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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author navyxv

MF - Carry out ELO Hell

navyxv Last updated on March 27, 2011
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Guide Top


Welcome guys to the Ultimate Miss Fortune guide:

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS GUIDE HAS HELPED YOU!! It gives me insipiration to keep adding more to it. Purpose of this guide is to give people a detailed way of carrying themselves out of ELO Hell. I have carried myself from 1190 to mid 1501 with over 90% win ratio.

Update: As of now I'm on a win streak in ranked of 16 games. Haven't lost a game since 1300s. I now sit at 1513 with 75% win ratio with MF (3 deaths being from when I first started ranked and was uber noob).

There are actually 2 extremely viable ways of building MF:
1. Burst Damage - Pure AD
2. Sustained Damage - AD with Crit
Burst damage is better for low to mid elo since most games are centered around the lesser players dieing early on. Burst damage build also gives more survivability.
Sustained Damage is better for higher ELO, or when you can absolutely trust your team. I will add this to the guide later some day.

This Guide focuses on Burst Damage Miss Fortune, I'am here to share my secrets

( ( If you have any questions are just wanna play, add me in game "PinkPWNAGE" ) )

1. Great Early - Mid game AD Ranged Carry
2. Great Burst damage
3. Great Team fight contribution
4. Great laner
5. Good farmer


1. Extremely Squishy
2. Countered by Shaco / Malphite / Xin / Poppy / Mundo / Shen / Irelia

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These masteries are best for Burst MF. The reasons are:

1. The extra run speed and extended amount of Neutral buffs are HUGE. The runspeed alone gives you much more control over your solo lane and allows you to easier get those quick chase kills and escape. You can notice the difference.

2.The Neutral buffs are self explanatory, MF should always have RED and if possible BLUE. - MF is not an auto attack champion like Ashe or Trist, she is an ability spamming champ. Blue gives her the CD reduction to spam her burst and extra mana is always good.

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1. Start with Dorans Blade or Shield. If you are laning against someone you are positive you can put extremely early pressure on and possibly get the kill get Dorans Blade. If your not sure and you play more passive, get Dorans Shield. Will explain later in the guide.

2. Your next priority should be rank 1 boots, if you somehow have enough money for a BF sword then get it.

3. Get the BF sword, if you are forced back and don't have enough money get a Doran's Blade

4. Finish your merc treads, if there isn't going to be a team fight and you got enough for Bloodthirster get it. IF THERE ARE NO STUN THREATS or SNARE threats on enemy team, just get Boots of swiftness or Cooldown reduction.

5. Finish bloodthirster if you didn't.

6. Get Last Whisper, because as of now tanks are most likely pritty tough, this helps cut through them

7. This item is situational - If your damage is wrecking the other team in team fights and your life is kind of at risk from a anti carry champ get Banshees. If you are confident you will not die and you need more damage get another BF sword. If your absolutely confident you will not die and your team is winning team fights get a Sword of the occult.

8. You will have to judge what you need again. Is your damage enough to burst people down in the team fight? If so then get a survivability item such as Guardian Angel. If not get another damage item such as Black Cleaver.

The game should be near over after you get last whisper, or should at least be heavily decided by then.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence will vary if you lane against a champion that has high HP regen like Vlad. If you are laning against someone with HP regen your skill order will be in priority R > Q > W > E

If not You should primarily max Q and E. Get used to thinking of MF as a ability spam champion. Not a auto attack champion at least with the Burst Build.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost should always be your spells if you are mid. If you are top lane you could get away with Teleport / Flash.

Reasoning against cleanse, MF is all about positioning (explained later). If you get caught cleansing out of it won't allow you to live anyways.

With ghost you are able to get all the way across the map with your passive extremely quick. Most enemies won't realize how fast you get from mid to their lane.

Flash is self explanatory, saves you, gets you in better position, gets you kills.

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Summary - Before Strategies Section

With this Burst AD build you must think of MF as an ability spam champion. You are not like ashe or Trist. You should never really be auto attacking for more then 3-5 hits consecutively at a time.

For this reason blue buff is EXTREMELY AMAZING on MF. The faster that Q and E is off cooldown the more burst you have.

Red buff is ABSOLUTELY NECESsARY for most of your kills. Since you have no slow besides E which got nerfed, red buff is necessary to ensure most of your kills.

MF is a early - mid game carry. YOU MUST BE AGGRESSIVE, yet safe at the same time =).

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Early Game Strategy

The reason MF is so amazing is her early game. No champion besides Kennen / malphite / mundo/ maybe xin if played correctly, should ever win your lane (unless you get ganked by jungler). When i say win your lane, I don't necessarily mean get a kill. I mean you should have higher creep count / tower damage / levels above your opponent.

Knowing this, your job is to prioritize getting more creep farm, and harassing your opponent with your Q as much as possible.

Coming off of the gate you should be EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE from levels 1-4. Your auto attack + Q is amazing burst at these levels. Use this for early lane advantage.

Ways to get early lane advantage:

1. Bounce your Q off any creep possible to ensure it hits your enemy, this will take practice. As soon as Q is off cooldown around level 2-4 you should always be hitting him with Q if he gets near your creeps.

2. If you are playing aggressive enough and spam Q and an auto attack on him then he either has to stand toe to toe with you and fight or play passively way behind his back line of creeps. If he stands toe to toe be aware of his summoner skills, if he has flash or exhaust you should probably back out of the fight. You will get used to what you are able to get away with. If he plays passively, keep him away from your creeps to deny him gold by spamming your Q on a back line creep to hit him if he comes in range. Keep him playing passively

3. Your Harass Spam Should be = Click a Q on him, and press W while the bullet is flying at him, while right clicking on him immediately after you press Q to ensure a immediate auto attack after. Quickly Pressing W will make it proc off your Q.

4. If your enemy uses a pot, make sure you get a W attack on him to reduce healing. You can do it by bouncing a double up off a creep, throwing an auto attack with W on him, or just straight Qing him with a W.

5. If you are spamming Q on your enemy, he will eventually get low on health. If at any point you are sure you can kill them don't be afraid to blow flash / ghost to ensure the kill. This doesn't work most of the time, but people slip up. Simply Flash towards him while pressing ghost spam a Q while pressing W and right clicking on him, immediately throw a E where he is retreating. If he flashes you should be able to catch him with another Q and a couple auto attacks with your amazing run speed. If he is low health and getting away blow your ulti on him if it will reach him.

The First Jungle Gank-

Around 4 minutes in the enemy jungler or your jungler is going to gank an exposed lane. The exposed lane will be clear, it will be whoever pushes out past halfway of their lane. If you know the enemy jungler will gank your friends. Get your ghost button ready and be prepared to run down there. MF RUNS EXTREMELY FAST WITH LEVEL 1 boots and Ghost. Noone will expect you to be there so fast and you will almost always be there to help keep your teammates alive, or be there to clean up the enemy scraps. Just remember that since you were mid and your early game is good, they should not be able to stand toe to toe against you (most champs).

If you see your champ leave his lane -

IF AT ANY TIME You see the champion leave, you call the MIA, or mad Ping it. And run safely towards the direction you think he is going. If the lane he is heading to isn't in danger then push your mid lane hard. If he is going somewhere into a team fight YOU FOLLOW AND HELP, you are the carry, there is no excuse for you to miss a team fight.

The first dragon kill -

The first dragon team fight really dictates momentum of game. Everyone should be there except maybe the top laner. It is important you either have this warded around 5-7 minutes onward. Your ulti s a nice tool for stealing dragon if your team cannot fight.

YOUR PRIMARY GOAL OF EARLY GAME IS TO GET A BF SWORD ASAP before the first major team fight. Your damage is good without a BF sword, but not enough. Shy your team from team fights unless it's clear you will win it if you do not have your BF sword. If you have a BF sword and the other carry doesn't try to force a fight. No other ranged AD carry champ is as powerful with just a BF sword as Mf, remember that. You can force a fight at dragon.

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How To Lane

Your Goals In Order Of priority:

1. Get highest creep farm possible ( should be highest in the game at all times)
2. Harass enemy champion with Q + W + auto attack spam as much as possible (Spamming E uses lots of mana, spam only if mana isn't an issue)
3. Keep the creep wave at your tower as much as possible

The most important concept is the creep wave clash. The creep wave should clash as much as possible at your tower. This means that where your creeps and his creeps meet up should be at your tower. This allows your jungler a great opportunity for a gank, and keeps you safe from a gank. If you are playing against extremly dangerous gankers such as Rammus or Shaco YOU MUST KEEP IT AT YOUR TOWER. Shaco is anti MF.

Of course if you are playing aggressively and last hitting, the creep wave will push to their tower. This is good because it denies them creeps from tower killing them. If you have your flash up and ghost and there is no shaco or rammus or jungle Xin, you are most likely safe to keep playing aggressively. However if you are playing this aggressive your goal will be to keep creep wave in the middle. To do this you must reset the lane.

To reset the lane: You push extremely hard to force the tower to kill the minions. By doing this the creeps should be pushed back towards your tower. This should have the minions clashing around the middle. If you do not have flash / ghost up or u don't think you can survive the jungle gank then keep it at the tower.

If you see the jungler elsewhere, push your lane hard.

If you are at some lane, and you know you cannot make it to the team fight before it's over, your best off pushing your lane as hard as possible to try and get a tower.

At around level 6-8 when you have enough mana / hp / time you should be farming your wraith camp. The more minion farm the better, you are the carry.

Creep Damage-
When harassing the enemy champ be sure to run away imediately after so you don't take any or not many minion hits. Don't underestimate the damage of minions. If you are forcing a gank or a toe to toe fight with the champ, be sure to put minion damage into consideration.

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!!!!! --- POSITIONING --- !!!!!


- Did you just get ganked by a anti carry and said "There's nothing I can do." The answer to this is no there isn't if you put yourself in that position to have it happen. Prethink this scenario and don't put yourself in that position. If i get dived on by Xin or shaco and die, I never say there's nothing I can do. I simply say things like, "I didn't wait long enough for them to focus the tank or let them waste CC, or I could have been a little farther back."

Miss fortune has no snowball ability (escape) like tristana, ashe even has her arrow. YOU MUST HAVE GOOD POSITIONING TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH MF.

What is good positioning? - basically it's advanced map awareness.

If you know theres about to be a team fight, place yourself in the best place possible to set up for a good ulti that hits all champs, and gives you a nice place to spam your skills and auto attack as much as possible. This may be over a wall in the river thats close enough to blast enemies, or just a good distance behind your tank and wait for enemies to engage the others.

1. Never put yourself in a position to get chain stunned. One chain stun on MF is death.
2. Never put yourself in a position you can't run away from
3. Never chase unless you have red buff or some type of major slow on the champ and it is absolutely safe to do so
4. ALWAYS have an escape plan every second you move around the map - for example run along a wall so that if someone randomly ganks you you can flash over it.

Your goal most of the time will be to place yourself in a position to spam your Q and E safely and get an ult on at least 3 champions. Forcing team fights in tight areas is good for you.
If the situation is unsafe try to safely spam your skills.

Auto attacking too long leaves you wide open for dive champs like Xin and Poppy to sit on you. Once a champion like this gets on you and you have noone to support you, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY DEAD

I REPEAT- Try to safely spam Q and E and only auto attack if your absolutely sure you are safe. MF's weakness in comparison to other ranged carries is her squishyness.

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Mid game

Every single team fight your goal is to be spamming all your abilities and getting the best ult off possible. Auto attack as much as possible while safe.

Remember to control dragon, the team who control dragon almost always wins.

Around this time teamfights will be breaking out randomly, make sure you are in every single fight with the correct positioning. Time your ult with another champ, such as Galio or Nunu. Make sure you are using it to it's fullest.

DO YOUR BEST TO NOT DIE WITH YOUR BLOODTHirSTER. Restacking the bloodthirster takes a reasonable amount of time, do your best to stay alive obviously. One death and you lose a heavy amount of damage.

- Your job during mid game is to try and carry it for the win ASAP before Late game comes

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Late Game

The longer the game goes the stronger the tanks and everyone gets against your damage, exspecially since around this time you need to build more defensively. Your goal is to end the game before 30-35 mins. Or at least carry so hard that your team is guaranteed the win by then. ( I will explain how to truly carry later)

Do your best to utilize a enemy team wipe. If you wipe them get as many towers or inhibs down as possible. Towers are usually top priority at high ELO , since the global experience and money you get is much higher than getting an inhib.

Control Baron. If you just wiped the enemy team go kill baron if possible.

If you didn't kill the enemy team and you want to force a fight at baron, pink ward baron or green ward the ways the enemies would come towards Baron. Remind our allies to stay around baron area. If at any time you see two enemy champs at the bottom of the map it is usually a good opportunity to kill baron. Baron decides games.

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Ranked Play


Malphite absolutely counters MF, if MF ults Malphite will just cancel it and sit on her.

Irelia is made for killing MF, don't expect to win against her.

SHACO WILL DESTROY YOU EARLY GAME IF HE IS ANY GOOD. Having him as an enemy forces you to play passive the entire laning phase unless he is terrible.

Duo que with a pro tank / jungler.

Find a Tank / Jungler who is just as skilled as you are. Add people who are successful in a ranked game when you are, someone who you have great synergy with. I just recently found my ultimate duo que partner. He always gets first blood in duo lane on bot as a tank, and hes 100 lower elo then me. Sometimes he goes galio, ults, then I ult and its insta win on a uncoordinated team. Also laning with a competent jungler is good.

Coordinate in champ select who the jungler will be. IF YOU ARE LAST PICK YOU PROBABLY SHOULD NOT SAY " I'M GOING MF MID." Get ready to fill the team role of a support/jungler / tank. Let the higher ELO carry. Don't pick a freakin AD carry when someone above u already chose one, you will get ******s that do this even at 1400 elo.

To ensure or guarantee you can pick MF, try to que with a friend whos lower elo than you. This will put you up on the pick list.

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Vlad -

Vlad is currently flavor of the month and he is ranked highly on Elementz tier list. However as MF he is extremely easy to lane against. You have 2 options when laning against Vlad which will depend on a few things.
2 Options are:
1. Put Extremely Early Pressure On Him
2. Passive farm Harass

Putting extreme pressure on him:
- Vlad's weakness is his early game, your strength is your early game. Put the two together and he should be shutdown. Buy a doran's blade at the start or you could even try null magic res cloak and health pots (your most likely gona be building merc treads anyways). Force a toe to toe fight with him. You do this by constantly pressuring him any time he goes up for a minion kill. All he has up till about level 6 is a slow cooldown Q for real damage. Everytime you see him Q a minion, you CHARGE him and spam abilities on him. He will be forced to play extremely passive gettin no minion kills, or he will stand toe to toe and fight. If he has ignite or exhaust be aware of them, and don't fight 1v1 with even HP. Try not to let any or many creeps hit you too, since you are playing aggressive there will be alot more of your minions. If vlad pools with lots of HP you laugh and understand he took alot of hp out of himself. If you play right, you should either have a kill ( you can try surprising him with a flash Q + W + auto attack + E combo + ult for a kill), or you should have much higher minion kills than him. Either way its a win for you.
THE ONLY THING YOU HAVe to WORRY ABOUT IS THE JUNGLER. Shaco / Rammus / Olaf / Xin / Udyr are your main threats. WW is not a threat until level 6 with ur ghost and flash up.
If you need a jungle gank, simply push the creep extremely hard to make the tower reset it. The wave should be in the middle and you can let him push the line from there.

2. Passive farm harass-

This way is the safer way of playing against him, but ideally not the best. Buy doran's shield to start. Your goal is to farm up your BF sword asap before a team fight erupts. Your next goal will be to just spam your harass combo on Vlad as much as possible while keeping the creep wave at your tower. This is good because it doesn't put you in a bad position and it keeps him open for a gank.

WARNING!! YOU CANNOT STAND TOE TO TOE WITH VLAD AT EVEN HP ANYWHERE AFTER LEVEL 4-5, 2-3 if he has ignite !! This means you can only win a toe to toe battle if you go in when hes at significantly less hp than you.

As of the new nerf to Vlad, keeping distance is even more important too keep in mind and it's easier. His pool does not have increased run speed. Keep him at range and harass while being wary of his flash, ignite , Q , W dive.

Difficulty - Easy

Corki is extremely strong against all AD ranged carries. You will have to go the passive farm style of harass, you cannot stand toe to toe with him. His Q can make ur autos miss hard and his gattling gun will tear you apart. Buy a Doran's shield and keep the minion line at your tower. It'll be hard to gank him with his valkyrie and flash.
Your one saving grace will be that when you get a BF sword your contribution to the team fight should be much more than his at that stage. Try to get your team to force a team fight at a position like dragon as soon as u get your BF sword and boots. His late game will wreck yours as well as his late mid game. You have to carry hard and fast.
You can also make it down to other lanes much faster than he can with your passive runspeed. Don't be afraid to blow ghost to get to another lane if your sure you can pull a kill or save a teammate.

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO 1v1 CORKI , don't try it unless you have a significant HP advantage. You most likely will not kill him unless one of your team mate stuns (if your fed like crazy thats a diff story), try to convince your teammates to get stuns.

Good news is Corki takes a high skill cap to play correctly, so any corki under 1350 elo will be easy pickings.

- Hard


Ashe should be quite an easy ride for you. Technically Ashe has a better mid-late game than you do, know this and dominate before than.

You must dominate early game, that means before level 6. She virtually has no way of truly killing you until level 6, unless you somehow get insanely harassed before than.

Strategy is simple:
1. Harass with your spam combo "Q+W+Auto attack" whenever possible (play a little conservative with mana until level 3). If she has a Doran's shield you have to lay the harass on harder.
2. Deny her as much creeps as possible, the way you will win your lane is not necessarily by killing her, but making sure she is either denied or very low on creep count.
3. Always be careful for the jungler, Ashe arrow + slow + jungler gank is very dangerous

You contribute much more to the team fights around 8-23 minutes, (ashe usually gets her IE or some major damage around 21-25 minutes)

Push towers, destroy team fights before mid-late game.

Difficulty - Easy

Tristana -

This is a similar strategy to Ashe. Trist has much much better late game than you do, your auto attack will not compare to hers at about 30 minutes (by this time usually has IE and last whisper). Your strategy is same, shut her down with your Q harass early. Watch out for her burst harass ( jump on you + her E + her Q + auto attack + ignite) when she gets 6 also be aware of her ult with that same combo. Your goal is to harass her hard before 6 and make her back. Same as with Vlad and ashe with proper Q harass u can keep them denied of mass farm creeps.
Same thing as with Ashe , if you let the game draw out and play too passively, you will lose. You must always push push push. With safety =)
IF YOU HAVE SAME MINION FARM AS HER AT 15 minutes, you have failed at establishing dominance, your minion farm should be significantly higher.

Difficulty - easy

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----- HOW TO TRULY CARRY -----

You hear this all the time, I have 40 kills and 2 deaths yet MY TEAM STILL LOSES??


Carrying is leading your team to victory. This is done by.

1. Dominating your lane so hard it doesn't matter what happens in the other lanes because you will be tough enough to handle it - this means out farming them, getting kills on them , pushing their tower down.

2. Making sure every fight is a team fight and winning those fights. For example, if a lane gets ganked, be there if possible.

3. Playing extremely aggressively

4. Communicating effectively with team mates and keeping them from arguing - once a team starts arguing it's over for them. Keep this from happening as much as possible. Ping when people are in danger, ping when a gank is open, ping when you think they are doing baron or dragon. Communication is everything.

5. Control dragon and baron, whatever team controls these wins 90% of the time.

6. Ask for wards and ward a bit yourself, try not to delay the BF sword

7. Ping good engages

8. Steal neutral buffs

This means you do not have to be a carry champion to carry, you can be a tank / support.

How to do these with the different types of champions is out of this guides scope. I will however say how to carry with a carry champion.

Carry With A Ranged AD Champion

Your job is to farm as much minions as possible, shut down your lane and win it, make sure you are there for as many fights as possible (even ganks on sidelanes), never stop the momentum of pushing for your team (stay agressive exspecially on towers if possible), ensure that your there to support your team at a dragon fight whenever possible, do not die at all costs. If you die in the team fight the chances of quickly pushing after a successful wipe greatly diminish, also the chances of getting baron diminish.

If you can do all these things your KDA will come naturally.

To put this in better perspective lets exhibit these things on Miss Fortune.

1. Ensure you have the best minion farm in the game, the more the better
2. Get kills in your lane and damage his tower substantially
3. Ghost and run to a lane thats getting ganked if you can make it there to help in time. Know the diff. jungler times and when they will gank. Most junglers gank around 3:30-5:40 mins, know this and be ready.
4. Make sure your jungler or someone wards dragon
5. Poke towers as much as possible! It's your job to kill towers.
6. Let your team be aware of what ur capable of, if they are about to initiate and your oom or low on HP just spam BACK


A good carry, if given a little fed, will take advantage of that feed and win the game with it. When noobs complain about going 6-0 first 6 mins and still lose a game it's their fault for not using that gold to it's fullest potential.
- For example, If i get a kill in my lane, I'm going to use that money to be even stronger than him again, so I can do it again since I did it the first time with even money, or just shut him out.

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I said this before, but this is sooo extremely important that I have to make a whole section for it. MF's strongest strength is her run speed and ability to get to a lane being ganked by a jungler.


Just won a game due to this.

I knew rammus would gank around 3:50 minutes, i got my ghost button ready and blasted towards top as soon as they jumped on my chogath. Chogath ran and was about to die and got away barely, i pinged to let him know im going for it, he comes bak while they are past halfway in the lane, I spank them with abilities / auto attacks and running in between to stay in shooting distance, we get both kills. 4 minutse later exact same thing happens to bot, I run down there and get all 3 kills. I end the game 10/1/3 , at this point I was so fed tank couldnt stand against my dmg.

Jungler Times:
1. Rammus : finishes around 3:30 ganks around 3:40-4:40 mins.
2. Shaco : 2 ganks - 1 at around 2:30 you have to watch out for, and one around 4 mins
3. WW : weak gank at 4 mins, hard gank at around 8 mins
4. Amumu : gank around 4 mins, hard gank around 8
5. Nunu : gank around 3:50, harder gank around 7-8
6. Mundo : hard gank at 2:20, gank at 4-5 mins


1. Know when the jungler will be finished and ready to gank
2. Look at what lanes are pushed past half way or are easy to gank (they will go)
3. Push your creeps hard so ur enemy cant push ur tower
4. As soon as u see the jungler, ping it, and start running, blow ghost if you sure youll either save your friend or get a kill

Doing this will win you many many games, exspecially at low ELO. This is also why I have the runspeed in utility, it makes a difference. 1 second might make the difference between your friend being dead, or getting a double kill.