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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaringDanger

Master Amazing(ly dumb)

DaringDanger Last updated on July 23, 2010
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Master Yi, Annoying style

Have you ever thought, "I wish Master Yi weren't so damn squishy" or "how can I have the most expensive build possible and still only do moderately well?". Well here is the build for you. Super health, armor out the ***, and a level of damage output that just cries "I'm lazy and would rather just run behind the enemy rather than actually use my god given sword to kill them". It's a journey into the magical land of I don't give a f*ck.

It really doesn't matter, if you have the balls to spend all of your cash on 5 of the same item.

This does sort of matter, but again, if you have the balls to spend all of your cash on 5 of the same item, you probably have the balls to go in without saving your mastery sheet.

Summoner Abilities
There are many other amazing summoner abilities that are all generally useless. You're going to be slow as sh*t for a long time, so teleport is a much needed ability.
You don't really need this after the first Sunfire Cloak, but it is an extra go f*ck yourself to the enemy when they are rejoicing after getting you to half health

Champion Abilities
Alpha Strike- Alpha strike is good for knocking that first bit of health down while getting in close enough to start chasing and dealing damage with Sunfire Cloak.

Meditate- Completely useless for this build, You aren't stacking AP and at level 18 this ability heals you for 700 of the 4242 health you will have.

Wuju Style- Taking turrets and doing damage early are its only real advantages in this build.

Highlander- It's all about the chase. This ability will help you keep up with those squirmy champions that think they can run back to a turret for protection. At level 18 with 5 Sunfire Cloaks, You will have 4242 health, 320 armor, dealing 200 damage per second to ALL nearby enemies (just standing around) and then you have the additional benefit of using your sword to do even more. You can easily take down 2 champions, a gross of minions, still have time to take down the turret, eat a chicken dinner, hump their faces, and return to base (only because you need to change your socks).

This build makes Yi a lazy farming machine.

Early Game 1-6
You are going to be slow and squishy because you didn't buy a single item right out of the gate. Some would say that potions and elixirs may be the way to go, but I say, go write your own damn guide.

Stay in the lane as long as possible, I like to take mid to help with gold farming. as soon as you have enough for either of the two build components go back and buy one. I prefer health over armor, because it intimidates people. Do this until you have your first Sunfire Cloak.

Mid Game
keep pushing mid until you have destroyed their towers. By the time you get your second Sunfire cloak you should be level 11ish (hopefully sooner) when you have acquired the second cloak, go Jungle in their Jungle. This presents great opportunities to show off your giant d*ck by killing champions within turret range. You can also help the other teams push, but that's boring.

Late Game
You have worked hard (well not really). You have chased the other team hard (that's better) and now it's time to buy yourself some b-b-b-b-boots! Or, if you've been dumb enough to buy 5 Sunfire cloaks, go ahead and buy another. Take out the enemies remaining turrets, as well as the remaining enemies. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. And if you were on the losing team, stop reading guides, research your champion, and Lrn2Ply.

This guide is completely ridiculous, I only play this way, I have only ever played as Master Yi, I am at a 3.8 win ratio (we all lose sometimes) and I rarely die (mostly because I love runnin' away). I commend those who are brave enough to abandon a rational play style and take a journey to the magical land of I don't give a f*ck.