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Wukong Build Guide by KingKongLoL

Jungle [ Master EuW] Wukong Jungle Guide by KingKongLoL

Jungle [ Master EuW] Wukong Jungle Guide by KingKongLoL

Updated on August 7, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingKongLoL Build Guide By KingKongLoL 62 11 221,168 Views 3 Comments
62 11 221,168 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KingKongLoL Wukong Build Guide By KingKongLoL Updated on August 7, 2023
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Runes: Best Carry Runes

Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


Best Carry Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is KingKongLoL and im a Wukong main since season 2! The highest Elo i ever reached was Master and in season 9 i was the Rank 3 best Wukong on the EuW Server Click here and in Season 11 im Rank 12 Click here! I think when it comes to Wukong, i have some legitimate grounds to talk and drop guides about this Champion!

I am an Educational Content-Build Creator but also an Entertaining Content Creator. My goal is to educate and create the BEST Builds for my main champions Wukong, Volibear and Yone. With these guides im trying to give you the FREE ELO that you really want and rank up with your own skills in any DIVISION you want.

With this Wukong guide you will have around 80% Win ratio at Iron to Gold Elo, 70% Win Ratio At Platinum Elo and 60-61% At Diamond-Challenger Elo!

Feel free to follow me on my YouTube Channel:

Also if you dont wanna miss me streaming, leave a follow on my Twitch:

For more BUILDS and GUIDES join our Discord server for real time build creation: and reach any ELO you want!

Wukong with this build is easy, the only thing you need to do is to FOCUS on your farm, and care for Ganks. Poke is the key to victory! And with this build even the tanks wont be able to stand a chance vs you.

Nothing will stop you, nothing will win against you, they only thing they will ever feel is FEAR from your insane damage!

Pleased with the content? Feel Free to subscribe to my YouTube and follow me on Twitch!

Hope to enjoy your Free Elo Boost!
Best regards.
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Why should you play Wukong?

Besides the fact, that Wukong is now one of the best Junglers and is sitting on a 51% Win Ratio, why would play him? Well Wukong is relativily easy to learn and has high burst damage. He is a great Teamfighter because of his Ultimate and his abilities are straight foreward, his combo is incredibly easy to pull off. He has a strong gap closer with his "E" ability, that does also a lot of damage and even armor penetration on his "Q" ability that lasts three seconds and allows him to even deal with tanky enemies. He then has invisibility in his Kit and therefore a lot of things going for him. With the recent Buffs he received in Patch 12.7, he can now jump over walls, which makes clearing easier but also allows you to gank Lanes from different angles. On top of that, his E got buffed and now he does even more damage to Monsters, which again, helps with the clearing.

However Wukong is a very item dependant Champion. He really needs his Items in order to succeed. Also he does have very limited Crowd Control. His Ultimate does knock-up targets, which is good but that´s all the Crowd Control he has. He does also have no built-in sustain. Yes, his passive heals him, but only a bit and only if you engage on the enemy. So if enemies do poke him down over and over again, usually he is not able to deal with it to effectively.

All in all he has his weakside but still, he is super strong!
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Summoner Spells

For your first summoner spell you should pick up flash. This is a required summoner spell on Wukong because it gives you a reliable escape and can get you in a better position in a teamfight so you can hit more targets with your Ultimate.
Of course since you are farming in the Jungle, you wanna pick up Smite. As a Jungler you wanna clear the Camps as fast as possible and secure important Objectives like the Herald or the Dragons.
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How to combo the Abilities?

Your combos are pretty damn easy to pull off on Wukong. All you have to do for the easiest combo is to jump on the target with your "E" Ability and then hit them with your "Q" to reduce the armor. Then while the armor is reduced hit them with a bunch of Autoattacks with that increased Attackspeed from your "E" Ability. Whenever you feel your enemy is gonna return a bunch of damage, activate your "W" Ability and run away if you do need to. When your Cooldowns come back up, jump on them again with your "E" Ability, hit them with a "Q" and follow up with Autos until they finally drop.

An more advanced Option to combo your Abilies is to start the fight with your "E" ability and set an autoattack between your E and Q and then follow up with the "Q" ability. After that keep hitting them with autoattacks with that increased Attackspeed. Whenever you feel your enemy is gonna return a bunch of damage, activate your "W" Ability and run away if you do need to.

Another Option is, when you are close to a target, you can use your "E" and "Q" ability in a way, that the "Q" ability can be just slightly seen. So if you time it correctly it seems like you are not using the "Q" ability. However this one needs a little bit practice.

Also when you are next to a target, let´s say you are sitting in a bush and someone facechecks it. You hit them first with an normal Autoattack, followed by the "Q" ability, which is an autoreset and then jump on them with your "E" ability and follow up with a bunch of Autoattacks with that increased Attackspeed from your "E" ability.

Another one, that includes your Ultimate would be to E on the target, autoattack it and Q next into your first Ult! You dash to the side with your W, leaving a clone on your position and Q the target again into your second Ult.

The combos are shown in a specific video that i made:
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Jungle Route

The next important point is the Jungle Clear and Pathing. Wukong suffers a lot in the early jungle phase, that is why you should go for a level four full clear. You start at the blue go over to the gromp and use smite here, make you way to the wolfcamp, then to the raptors and after that go to the redBuff and use your smite there again. After red do the golems and you are good to go. The way you clear camps with Wukong is very important, since you don´t wanna drop to low on health. First of all, always set a step between your autoattacks. Attack the Monster than step back and then attack it again. Instead of waiting for your next Autoattack, you move back and meanwhile the monsters can´t attack you, because they are forced to move aswell. When moving between your Autoattacks, make sure to move in the direction you wanna go next. For instance, pull the wolfs towards the Blue Buff. Also it´s very important to take your W-ability at Level 2. The Decoy tanks two hits and that helps you not to drop low on health.
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Wukong has one main goal in teamfights; hit as many targets as possible with your Ult to disrupt the enemy as much as possible.
If the enemy is split into 2 sections then you´ll have to quickly decide if you´re going to want to ult the front line so your carries can easily kite, or go into the enemy back line. Usually it´s a lot safer to peel for your carries but if you have some teammates with diving abilities, you may want to try and delete the backline.
After you help your carries, make sure you delete a high damage carry by jumping on them with your "E".
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Nimbus Strike [E]
For your Skillorder you first wanna put a point into your "E" as it hits multiple targets and increases your attackspeed! Also, it does more damage to the Monsters in the Jungle. This is the ability you wanna max first!

Crushing Blow [Q]
The second Ability you should take after the "E" Ability is the "Q" Ability. It does good damage, the cooldown of it decreases with each hit and it applies Armorpenetration.

Decoy [W]
On level 4, you finally skill up your W. Before you put two points into E. Then you wanna move on to your "W" Ability and just put one point in the early and maximize it as the last ability. This ability creates a Wukong Clone that helps you to juke enemies and stack up your passive and Conqueror faster. With the recent buffs you can also jump over walls.

Of course you should put a point in your ultimate whenever you can at six, eleven and sixteen.
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Conqueror is just the perfect rune for Wukong! It stacks up to 12 times and it´s so easy to fully stack it with Wukong. Because of the attackspeed provided by your E, the autoreset by your Q, the autoattacks by your Clone and each spin of your Ult you get 12 stacks very fast!

Triumph will you help you out with sustain in teamfights as it heals you for each enemy that got killed.

Legend: Alacrity will give you more attackspeed so you can apply more autos in a very short duration of time!

Last Stand will increase your damage the lower you are on health! Since you are a Bruiser that stay in teamfight for a long time, you will also take a lot of damage during these fights. Eventually you will drop low but don´t be afraid! Your passive will give you more Armor and heal you even more and with Last Stand you will do more damage on top of that!

For your second rune tree you should pick up Inspiration runes!
Magical Footwear not only saves you money, but also increases your Movement speed!

Your second rune here should be Cosmic Insight. It will lower the cooldown of your Summoner spells and the active parts of your items!
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With this build Wukong becomes a really strong mid to late game Bruiser Champion. You will be able to deal PURE Damage To any Champion with your skills and Hits!

Divine Sunderer is your Mythic in this Build. This item gives you everything Wukong needs! It has HP in it, Damage and CDR. Not only this, the way you build it, is also really good for you. And do not forget about the passive of this item, which is armor/magic penetration! So the synergy between Wukong and this item is really high! It helps you to deal with tanky opponents as it does damage depending on the targets max health! At your first back you should buy ruby cristal and a longsword. Do not rush Sheen even if you can. Get at you second back and then continue finishing this item!

Your second item should be Sterak´s Gage! It´s an overall good item for Wukong as it provides HP, damage and a shield! It will be really helpful as you get tankier and will be able to stay for a long time in these fights that will happen at the mid game as you guys fight for Drakes or Heralds.

After this you should look to get Ravenous Hydra! It will help you to push out your lane and group with your team to win these teamfights! Because of the AOE damage that Hydra provides you can easy kill the minions and push out!

Anything else after these three items, is situtional and you should pick your next item according to what you need. But in general i like to get a Black Cleaver. With the new passive that Black Cleaver provides, you will not only shred their armor, but you will also stack up movement speed that will help you sticking to your target!

You can finish off your build with a Guardian Angel! This way the enemies have to kill you basically twice in order to get rid of you!

Here is a video as an example for this Wukong Build:
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingKongLoL
KingKongLoL Wukong Guide
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[ Master EuW] Wukong Jungle Guide by KingKongLoL

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