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Ahri Build Guide by 1SilverMercury1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1SilverMercury1

Maximum Spellvamp Ahri (WIP)

1SilverMercury1 Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello League of Legends. This is my first build I've customized on League of Legends and I wanted to share it with the rest of you guys. Keep in mind, this build is only about a week old for me and after spending IP points on runes, I thought I might give it a try to actually utilize Ahri's passive and see how destructive she can really get with so much spellvamp. I hope you guys enjoy and please give me your intake on this build.

**I'm currently editing this page. Refresh every hour or so to see new information posted**

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With runes, I specifically pick Spellvamp Quints and AP per level glyphs and seals, and magic pent marks.

With the quints, Ahri is already at a much higher chance of survival than she is with regular ability power quints. A lot of the damage she inflicts on minions and other champions will be absorbed as health and directly go to her making her harder to kill.

I pick Ability power per level glyphs AND seals because it gives her more damage towards the end which is what makes her a true AP carry.

I pick Magic Penetration marks because other champions will have to see you as a threat later on as the game progresses. They have no choice but to buy magic resist because you will shut them down.

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I would strongly recommend Offense and Utility masteries as shown above.

Offensive: Matching up her runes and her masteries would only make sense. Your strength comes from the Ability Power / Ability Power per. level masteries. The final 3 masteries I just put randomly in demolitionist and Butcher just for farming purposes.

Utility: Building Ahri this way makes her VERY mana hungry. That's where the mana / mana per level. come into play. Also, this build would go nowhere if the 3% spellvamp wasn't into play either. Could it be successful without the mastery setting? I have tested that once and it has worked so far, but I would recommend using it.

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I think it's essential to start dorans ring with Ahri otherwise you will have 8 AP to start compared to 24 AP with the ring. Plus, you're not as mana hungry because the mana regen the ring provides takes over as well.

After about level 6-8, you should buy boots for movement speed in case the enemy jungler ganks mid.

If you're successfully winning your lane, the best items to rush are Will of the Ancients and Sorcerers Shoes. Why? This grants Ahri 29% spellvamp when both of those items are combined, plus an extended amount of Magic penetration and movement speed. This can lead to a lot of harassing and easy team kills.

If you are struggling with the build, get Athene's Unholy Grail to last longer in lane and pick up more cs for a better late game. It may look rough, but the fun starts after Will of the Ancients.

During the ganking phase, work on building rabadons deathcap for an easy 100 AP. Avoid building more mana items such as Lich Bane and Archangel Staff. You should primarily focus on mana regen rather than mana itself.

Towards the end game where players tend to get pretty tanky, it's best if you build Zhonya's Hourglass and Quicksilver Sash for defense. Why build defense now instead of early on? Think of an AP carry as almost of an AD carry, except the plays are towards more abilities rather than right clicking. But honestly, zhonya's can give you brief invincibility, 50 Armor and more importantly, more Ability Power. Mix it with quicksilver sash which gives Ahri good defense against nuking spells, and you have yourself the True Spellvamp Ahri.

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Summoner Spells


Ignite is a spell that should be used for the not so confident ahri players. If you're not used to turret diving for that last kill with her Spirit Rush, then you may want to ignite and run away if needed. Unless you're playing against a character that heals such as Soraka or Janna, you shouldnt really ignite unless their health is guaranteed to go to zero. In teamfights, it helps kill an escaping Ezreal or AD carry without having to chase them down. It's a really useful summoner spell.

Flash is a good escape for Ahri in case Spirit rush isn't enough. It helps give the boost Ahri needs to completely get a kill or get away completely.


Clarity also works as well if you really dont feel the benefit of the Unholy Grail. Although, I wouldnt consider it seeing as Unholy Grail basically takes over for clarity in late game. I would use it if you depend on mana badly.

Teleport can work for ganks and killing overextended champions or junglers. Just be prepared to have a getaway plan when things go terribly wrong.