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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Markwood53

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Markwood53

Me (Bronze) vs. Asianshenanigans(Platinum)

Markwood53 Last updated on November 2, 2015
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Twisted Fate Build

When I the gates of the game op I was headed top as a mear Lamb and Wolf ready for the hunt,
WHAT THIS! my team runs top, OH NO, I must protect bot!
I am Kindred this is Kennen, this is war. I am Kindred I am dominate I an powerful.
assasins assasins assassin they hear my roar assasins ***asns they come for me.
MY ARROOOOOOOOOOOOOOW FIRES. I've gotten my hunt. ping ping ping ping ping, yes Asianshenihigans? HAHA THE let me test power against my honorable fou Kennen HAHA!

twinkling of the eye. Death is no longer Death but alive to only die in the hands of Kennen. Death must escaoe. pin pin ping.
The player Asianshenihigans pings me to protect bot, but Kennen to good!

Game stats

Me Kindred: 15/13/5 16k gold
Asianshenigans Lux: 16/8/21 16k gold
Rammus: 7/6/18 14k gold
Talon: 11/10/18 14k gold
Gnar: 9/9/14 14k gold

The enemy Kennan had roughly 17k gold ( who is my bottom lane opponent). early game I was pushing Keenen, but their enemy Xin comes to gank me, I surive, so I decide to head top since bot is being pressured, I get kills top, but the Lux is mad at me for going top, she head bot only 1 time get pressured, and pings me to go bot to death with Kennen. None of us wants to 1v1 Kennen, fed up with Asianshenighans pings I go bot to fight Kennen get killed 3 times, so I got top but Lux pings me again to go bot. My team is going good top, and I am doing well bot, bot, and eventually my team wins. The Lux later states I was really heavy to carry, and I vow I would kill Asianshenihgans.

We need to stand together brothers and sisters against people like Asianshenigans.

I'm not giving up on defeating you Asianshenigans, I'm not going to let people like you walk over people like me. I love playing dominion, but the more I win, the more I have to play with players that have Platinum and Gold borders, and so they naturally assume I no asset to the team because I don't have a border hurts a lot Riot. I hope some reads this, I hope riot reads this, and realize their are very good bronze and unranked players that have to normal queue with gold, platinum, and even diamond players, and we just get bullied to death by them. please help us Riot.

Riot I felt like I did help in the game, I even ganked top when it neeed ganks, but Lux believe I was just a useless asset to the team because he he had the most kills and points. He doesn't even know me.