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Master Yi Build Guide by TortilliaBoy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TortilliaBoy

Master of AP

TortilliaBoy Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Start with either Doran's Ring or Sapphire Crystal. Need mana regen or at least mana to spam Alpha or the occasional meditate.

Next up is Sheen and Sorcerer's Shoes. Best if you can get both at around the same time but one or the other is great. Sheen gives you mana and AP as well as a big damage hit with Alpha -> Sheen proc hit. Lots of harass if your still laning.

From here you normally want a Mejai's Soulstealer. If your new to AP Yi this might not be the best idea as you may be dying a lot or not getting a lot of kills, but its quite easy to maintain stacks with Yi, using ult and ghost/cleanse to survive ganks and alpha strike for assist/kills.

Here its between Lich Bane, Rylai's Scepter or Zhonya's Ring. All are quite expensive but Yi farms jungle INCREDIBLY well. One Alpha Strike to wolves, golems, wraiths or golem/lizard minions will kill them all (or at very least, need another hit) for some quick gold when going through jungle.

Zhonya's Ring and Rylai's Scepter is great AP and survivability for Yi, try to get both but game will most likely end before you can. Lich Bane is less expensive as it builds off Sheen and adds quite a big damage boost to his auto hits after Alpha/Medi/Wuju/Ult. So survivability or damage its up to you. I have been getting Lich Bane more often since its cheaper.

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Summoner Abillities

Cleanse and Ghost, always.

Ghost offers some insane movement speed with Highlander and is great for darting in and out of battle with Alpha Strikes.

Cleanse is amazing when combined with Highlander, you can run away from just about anything with that combo making it so you dont die to ganks.

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Alpha Strike early, but not on champs, wait til there are 3-4 creeps before doing the closest one. This will mean you hit all creeps as well as 1-2 champions every time. If you have a good laning partner you can instead Alpha to an enemy champ for a surprise attack, this wont often kill them but will deal huge damage making them go back. Meditate is quite strong for health regen, as long as you have the mana to sustain it and Alpha Striking.

Mid game keep farming, you can take out jungle camps now very quickly, lizard and golem are both great for Yi. Alpha will do a fair amount now and can often take people by surprise. Dont be afraid to go in but make sure your ult/summoner spells are up.

Late game make sure tanks are in first, never try to initiate first, the best time to alpha strike is just as someone is about to die. If you can ult/alpha them all cooldowns will come back on, letting you spam Alpha again and again. This is great for getting Mejais stacks and doing huge damage. While in the air doing your move you can miss a lot of AoE dmg and CC which great. Zhyonas if you Alpha Strike badly.

AP might be a joke NOW but out of the last 10 or so games ive lost twice. All times me score has been pretty average to pretty good. My ELO is i would say mid-high but i really have no idea. Ive been against RiotPhreak, played with Pendragon (when he was premade with Volibar and Limabeans), so im not terrible but im not amazing fantastic either.

AP Yi has the potential to actually become a viable strategy, huge damage, great laning and farming and can still take down towers like a beast.

(This guide needs some touch ups, i know its pretty messy)