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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xx Panfie Xx

MF: Unorthodox Field Control

Xx Panfie Xx Last updated on May 17, 2011
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A Word From The Editor

Hello all Pan here. I specialize in unorthodox builds that work extremely well. So I encourage all my readers to try all my builds before posting and voting on them. An educated answer or opinion is the one that I will pay the most attention to. So with that said lets get started!

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Welcome to Miss Fortune, Unorthodox Field Control Build. This build is a hybrid Ap/AD build that utilizes speed and team work to overcome even the most powerful team. This build requires team work, map awareness, and champion practice. This build plays passive early game with an aggressive late game. This is my first build ever with Mobafire so bare with me. Hope you enjoy.

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Summoner Spells

I pickand. These spells allow you to escape quickly and stay in lanes longer.

You can use whatever summoner spells you like, this build will not be hindered with other summoner spells.

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I use a basic hybrid mastery build putting majority of points into offense and 3 points into defense. The 3 points into defense helps tons early game, it may not seem like it but trust me, you will never leave your lane if you chose to pick up. Other combinations that have worked for me (not as well but they work) is a heavy utility/offensive build.

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The runes I chose are very front loaded. They are designed around early game harassment. Late game rune build with Miss Fortune is a waste in my opinion. With this early game rune set up you will be able to poke extremly hard withand when you popin combination its Good Game for any champion that may have been aggressive to you in lane.

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I like to start in Mid with Socks, 1 hp pot, and 2 mana pots.

If you do well you can go back and buy your Sheen and finish your boots. Once you have theses items you will want to go back to Mid if the lane phase is still active. If not run around and push lanes. You can pretty much 4 hit any champ that comes at you, with a Rain, auto attack, impure shots, auto attack rotation. Giving your self time in between each ability for sheen to proc. This takes pratice and a self counter in your head to master.

After a few waves and a few ganks you can finish off your Lich Bane and rush your Rage Blade. About this time if you have done well team fights will start (The real fun for MF) After a couple of good team fights you will have enough to get your Gun Blade. This is your core when you have all these items.

After your core you can go with whatever you like. I chose to go with Nashor's Tooth and an Infinity Edge. I chose these items for the extra speed (should be cap when Rage Blade stacks up), the cooldown reduction (20% full build), even out your AD/AP harmony and gives you a bit of crit (as if you need it lol).

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Pros / Cons


Lane Control
Team Player


Die Quick
Targeted for early ganks
Snow Ball Champion

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Ranked Play

In ranked games you will want to use voice communication whenever possible. While using voice you will want to do play by play commentary with your team whenever possible. Saying stuff like "Dropping my rain at X point" "Hey set me up for my ult at X potion" "I'm focusing on X target". Doing this will provide your team with awesome field control (hence the build name).

Early game you want to play passive as hell. Member to only drop your rain once per wave, so if you choose to poke a champ with your rain during a wave then just last hit till the next wave. This will ensure that you can stay in lane for as long as you need.

Later game when you get your items built you will want to be extremely aggressive but safe at the same time (this is actually really easy with Miss Fortune). What ya want to do is run up rain, run back, pop impure shots and poke, run back, repeat till you are set up for your ult.

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Team Work

As mentioned in the Ranked Game Play portion of this build. You have to use tons of team work with this build. So if your a lone wolf this build is not for you, but if you like to set you and your team up for some crazy Ace's then please try this build with your friends and team.

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Editing Notes

This is my first build so when I figure out how to make it more polished I will. This portion is reserved for the updates I plan to make and such. Hope you enjoyed my build.