy laner be useless for their team, so they will create an internal fight that will break the communication. This will allow you to apply more pressure to the one who cares most in the other team, because he will try to win alone by making lcs plays, or stupid things like that. So the thing here is that you must make sure that first you break their team, and after that you start applying the terrain pressure to make your enemies get mad and throw the game.

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Once you complete the first step, you are ready to start making macro advan

So now that you got the first advantage, you must apply your first mental pressure on that useless enemy player, you can do this by freezing the lane and zone him, you can push the lane very aggressively and counter jungle or roam, or you can just keep killing him 2 or 3 times.
Now lets explain this points:
-Freezing: By doing this you will make your enemy get anxious and try to do something stupid, that can be tryhard you to get a kill, or call the jungler for a 2v1 scenario, even try to trade with you. Doesnt matter what he do, you just need to stay alive and deny him gold an experience if possible.
-Pushing aggressively: This is something I really enjoy, but you must have 1 pink placed and 1 in your inventory at all the laning phase. This way you can poke the enemy into his tower, forcing him to waste his resources to not lose gold and making the enemy jungler camp your lane. For doing this you must be confident with your champion and can resist a posible 2v1. The objective is push the lane and counter jungle if posible, maybe get the crab or the herald if you created a monster wave before.
-Keep killing him: Actually I dont recommend this if your team is behind, because you wont get anything more than tilt 1 person, but the other 4 can still carry the game, but if the game is equal or you have a little lead, then its good because you will make your enemies suffer for 20 minutes until they surrender.

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Mid game

Well, once completed 1 of the 3 options I mentioned, you must get your tower and start getting control of your side of the map, lets say you are top lane, you push the tower and ward their jungle, counter jungle the camps, try to time blue buff and make a pick with your jungler. Obviously this can fail because its soloq and you dont have communication, but if you can counter jungle and maintain vision in that side, then you already created a lot of pressure, and its time to take that pressure to other sides of the map. So if you are top lane you want the mid lane pressure, the most important of the 3 lines because of the terrain. Here is an example of pressure by terrain.
TOP Pressure>MID Pressure>BOT Pressure>TOP+MID Pressure>

Well, this examples can give you an aproximate pressure you can aply, the pink things with numbers are pink wards that can help you to see what is going on in your new territory.

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Taking profit of your terrain

Now that you have more territory you should be trying to make that a secure place for you, warding with blue trinket and pinks should be enough to see who is walking into your new jungle, and punish them for invade it. Make sure that you can punish them with the lead you get from your lane and make the enemy suffer until they surrender, because this is a game where the strongest mentality end winnning. Its like when you play in a smurf account a lot lower than your main, you play confident and you do stupid things but you still wining, because you have fun and you think that you are better than them, so you finish being better than them. Just play like the territory is only yours and nobody can invade it, punish everybody and take all their supplys to make your champion stronger. This way you should be able to start fighting objectives and grouping with your team.

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Team fights, objectives and split pushing

This is an important stage of the game, you have 3 fundamental things to do, you can group and team fight to take towers or dragons, you can focus on taking easy objectives like outer turrets, first dragon, enemy buffs, or kills. Or you can stay in your new terrain and try to expand it by split pushing your lane, so this way you will atract more people to your side and you will let your team have a number advantage. This is a situational things, that depends on your type of champion and style, and how the game is working so analyze the situation before doing anything. Personally I will take the importance of objectives this way:
Picks/Free kills > Outer turrets of the other lanes > Herald > Dragons > Kills. Always remember, if the kill is free then take it because it demoralyze the enemy team if you have 10 kils in 20 minutes, so you should be focusing on winning by making them get mad and think that the game is already over. I put the Herald as better than dragon because you can push really hard with it, so its great to gain more terrain.

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Finishing the game

You must know that closing the game is the most important thing, I know it sounds obvious, but if you just won a team fight, killing 4 of them and just 2 of your team died, then dont go back or try to get a dragon or counter jungle, just go to the nearest minion wave and start pushing the lanes to get a turret or at least to go back and already have pressure everywhere, because you can make a lot of strategies to close the game. For example you can go 1/3/1 to get turrets, or you can go 1/0/4 with the top laner alone, also you can take an objective such as dragon or baron if you created monster waves in 2 lanes, or even a big one in bot lane for baron, and top lane for dragon.

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Important things to know

I know that this is a general guide that a lot of people should know, but I see more often than I like to that people really dont do this things, they look obvious to me but maybe other people have another priorities, I think this is the best way to win games, because its like war, to win a war you have different ways, the first one is tealing resources to your enemies, so your army will be stronger than theirs. Other way is gaining terrain and expanding your territory, so you ferce theem to be scared because of the fog of war and that allows you to make more GPM than your enemy. So applying this basic things should be enough to make you win more games.
For other side I know that this is oriented to a win start and maybe an ideal game, but you must know that this is a guide, not a recipe, so you can change it according to your game scenario and start playing with strategies to the point where you actually improve your decision making to a point where you can understand the pressure game that allows you to win more games.
Notice that some of this strategies requires a specific champions, for example you cant split push with a maokai or a malphite, and you shouldnt group with a tryndamere or a master yi to fight. You must know the strenght and weakneses of your champion to adapt the strategies to your specific situation

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Changes, improving and Samurais mindset

Well, as I said this is my very first guide, so maybe its garbage or an obvious one, feel free to comment and help me to improve this guide and maybe other Ill do in the future.
I want to say that you should be focusing on improving every time, so this is more a guide to improve your decision making than a guide to make you win more games, I mean, of cours if you play a good strategy you will win more, but the idea is to adapt the pressure concept in every situation you deal in soloq games, so think about improving your game knowledge every time you play.
And the last thing, to win a game you shouldnt be thinking about winning, that was the samurais mindset, If you want to kill somebody then you shouldnt be thinking about surviving, just focus on killing him and dont care about yourself, that way you will learn your limits and you will be able to play more aggressive, because if you think about living you will die, if you think about winning you will lose, but if you think about improving you actually will improve, because you will make a lot of mistakes that can teach you how to play the game. Good luck and thank you if you read this far, please leave a comment helping me to improve in guide making, and if you think you have a better understanding of league than me then tell me too, so I can make this guide a better one.


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