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Masters Nidalee Guide - Freelo

Masters Nidalee Guide - Freelo

Updated on May 22, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo Build Guide By letswinelo 1,262 Views 0 Comments
1,262 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo Build Guide By letswinelo Updated on May 22, 2016
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Smite. These two summoner spells are a must for nidalee jungle. You should, no you must take these summoners otherwise you will be at a disadvantage in comparison to the enemies! All trolling aside take these if you want to win :)
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For runes on nidalee I recommend running:
1) Reds - Hybrid magic pen/armor pen x9
2) Yellows - Armor x9
3) Blues - Scaling mr x3, Ap x6
4) Quints - AP x3
There are many different rune sets that Nidalee can use however this specific one is the most powerful with the early/midgame meta. Hybdrid pen reds are very good as they give a substantial increase to your damage, especially earlier in the game. The x3 AP are going to provide considerably more damage and secure several early kills. Standard yellows and I personally run 3scaling mr blues just to scale a little bit better into the late game. It is vital to understand if you have many rune pages you can use ap blues(x9 instead of x6) against full ad teams but this is just the most optimal rune page for every expected situation
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Always go stength of ages. It is by far the best keystone on nidalee however you can change other points inside the actual trees. For eample you can change Legendary Guardian to Swiftness if the enemy team has a lot of slows and stuns. The most important points here are Insight as it recudes the CD on flash. Nidalee relies on flash at all stages of the game in order to finish kills and escape. I go cunning instead of ferocity as dangerous game is very important in teamfights however you do you :)
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Skill Sequence

Standard nidalee skill order, max q then e and lastly w. Take ult whenever possible.
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Core: ROA, Skrimishing Runic Echoes, Swifties
Situational: Zhonyas, Void Staff, Lich Bane, Rylais, Rabadons

Other item tips::
Every game is unique with different champions getting ahead and behind. It is never good to build the same build every game and follow the same build path. Some games enemy ad carry is ahead and you want extra hp and armor (deadmans if zhonyas is not enough vs full ad teams) and some games there is a fed lb therefore you want more health and mr such as banshees or visage.

Every situation is unique however when behind health is a very good stat to obtain therefore ROA is a very safe and powerful early purchase. Buy it as soon as possible for it to stack as it will save your life plenty of times. Overall be flexible with your builds and react to the game but i do not suggest building glass cannon even if very far ahead.
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Jungle Insight/Matchups

The only matchup that is close with nidalee in terms of ganking and farm speed is kindred. Kindred can win a 1vs1 if she gets the opening on you. Try to farm up on nidalee until 3-4 as her ganks before 3 are very bad. After that either gank or counter jungle the enemy jungler abusing your clear speed.

Jungle is all about being smart so if you see the enemy jungler top go in and ward botside, take his camps because even if he gets a kill you will be ahead in exp. You will go back and clear your jungle while the enemy jungler does not have botside or topside camps to farm since you cleared botside and he cleared topside before the gank.

Overall try to keep an eye on the enemy jungler and fight them if you are ahead and play the other side of the map if they are ahead. Always focus on taking resources and applying pressure by warding and ganking your winning lanes. Also remember that being ahead even 10-15cs in the jungle is huge as the monsters actually give a huge amount of exp and gold comparing to normal minions. Farming 3 extra camps can be worth 200+gold and more experience than a kill.

Building the skirmishers allows you to fight most junglers but make sure you get the opening on them by warding. This can be done by jumping over the baron or dragon wall and simply placing trinket wards and traps into the enemy jungle. You can always escape dangerous situations if you pay attention simply because movement speed of nidalee's passive on top of pounce combined with
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Tips and Tricks

1) Try to put 3 traps near blue/red buff and make all the minions to step on them this way you can jump around with your w and reset it many times to maximize the damage.
2) Make sure to have one trap on the gromp and put another one at 1:40 after auto attacking it one time, this way you can manage to get 3 pounces with a very short cool down which guarantees a safer clear
3) Try to clear the camps before clearing the buff as this allows you to smite the buff(for example red for higher hp)
4) Nidalee is very strong early however it is fairly easy to get low in the jungle if you do not kite properly, practice resetting auto attacks with transformation between cougar and person. For example you can Q in cougar form while pouncing onto the monster(cancels q animation) then transform into human form to get another auto attack in almost at the same time.
5) Make sure to trap smart, for example trap the places where people would walk through to do camps as this is very important in allowing you to counter jungle on the other side of the map
6) Nidalee has the highest clear in the game therefore you should abuse it and try different routes to find your preferences in different match ups
7) Remember to play smart at all times, counter jungle the other side of enemy ganks. For example if enemy jungler ganks bot then take topside, trap and ward it, if you invade make sure you are not collapsed on. Sometimes it is worth to invade and waste your time and the enemy junglers time as you lose nothing by healing and possible dragging attention of enemy laners which makes them miss exp.
8) One tip i can give is to play to win however always have fun, if you are playing against a friend or a streamer do not play differently, you play your game and that is the best you can do
9) Always feel free to ask for help, add me Satanic Chaos on NA in order to ask any questions or provide feedback
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Follow me

Follow me at to experience my game play with me and other viewers. I will be happy to answer any questions on twitch or in game as well I am the only streamer to provide such crazy and entertaining experience.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author letswinelo
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Masters Nidalee Guide - Freelo

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