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Humor Guide by Mynho

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mynho

Master Yi Jungle S5 Disregarding Females Acquiring Currency

Mynho Last updated on March 6, 2015
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Aight we all in this Mothah ****a

So you buy a piece of **** hunters machete and 2 health pots cause thats what you can afford cause you're a poor piece of ****. Get that blue **** trinket too cause thats the best one.

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Only buy Armor Penetration so you can penetrate their *******s with pleasure.

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30 points in Utility cause you're ****in Master Yi and no ***** are given.

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Full build never change this you little worm ****.

Chilling or True Damage smite with Devourer
Statik Shiv to electrify the *****
Ravenous Hydra to lifesteal multiple ***es at once
Infinity Edge for extra damage on those crits
Bloodthirster for more mothah ****in lifesteal
Call me Celine Dion cause I'm about to sink the Titanic with this last item
Build a ****in Essence Reaver cause you like big ****.

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****in Flash and Smite do you expect something special?

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I've gotten 3 pentas in one game with this build no ****in joke. (IGN Sucka****)

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Pros / Cons

Pros: You're playing ****in Master Yi
Cons: That lil ***** *** nigga Teemo

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Creeping / Jungling

No ganking lanes you farm until you have devourer and split push. And if anyone comes to stop you shove you gigantic 9 inch **** in their ear.

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Team Work

Team Work you're kidding me? No ****in Teamwork let those feeding *** *****es die alone like they were suppose to.

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100% Win Rate Guaranteed or you get all that wasted time you could have spent on pornhub back!


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