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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badass Prince Of LOL

Melee Carry Jarvan IV Anti Protection System

Badass Prince Of LOL Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 23

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 1

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 6

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Here is our JARVAN IV,The Badass Prince of Demacia,My summoner is more badass than him...anyways,This build is very funny and strange but good,i always use it,
Lets Make a summary
Jarvan IV,Great Dmg,nice crit(not the best),Great ATK speed,14% of atkers hp is finished on first strike+ the dmg=25 or 35% hp of him depends of the hp that ur enemy has,dont worry about their armor cuz the malady,the black cleaver and the last whisper will low down their resistance
ex. 1000 armor (kinda impossible XD but its an example) and 1000 mr(same thing)
they will get kinda 500/450 armor and 800/750 mr,NOT BAD cuz the mr and armor are giant...
other ex.300 armor ,200 mr,=>100 armor,135/120 mr,VERY GOOD now u can finish them off with ur auto atks,drago strike combined with the stupid flag and ofc ULTIMATE :D
Skills/summoner spells

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Im not so good at writing 5000 words text,but i will tell u a summary at each ;)
Insight with 15 mr u already have 15% reduced magic dmg,but with those runes it will protect only 1% or 2% maybe 0 % :D that is very good for yea cuz ur martial cadence and madred bloodrazor will do their full effects ofc PS. With no items at the start of the game u will have this 15 magic penetration no items and no masteries :P
AlacriticySome atk speed will help u with ur bloodrazor,on my account i have only atk speed runes but we are talking now about u :D and ofc for the crit chance and dmg u will deal 1000 dmg per sec with all items OOPS i said too much :P.

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Not my fav chapter cuz there are lot of masteries...damn!
Cripple=improved exhaust
Alacriticy=for ur atk speed ofc
Deadlines=cuz i dont had what to pick >.<
The cooldown reduction=For the next one and just a little for cooldown ;D
The Magic PEnetration:Ur % type of dmg !OFC its very good or u want to buy Abyssal Scepter?
The Faster lvl=for faster lvl ofc
The rest =lesser atributes...
Sry cuz i didnt speak so much here but the

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O yeah my fav chapter ;P
Berseker boots:general atributes
Madred Bloodrazor:This build is based on this item
u will do 35%/45% of the targets hp in 1 sec if it is the first strike
u will do 25%/35% of the targets hp in 1 sec if it isnt the first strike
in 3/2 sec your enemy dies...(crit)
Malady:Lower magic resistance for martial cadence and madred+atk speed+the 20 dmg
The Last Whipser:U have dmg too.PROFIT!u will do 100% of ur dmg if the enemy has <75 armor
The Black Cleaver:anti tank item...MHM...if u see a badass with 75>take this item if not take this item cuz of dmg and atk speed xD.
Infinity Edge:350 dmg?2,5 atks per sec?20% crit chance?260% crit dmg?PHYSICAL DMG!?Excelent thats kinda 50% crit chance per sec sooo kinda 2200 MIN dmg per 2 sec 3000 MAX dmg per 2 sec.
Physical dmg...

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence:
Q1-not so great at lvl 1;3-greater dmg;5;7;9 same thing
W4-slow the enemy no armor for yea
E2-atk speed and combination EQ first E and the FAST Q
R6-epic!just EPIC! u will make senzation to the camera with EQRE <3;11;16 greater dmg
Put the flag after the enemy but with 1 mm so the flag can hurt the enemy too!,then Q fast,E and u got him!,u didnt?PRESS R!PS.Dont use it if the dashing/magic immune champs didnt use theirs STUPID abilities.U can kill easy with this build!2nd PS.Try it on baron ;)

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Exhaust are basic summoner spells but u have them becouse u must trick the enemy with heal and slow him with Exhaust,How to trick the enemy with heal?Simply go to him when u have 300 hp and he has 1000-500 hp,use ur heal u got 800-600 u dont need more to kill the moron!

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U have Physical and Magical dmg in a single attack,with the penetration is like u have true and true dmg in a single attack.
2000 hp
116 armor-from madred
50 magic resist

Physical DMG:
20% crit chance
260% crit dmg
360 dmg
2,5 atks per sec armor penetration:40% of armor gone,45 gone after 3 hits.
kinda 3000 dmg as lucky hits in 2 sec
but Min:2000 dmg as bad luck hits

Magical DMG:
2,5 atks per sec
14% of enemies hp as first strike
10% of enemies hp gone in 1 sec after first strike
magic penetration:15% of mr gone 60/50 magic penetration after 4 hits
If enemy has 5000 hp:you will kill him only with magical dmg in 7/6 sec

If enemy has 5000 hp:you will kill him in 2 seconds

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The Badass Prince Of Demacia's opinion

Jarvan IV:OK sounds cool,but i dont have money!What should i do?I go to my father,he has 300 000 000 gold in the bank!
Summoners:No my friend,you must go to the arena and steal the gold from the heroes and minions!
Jarvan IV:Ok,i think i will make it!My father gave me this spear!
Jarvan IV to Enemy Minions:Gimme the money or else i kill u!
Minions:OMFG!Look at that SPEAR!Freaky freaky...Take the money and let us!
Katarina(friendly champ)(kills the minions):What is this glitch!?They dont give me money!Strange
Jarvan IV(whistles):yeah hihi...strange..hihi....
Katarina:Lets kill the champs i need to take my 2nd b.f. sword
ON the battlefield kata,jarvan and pantheon vs xin,lux,garen
Jarvan IV:Xin Zhao!?Lux!?Garen!? What are you doing here
Xin,Lux,Garen:We kick some demacian azzes
Jarvan IV:I will show u ur azz in ur face
(Applies Demacian standard,dragon strike,and they jump to the air and get stunned)
Lux:Im just a girl!I will give u all my money but let me live!(gives jarvan iv 3000 gold)(quits the game)
Jarvan IV:Yey now i have enough for my Infinity Edge!
(3 min later)(1v2 after they took the dragon)
Xin:Garen,kick his azz,he is alone!
Jarvan IV applies R to xin (smart cuz xin has the dash on enemy so if he used R to garen he could dash on jarvan)and kill him in 2 sec (even less than how much lasts the wall of r!) then he EQ Xin.
Double Kill!

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OK i bought jarvan on april/4/2011 but im good with him!

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As the royal family of Demacia for centuries, members of the Lightshield line have spent their lives waging war against any who opposed Demacian ethics. It is said that every Lightshield is born with anti-Noxian sentiment in his blood. Jarvan IV is no exception, even though he is the first Lightshield born to the age of League of Legends. As his forefathers had before him, he led Demacian troops into bloody engagements with Noxian forces, and on many occasions he has bled alongside wounded allies and fallen comrades. In his most crushing defeat, he was outmaneuvered and captured by a Noxian battalion under the command of Jericho Swain. This mistake nearly cost him his life at the hands of Urgot, but he was rescued by the Dauntless Vanguard, an elite Demacian strike force led by Jarvan childhood companion, Garen.

Those close to him believed that his capture changed him. Xin Zhao was quoted as saying: "His eyes never seemed to look at you, only through you to something he could not look away from." One day, without warning, Jarvan IV handpicked a squad of Demacian soldiers and left Demacia, vowing to find "atonement". He began by tracking and hunting the most dangerous beasts and bandits he could find in northern Valoran, but he soon tired of such prey. Seeking something that only he understood, he ventured south of the Great Barrier. He wasnt heard from again for nearly two years. After many had assumed the worst, he returned to glorious fanfare on the streets of Demacia. His Demacian plates were adorned with the bones and scales of creatures unknown. His eyes bore the wisdom of someone twice his age. Of the twelve soldiers who had departed with him, only two returned. In a tone as cold and steady as steel, he swore to bring the enemies of Demacia to their knees.

-There is only one truth, and you will find it at the point of my lance.- the last words of Jarvan IV at his failed execution

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His full name and title is Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth, the Exemplar of Demacia.
During Maokai's Art Spotlight, a tab for Jarvan IV can be faintly seen at the top.
He was first mentioned in Urgot's background story.
Jarvan is the second champion to cost 4800, after Trundle, the Cursed Troll.
In Jarvan IV's Champion Spotlight, his character portrait resembles the Lich King from Warcraft III.
His voice actor, Justin Gross, is the same voice actor for Arthas from Warcraft III.
Jarvan's name may be a reference to Final Fantasy IV, which prominently features a Dragoon.
His name may also be a reference to the planet "Yavin IV" from Star Wars.
His name may also be a reference to "Ivan IV", a Russian czar.
� Jarvan's quote: "For my father, the king" may be a direct reference to the quote said by Arthas in Warcraft III.
� Jarvan's quote: "Today is a good day to die" is a common Klingon proverb; the usage of the line by the Klingons triggered the spread of the quote into popular culture. However, the origin of the quote is ultimately believed to come from the one of the Lakotan war chiefs, either Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull.
� Jarvan's quote: "Ours is to do and die" is a reference to a line in The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, the Lord Tennyson.
� Jarvan IV's Original skin may be a reference to the Final Fantasy II antagonist, Emperor Mateus.
� It may also reference to Emperor Mateus' form as the "Emperor of Hell".
� Jarvan's Dragon Slayer skin may be a reference to the Monster Hunter universe. This is almost certainly the case as the file name for the skin was called "monsterhunter".
� Jarvan IV's Dragon Slayer skin may also be a reference to Kain from Final Fantasy IV.
� The skin, Jarvan's weapon (the lance), and the names of his spells (Dragon Strike and Cataclysm) may also be in reference to Huma, the legendary hero and dragon slayer from the Dragonlance book series.
� Jarvan IV's Commando skin is part of the Demacian skin theme called "Commando", which is shared by Garen, Galio, and Xin Zhao; all of which are wearing sun glasses and have jungle backgrounds.
� The skin bears a strong resemblance to the Thunder Crash team of Unreal Tournament.
� The skin may also be a reference to M.Bison from the Street Fighter franchise.
� The skin may also be reference to the "Commandos" in Small Soldier, with Jarvan resembling Butch Meathook.
� The skin may also be a reference to the Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard, considering Garen's Sanguine skin and Katarina's High Command skin.

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The Great PS. That helps me with RP

pls post this to everyone in ur messenger and tell him to give it to other persons :(
Thank You