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League of Legends Build Guide Author Debo

Master Evelynn Build

Debo Last updated on March 8, 2010
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This is a build that I have perfected over the course of several weeks I have read all about eve, studied various guides, tried a wide arrange of runes and items. I've tried DPS eve, Dmg eve, and ability power eve. I have tried a multitude of different strategies some of which I came up of on my own and some of which I took from various guides. I tested them, compared them, and ultimately what I have came up with is a master eve build, one that is not only devastating to a PUG game but is also very compeitve against elite competition.

It goes without saying that this build isn't for your run of the mill eve player. This build in order to master it and excel against the best competition will take lots of practice. You will need to learn when to attack and when to flee. instincts like this take a lot of practice but once mastered you will be able to take on the best competition there is with little to no problems.

Now onto the build

I. Summoner Skill
Now most of you might think that it's totally pointless to take Smite, this is however, one of the key's to making this build so successful. You see with this you are able farm more effectively early game where Evelynn is her weakest this allows you to level fast which is very important for Eve. This also allows for you farm creeps at a low level allowing you to get the lizard buff at a low level. Having Smite also allows me to kill the golems/wolfs right off the bat essentially getting you to level 2 before anyone else on the map. which is again a very important for eve.
Ignite is a obvious choice as the masteries give you additional ability power which if you haven't guessed by the item build is what i'm shooting for as it is by far the most effective build for eve by far.

II. Items
The item setup I have for eve is probably confusing to most. The truth is there is essentially two different paths that I have found are very effective with eve but one is better than the other depending on the situation you find yourself in. Both builds have the same base items in this order

1 Regrowth Pentant
1 Philosopher's stone
2 Sorcerer's Shoes
3 Mejai's Soulstealer
4 Sheen
4 Lich Bane (from Sheen)

These items must be gotten in this order as they are the bases for Evelynn's ownage!

After these you can branch out into one of two areas

---Branch 1----
You can go towards more ability power and attack speed via Nashor's Tooth (at this point you would sell Philosopher's stone because you shouldn't need to worry about this anymore you're going to be running around ganking or farming creeps and generally your good for about 2-3 ganks and you'll need to port back regardless if you have this item or not so its best to sell it for an item that will help you out more at this point)
You'd finish off the build with a Rylai's Sceptre (for the slow and ability power) and Zhonya's Ring (usually doesn't get to this point but if it does man I feel sorry for them)

---Branch 2----
Now if your having a hard time staying alive for some reason and by that I mean you've died maybe once or twice at the most then you can go this path, I found that this life steal build is pretty good at taking out even a warwick head on with life steal no problem the following items would be bought after your base items

Keep in mind that you still sell Philosopher's stone and then you pick up:

Stark's Fervor - this item is amazing and alot of the time lately i'll go this route just for the fun of it. The life steal is excellent and with the added buff to your friends makes this item perfect!

(Item 5) - Again with this item I generally go with Nashor's Tooth with its attack speed additional ability power as well as its Cool Downs it's a perfect item to get for Eve in almost all builds

(Item 6) - You can use this item to experiment a bit usually if you've gone this route then your having a hard time surviving so a banshee's Vail is a great option and is what i'll generally get here. However, if the life steal is enough for you and the tides have turned your way then go for some more attack speed/dmg it can't hurt right?


I'll only briefly explain to you the beginning of the game as this is the most important part of the game for eve, she's most vulnerable and generally this is where most people make the mistakes with eve. First thing is Eve must NEVER NEVER attempt to solo mid. If someone tries to get you to solo mid just laugh and move on. The lane Eve should take is the same side of the map that the 2 golems or 3 wolfs spawn. This is if your team is the bottom the bottom lane if your team is top then its the top lane. The reason for this is because its much easier to kill these mobs by yourself then continue to your lane versus having to travel across the entire map to your spot. You wouldn't make it to Your lane in time. Now as soon as you start put your point in hate spike as this is your best skill, its not your largest dmg skill but its essentially your basic attack and your bread and butter. This will be the skill that gets you most of your kills. Anyways, put your point in this and then buy your Regrowth Pendant. Now head to the spawn spot of the Golems/Wolfs and wait for them to spawn hopefully you will get the two golems, if you do cast smite on one and ignite on the other. Attack the one you have placed smite on with hate spike and keep at it eventually he will fall and then you move onto the other one. After they are both dead you will have about 25 percent HP and one small minion away from level 2. now move on to your lane and be cautious for the first few min of the match until you can recover your hp almost fully....

Well that's it for now I will come back and edit it from time to time to add some additional hints and tips. I hope this helps alot of you out