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Morgana Build Guide by MSD420

Melting Faces

Melting Faces

Updated on August 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MSD420 Build Guide By MSD420 2,060 Views 0 Comments
2,060 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MSD420 Morgana Build Guide By MSD420 Updated on August 22, 2011
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Morg melts faces. A skilled Morg not only turns the tide in teamfights, but can easily capture and drop huge amounts of DPS on a single target. This build is a sort of glass cannon type which really brings out the damage potential of Morgana late game. Trust me, you WILL be focused in team fights.

This build is not for noobs. It requires the ability to shift gears from defensive farmer to Aggressive champion catcher and teamfight dominator mid-late game.

You will start slow but farm up a ton of cash. As soon as you're ready for PvP you'll be devastating. A single burst mid-game is enough to drop most non-tank champs in a single faceroll of qwerty. You'll find the slow start pays off when every enemy player immediately runs in terror as soon as you they see you stroll up.
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Runes should focus primarily on Magic Penetration and Ability Power. A good balance between the two will mean that you are effective both early and late game. AP bonus will help you with early game kills and ganks while Magic Pen will serve you better late game. I haven't done the math to optimize the runes, so feel free to experiment.
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Morgana is a freakishly good defensive farmer. A skilled Morg is near impossible to harass. That being said, you should focus on building Rod of Ages early to get the bonuses rolling as soon as possible. Additionally, Morg is squishy and is a prime focus/gank target. That being said, building Rod of Ages (Catalyst first) will assist you in surviving ganks and for outlasting your opponent when going for your first kill at level 6. Stay close to your turret early on and farm creeps. Once you hit around level 10 you should have enough for Boots.

The rest of your items are situational, but your primary focus will be on AP and Magic Pen. Because this build starts focused on farming creeps, you will have a slow start on your Black Shield. To balance this, I recommend picking up an Abyssal Scepter as your first situational item. If you're laning against AD champs, you may want to go with Void Staff instead.
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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Flash. Morg's ult is extremely potent in team fights. The ability to port near a teamfight can quickly turn a 2v4 into a win for your team. Also Morg often solo's mid so having the ability to stay on your turret at all times is very important for your team.

You won't have boots early, so flash is a must if you find yourself overextended, you're done otherwise. Flashing behind an opponent before ulting is a good strategy to prevent them from escaping the 2nd round of damage and stun from your ult.
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Morg is one of the best farmers in the game. With Tormented soil leveled up to 70/tick damage you will be able to easily eliminate creep waves with ease, while staying safely behind your own. Because of the effectiveness of Tormented Soil early on, you may find yourself pushing more than you want. It's OK, let their turret get the kills and deny your opposition of the gold. Always drop the soil between the melee and ranged creeps. This is also the area where most melee champs farm so you'll get harass damage at the same time when laning against them.

Morg is easy to mana dump with early on. Avoid using Q until you are level 6+. Stick to farming with Tormented Soil until you have leveled some.

With Teleport you can quickly vaporize creep snowballs when they threaten your turret.
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Team Work

Set yourself up for wins by teaming up with a melee assassin. You will want to bait and trap people with your Dark Binding. Once snared, the melee jumps in and commences beat down, you close in and ult. It's lights out. You can literally get 1 or more kills every time your Ult is off cooldown.

Get the blue buff as often as possible. Morg's cooldowns are long and with the buff you can dish out phenomenal damage in a shorter period of time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MSD420
MSD420 Morgana Guide
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Melting Faces

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