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Mordekaiser General Guide by MeowiwTf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MeowiwTf

meowiwTfs Ap Mordekarry build!

MeowiwTf Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome, This is my AP Mordekaiser build!, before there are any haters of AP mord's being "nooby" id like to point out ap is more skilful than tank.

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I get the glyphs seals and 1 AP quint because the early high AP can help mord get some good early kills, early fed mord can equal devastation.
I get the marks because with flat AP people can just build MR, Magic pen always helps to have in abundance for AP champs.
the CDR quints, I find I have enough CDR with these two quints, I like the CDR because I love to spam mords skills and have my shield 24/7 :3

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I find these the best masteries because utility is a must have for ap which is well known BUT instead of going tanky masteries for the last 9 points going into the offence masteries is VERY good because of the AP CDR and magic pen.

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Its never easy deciding what your build should be in AP with all the great items to choose from but I find these the best for an AP Mord.

With Mord hextech is a must, without it your laning will end up killing you faster than your enemies from the hp cost on your spells.( In my case i get will of the ancients for the little bit extra ap spell vamp and much less cost, if you like you can get gunblade though.)

The sorc boots are best because CDR maxes out pretty fast and so ionian boots would be useless. Plus extra magic pen is always welcome.

Mejais is good for a practised mord to get that large amount of ap, when early on id advise changing that item.

As a mordekaiser all your skills cost hp, as a result of that you NEED at least one hp item, i love randuins because its the tanks dream, it has everything a tank wants (Except MR).

Rylais is another very good item, crucial for any AP champ that needs survivability and has the ability to chase, the AP HP and magic slow are very good additions to mordekaisers all round strength.

Finally Abyssal Scepter, Its a hard choice doing this over rabadons, sometimes i do do rabadons BUT with this mord build it so far has no MR, i end up dominating the AD champions and having close calls with ap (i never lose ;)) so like started for a few items, im not forcing you to do this build item by item, you can change bits if you like.

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Skill Sequence

His Q mace of spades is best second maxed because it only does full damage if theres one target around, most mordekaisers do 2v2 laning at bottom or top, that means the Q does less damage resulting in his e that can hit more than one target being better to max first.(if you insist you can max it first for a mid mord, although minions will take agro of the full damage alot)

His w(Creeping death) Isn't too useful, with high ap it can charge a little shield and hp but in my opinion a maxed Q or E is much much more important.

With mordekaiser his E (Siphon of destruction) is his best skill, it charges his shield pretty much full from a couple minions anddoes a HECK of damage to players, its also his best abuse, So thats why i max it first.

His R(children of the grave) First word that comes to mind for a mord player, Love. First word that comes to a mord haters mind, NERF!. With this you gain mega hp and damage without even getting a hextech!, Not to mention if its on someone when they die they are reanimated as your ally for a period of time! great to use on ad carrys.

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Summoner Spells

Flash, Must have for every champion in my opinion, even for ezreal, double flash is nice. But thats off topic. I get flash with every champion because its one of the best escape tools in the game.

Ignite, With this ive gotten many kills. All too often people get away with just a sliver of health, just out of range of my E just too much health for my ult to finish them off. SIMPLE! ignite and children of the grave, the damage over time spells dont cancel each other out and both have pretty good range.

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A Little Proof

by Imatapthat » July 27, 2011 2:11pm | Report

I agree with your summoner spells and all but I seriously think Gunblade is over 9000% more better than Will of the ancients and Should be the part of the core and WotA to just be Optional if you are exceptionally bad at farming. Even thoough you point out that the Gunblade is more expensive you seem to forget that Morde is one of the best farmers in the game and the extra cost shouldn't mean too much to a good morde. Also the AD gained from the Gunblade is Great and makes your Q a lot moar powerful.
Otherwise niice Guide (:

by Scotrotum » July 27, 2011 11:04pm | Report

This build is perfect in every way! i got many wins using it :)

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For farming with mord, you need to last hit well early. once your skills and ap are a little higher use an E-Q combo to instant kill groups of creeps. mord is a slow farmer early but gets faster rapidly. Also if you can hit enemies with your E while farming its the top abuse skill for mord.

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A Few Tips

With mordekaiser don't try to tank it up like a boss early. Mord is actually quite squishy early game and ad will rip you, mord in my opinion is best mid game but even late game dominates if farmed or fed. Also when in teamfights try to target ad carrys, if the ad carry is good your ghost will dominate being pretty much a 6th member of the team ( and a one less member for the enemy team.)

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And thats about all for my build, use it well and carry many games! And remember,
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