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Humor Guide by Typhon the Wretched

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Typhon the Wretched

Maximum Movement Speed

Typhon the Wretched Last updated on July 16, 2012
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Rammus Focused


Viable Builds

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Side Notes

Do this on Dominion so you can get the Movement Speed buffer as well.

Without the Movement Speed runes or the teammates I got Rammus up to 1506 Movement Speed by the end of his Powerball with the third Rammus build in Dominion with the Movement Speed buff.

I did not post skill sequences for any of the builds. I did not post them for 'Team 1: Rammus Focused' because it is just for fun and it does not matter which order you level them up if you do it at level 18 or you can just level up their abilities that grant Movement Speed bonuses to level 5 as often as you can. I did not post them for 'Team 2: Viable Builds' because I wanted to leave it open for your play styles and simply give you build examples that have worked well for me.

I only have done this in Custom Games, which you should if you ever want to try this, because while it is actually a decent build for Rammus I wouldn't recommend it. I have viable builds for all of them except Karma obviuously, and that is because out of all of them she is the only one I have yet to play.

Comment if you try it and how high of Movemnt Speed you get, or just comment.

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I did this because I used to really love playing Rammus, and not just because he is an "OP" tank, but because he is amazingly versatile which is overlooked. He can jungle, be a bruiser, tank, be an AD carry, be an AP carry, or even support! Anyway, Rammus has the potential to move faster than any other champion independently, which is something I wanted to mess around with. And, after I started seeing how high I could get his Movement Speed independently I began wondering how high it could possibly get with help and that would also mean I could change some items in his build which would hinder the maximum Movement Speed he could get independently but increase the maximum Movement Speed he could achieve with allied aid. And, the accompanying champions that I will show are subject to change with patch previews and new champion releases, so I will update those accompanying champions as frequently as needed.


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