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Masters Graves Guide - Freelo

Masters Graves Guide - Freelo

Updated on May 19, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo Build Guide By letswinelo 3,980 Views 1 Comments
3,980 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo Build Guide By letswinelo Updated on May 19, 2016
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Hey, I am a Master player on NA server. My in game name is Satanic Chaos. This is my first time making a guide on mobafire however I did make several guides on other websites such as lolking.

I am a jungle main and have played it for over 5 years, including different tournaments and on different challenger teams.

This guide will be an introduction of me to you guys as well as some insight on my knowledge and some tips I would love to share. As a long-term jungler there is plenty of things that one might learn from this guide.

I will go over runes,masteries, matchups, tips and tricks, skill order, items as well as different pros and cons.

I will keep this guide fairly short however I will summarize important ideas for you guys to learn in the most efficient way possible and skip ranks in the ladder like its nothing.
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For summoner spells we run flash and smite, everything else is not good enough for our crazy carry.
For runes on graves I recommend running:
1) Reds - Attack damage x9
2) Yellows - Armor x9
3) Blues - Scaling mr x3, Flat mr x6
4) Quints - Attack Speed x3
These runes will allow you to clear the jungle without losing much health. After the patch 6.9 graves benefits a lot from crit and attack speed that is the reason I changed from Attack Damage Quints to Attack Speed. These runes compliment the changes in patch 6.9.

This patch increased the damage that graves outputs when he crits and therefore makes items such as PD and IE very efficient(will be explained further)
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Best masteries on graves are if you go strength of ages and middle tree taking dangerous game. This is by far the best because the extra health you get is needed in teamfights. Graves has enough damage so getting the 300hp makes a big difference.

Dangerous game is also very good since you do get focused a lot and it allows you to restore a crazy amount of health and mana. All the other mastery points are not as important and some should change between games. For example take swiftness instead of legendary guardian if enemy team has a lot of cc.
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In terms of items you should always get skirmishers warrior jungle item. After that try to get PD or MAW. If you are ahead go for PD and you will be doing a lot of damage.

Against high burst teams (ad burst) get steraks gage and if the enemy team has a lot of ap damage then go for maw. Final build should be skirmishers warrior jungle item, boots of swiftness, Maw, PD, IE, Steraks Gage or BC as last item depending if you need to have more armor pen or anti-burst with steraks.
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Skill Sequence

Max out Q first then go for e and lastly w. Always rank ult when up.
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Jungle Insight/Matchups

The only matchups that can be hard for Graves are Nidalee and Kindred. They can outgank and outfarm you however in teamfights Graves is going to outscale both of them because he provides more damage and is a better team fighter than other junglers especially scaling into lategame.

Try to farm up on graves until 6(his ganks are very strong from there on) and then either gank or counter jungle the enemy jungler. Jungle is all about being smart so if you see the enemy jungler top go in and ward botside, take his camps because even if he gets a kill you will be ahead in exp. You will go back and clear your jungle while the enemy jungler does not have botside or topside camps to farm since you cleared botside and he cleared topside before the gank.

Overall try to keep an eye on the enemy jungler and fight them if you are ahead and play the other side of the map if they are ahead. Always focus on taking resources and applying pressure by warding and ganking your winning lanes.
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Tips and Tricks

1) You can somewhat cancel your aa by aa then e then aa and you get 3 shots in a fairly small time.
2) Always use skrimishers first and try to e early on in the fight in order to stack it up, it makes a huge difference later into the game
3)Your ulti does a lot of dmg however it can be used as an escape also, you can e ulti ur way out of many sticky situations
4)Dash your way around the jungle to keep yourself healthy
5)Don't be scared to invade early on and fight the enemy jungler over scuttles, you are stronger than most junglers early with e and ranged autos
6)Try to stay on the outskirt of the fight until you have a couple quickdraw stacks then you can tank a high amount of damage
7)You can not shoot through structures or minions therefore be careful while fighting an equal stength enemy in creeps, you can use your Q to clear the wave though.
8) One tip i can give is to play to win however always have fun, if you are playing against a friend or a streamer do not play differently, you play your game and that is the best you can do
9) Always feel free to ask for help, add me Satanic Chaos on NA in order to ask any questions or provide feedback
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Follow me

Follow me at to experience my game play with me and other viewers. I will be happy to answer any questions on twitch or in game as well I am the only streamer to provide such crazy and entertaining experience. More jungle guides can be found here : (Nidalee Guide) (Gragas Guide) (Kha Guide)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo
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Masters Graves Guide - Freelo

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