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Ahri Build Guide by BobbyJ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobbyJ

Max Sustain in Da Lane!

BobbyJ Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys

This is my first time making a guide so I'll try my best and keep it simple. This build is based around what I prefer and have experimented around with and this is what I have decided. Be warned I am not a pro so there can possibly be and probably is better builds but I like this one personally a lot :)

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I chose the runes especially for my late game. The magic penetration marks and quintessances are due to the fact that in my items as you can see there is no magic penetration so with these runes I can get some extra damage in. With the seals and glyphs I get the scaled armour seals and scaled magic resist glyphs. This is also for the late game when I have nothing to survive off so at the late game in teamfights I feel like I last slightly longer with these runes. I do not any ability power runes because even if I do her ability to AP scaling ratios are so low I honestly feel there is little point in investing in those runes. I also am the type that for some reason does not spam my spells as much early game so I usally/always have sufficient mana hence why I have not chosen mana regenation seals. Once again this is my opinion and if you feel strongly against this you can choose your own runes.

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I am not too good in setting my masteries but to me I prefer this tree as I get a lot of bonuses as a mage in the offence, survivalbility from the defence and the extra mana from utility.

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I start off with my boots and 3 potions for mobility in the lane and a bit of sustain with the pots. I go for cooldown reduction from ionian boots of lucidity and morello's evil tone(some extra mana regen) where I can spam my spells mid and late game more often and not fall late game unlike a brand who hits his 4 spells then has a 9 second cooldown till he can use his next spell. I go for rod of ages for the mana, a little AP and the hp(not so much for the passive). My Rylai's crystal scepter makes me "tanky". I have been teased for saying she is tanky but with 2700+hp she can go into a battle and stay around spamming her spells. Also the slow comes in handy during a chase. I go for will of the ancients late game but I have been told to get it early but I prefer it this way as I just personally find my items to sustain me sufficiently early game but you have the option of picking this first. Rabadon's is almost a must in any AP build as it gives a lot of AP from this build.

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Summary of items

I choose the items for the cooldown reduction as I personally believe Ahri maxing her AP to 600+ is worthless as she has low AP ratios which means she does little damage late game with most of her abilities going 33% of her ap even with a lot of AP in comparison to a sion with a near 90% ap ratio. Spamming her spells lets her do more damage(in my opinion) and be more useful, lasting longer in teamfights. I get hp items to let her stay in teamfights and require a little less protection where the tank and support can try to focus a little more on protecting the AD carry which has less hp, armour and magic resist. She does have some AP believe it or not(near 500AP) so does still do damage.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer getting the summoner spells flash and teleport because the flash always comes in handy for escapes and has saved me NUMEROUS amounts of times I cannot stress the importance enough of using this and teleport as well. It can be switched for ignite but I prefer the teleport as it would let me return to lane as soon as possible and also lets me be present at the important fights at dragon and baron(presuming there are wards there).

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This is the end of my first mobafire guide and I just want to say this is based on my playstyle and I would like to thank the summoner: 2122aaor for the cooldown reduction ideas it really does help but I have modified his build as I prefer the "tankiness" and he thinks differntly. I hope you all try this at least once and hope you enjoy. Please leave some constructive criticism and I will take it into consideration :D