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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaKinetic

Mid Lane | A comprehensive Guide

ThaKinetic Last updated on July 24, 2012
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Hey everybody, welcome to my third guide here on MobaFire. This guide will be a little different from my other guides, as i'm not gonna cover a single champion, but i'm gonna cover the whole mid lane!

In this guide i'll get a little into the current METAGAME, mid champions, lasthitting and more stuff that covers what mid is all about.
So with no further words, i present you... My guide!

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The Current Metagame

Alot of ppl know this alredy, but i'm gonna explain it anyways. Summoners Rift has 3 lanes. These 3 lanes is where champions operate mainly for the first 20 mins. Top and Mid are solo lanes, while Bot is Duo Lane.

| Top Lane | Mid Lane | Bot Lane |

Top Lane

Top lane is the lane at the top of the map (lol). It's a long lane, and creeps are longer to get there.
In the Current Meta, the so called Tanky DPS Meta, Top lane is taken by a bruiser. A strong dps cabable of doing threating damage, but being tanky so they can survive a lot longer.

Now, why is the bruiser in top? Let's see :
  • Top lane is a sololane, so bruiser can lvl their damage skills faster.
  • The Bruiser can get all the farm him/herself, thus gettin their items faster.
  • There is only 1 way junglers can gank, so the lane is more safe (with wards).
Bruisers need farm, and alot of it. They need lvl advantage, and they will be devastating if getting the right items. Top Lane is given to Bruisers by that reason.

Common Top Laners
*Note just some of them, not all.

Bot Lane

Bot lane is a long lane, and creeps take longer time to get there. In the current meta, bot i taken by a ranged AD carry and a support. Also known as the duo lane.

Now, why is the AD carry and support bot lane? Let's see:
  • The AD Carry is the one that can change the game from loss to win, so he/she will be supported/babysat bý the support.
  • The AD carry needs all the farm, and the supp need nothing.
  • The duo lane is lvl'ing slower, but the carry doesn't need lvls, as their dmg increase with autoattacks (i.e gold).
  • The support usually has some form of cc to help in ganks, kills. ( Taric, Sona, Alistar)
The AD carry has 1 priority. Farm. Farm, farm, farm. They will be strong and carry their team lategame.

Common Bot Laners

AD Carry's


Mid Lane

Ahh, Mid Lane <3. This is the shortes lane on the map. The minions are faster to get there. In the current metagame, mid is taken by and ap carry. Why?

  • Ap carries needs a solo lane, as their spells base dmg becomes more powerful by lvls.
  • Ap carries need alot of farm.
  • Alot of AP carries has some strong ganks (i.e Sion, Ahri). They need to be close to the other lanes.
  • The lane is short, so they have easy escapes.

These things are perfect for AP carries, so this is where they will be :)

Guide Top

Who should go mid?

Yes, who should? Here are some requirements that determine if a champion do well at mid. (*Note some champions may not fill all, these are just some things that makes a champion a good mid laner)

  • The champion should preferably be ranged. (Not that big deal, lot of melee chars does mid well too, Kassadin, Sion and Gragas).
  • AP champion (As mentioned above why)
  • Needs harrasing tools.
  • Farming ablity (Optional, but great, like Tormented Soil)
  • They need to benefit from mid. Like putting a champion in mid that's not item reliant is not that great. Mid is for item reliant (somewhat) ap carries.
  • They need some kind of teamfight presence.

So let's take an example champion. Yep, you guessed right, our all time perma banned friend Morgana! Now let's see if she fills those roles.
  • She's ranged.
  • Indeed AP :P
  • Dark Binding + Tormented Soil but hard to land though (with decent opponents).
  • Tormented Soil absolutely great farming.
  • Yes, she benefits from mid, she NEEDS gold to get her hourglass and ability power. That is given to her through mid.
  • Insta Win key, just press R :P

    So, Morgana is pretty viable (Everyone knows anyways :P). Below u will see a list. It's a list of all champions that i consider viable in mid. It's a tier list, and i know, i'll get critic. But that's my opinion, and you can ofc leave a comment, so i can see if i can change it.

Guide Top

AP Carries Tier List


God Tier

These champions are just too guud. They all have alot of power, both early, mid and lategame. They can outlane alot of champions, and are a strong overall pick for mid.

Tier 1


Guide Top


Lasthitting, and farming is far the most important aspect of mid. It's so important i cannot stress that enough. Let's take a look at prorities.

Dragon > Farming > Harrasing/Killing

I'll go in depth about dragon control in next chapter.

Gold source

So what is farming? Most ppl know. Most decent experienced. But for newer players, farming is your gold source. When dealing the last damage, or the killing blow to a minion you earn bonus gold. It's average is 20 - 30 Gold. Let's say 20.

Now in one creep wave there are 6 minions. That's ~120 gold. The waves spawns with 30 seconds between. 8 waves will be spawned at 5 minute mark. If you manage to last hit all, that's ... Let me get my calculator.. Lol, jokes aside, that will be ~960 gold.


Let me give you some objectives. WHen you getthefeeling for it, and having a clean, nice game, you will be able to do this easily.

100 Creeps Slain at 15 Minutes.

200 Creeps Slain in 25 Minutes.

These objectives learned me to lasthit pretty well, and i get encouraged to farm more. If you can fill these, you will earn alot of gold. ~4000 gold in 200 minions. And that's not counting the passive gold income + kills assist!

Dragon is also an important aspect in 5v5. Dragon grants every team member 190 gold + 25 to the killer granting overall 975 gold to your team. It's very nice and will maybe give you a little advantage. If your team is up to dragon soon, push your lane and go for it. If they are rushing it, just run there, or def the dragon if they can do it fast.
190 Gold!


A very important aspect of mid. If you can zone you enemy, it means control. It's pretty simple. The is the zone. When the first minions arrives, and meets on mid, you and your opponent controls equal amounts of the zone. But if you can scare the opponent, or get him low, he will back off when you enter his zone. That means you control that part of the zone.

Zonning can be used if you harras your opponent enough, or if your opponent is ppl like Katarina zone by using the range she lacks.

Below is a video made by Shurelia, an indepth video about zoning.

Guide Top

Your Jungler/SS/Ganking

Your jungler is an essential part of your game. Lower lvl'ed games might not have one, aswell as alot of lvl 30 games. But when you have, you got a strong advantage. You have help in your lane when you are doing bad, you have ganks when you are doing equal. You have assist when you are back. Your jungler is important, and you should use him! (lol).

If you are doing bad. Let's say their Malz is ********* you at 6, you gave FB, and are 02/0, while he is 3/0/1 because he ganked bot too. You have no chance, you are 3 lvls behind. You are 30 CS behind. Ask your jungler for help.

Your jungler can cover the lane for you when you are back to buy items and heal. It's good, so your enemy can't push your turret. You can have him give you blue buff too, unless he is Fiddlesticks or Nocturne and other mana dependant junglers. Some manaless junglers like Lee Sin and Shyvana can give you blue by the very early game.

Switching Sides

Switching sides, or SS, is a tool to help your allies counter a gank. When your mid enemy is out of sight, he i missing. Your allies may not know, so you can call SS. When you write SS in chat, be sure to write "SS mid", or "SS Brand" (If your enemy is Brand).

While alot of people doesn't notice all the ss in chat, you could help them alot by pinging the direction you think they went. It can fail, i have warned top sometimes, and then bot was double killed. If you can't see were they went, just say ss, and warn them.

When your enemy returns in sight (In your lane), you could help you teammates by calling "re" which means "Returned". It helps, but it's not the most important factor.

In all, saying "ss" is not a game rule. You don't ever have to say it. All players got a minimap, and if they can look in chat to see "ss" they can look on map to see someone that's missing. I've simply had enough of those idiots, that simply think nothing is their fault.

Mid Opponent scored a double kill!
[Random Person][Corki]OMG Cassio u ****ing noob say ss noob i report you
[Me][Cassiopeia] Yea yea just report me, it's not me who died it's you
[Random Person][Corki] U didnt say ss noob i die u say no ss u noob ****er
[Me][Cassiopeia] Try look on minimap.. U are blind?
[Random Person][Corki]i cant see minimap when i fight noob
[Me][Cassiopeia] If u can see ss in chat, u can see your minimap too i guess...
[Random Person][Corki]noob report u ****er suck my ****

This is a very common example of noobs in LoL.

In EuNE and EuW "ss" is the most common way to say someone is missing, but in NA, "MIA" is the most common.

Ganking Other Lanes

Ganking other lanes is also vital for winning the game. It helps your teammates getting fed, OR it can score you some kills too. When ganking other lanes make sure of 3 things.

  • Your lane should be pushed. If it isn't it's pretty obivious that you just leave lane to gank. Push it fast and go.
  • Are your teammates ready to gank? If your Ashe is 200 hp, and Sona 400, you can't gank a full hp bot. They need to be ready.
  • Does the enemy have any wards? Make sure to ask the target lane. If they don't know, try going into the brush up there. If they run back and stay out of sight, they may have warded, some ppl even use some spells to signal they know you are there. You can keep pressure on lane by staying abit. But not too long.

When ganking, make sure to position right and go out when they overextend. I can't describe how to gank, cause it differs from champ to champ.

Guide Top


Warding is very important if the enemy team has a jungler... If not, you could ward if they have some strong gankers in lanes like shaco, twitch, nocturne.

Sight Wards

Sight Wards are the most common ward. It costs 75 Gold, and last for 3 minutes. Warding your lane means that you can see when the enemy is coming to your lane, to gank you, resuslting in your death. WHen playing a mid laner you should get 2 wards on first back if possible. Always have your brushes warded.

This is where you place your ward from.The other brush.

With these warded you are warned about upcoming ganks, but, you need some map awareness to make it effective. Now, some junglers have different ways of ganking. Im talking about champions like Alistar, Maokai, Rammus, Shaco, Evelynn and Twitch. The first three are pretty simple. Most of these will gank you from behind. These junglers need special warding.
This is the position of your ward.The second ward position.

If their jungler is one of the last three you need special care. Shaco is the most tricky one. He can gank from the side, from behind, yes even from wraith camp. You can choose to ward you side brushes, and if you can afford it later, get a Vision Ward. Vision wards is able to see through stealth and so, you MAY be able to counter his gank.

The other two are pretty simple. They will always go in stealth before they get to your lane, then they will stand behind you in some seconds, and then go rambo. These should be warded with a Vision Ward. The Vision Ward SHould be placed in the middle of your lane, and i doesn't hurt that you opponent sees it. Just make sure it's there. See below.

Always have dragon warded from lvl 6 and afterwards. Some junglers like Fiddlesticks or Udyr can take it at lvl 5 so care. Dragon should be warded by support, but just to remember if you don't have a support, u should. Same goes for baron lategame. Always ward with purple.

You could also ward the enemy blue. At 7:20~ you should go steal it. Have your jungler and top/bot with you. You can also prevent the enemy AP carry from getting blue by this. This will put you in advantage in lane.

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Mid Champions (Replay edition):

This section will be devoted to the mid champions from sections above. I will make replays about some of the champion in mid, not to guide you just for learning abit more about mid, and getting a taste for some mid champions.
Your LoLReplay (Using this Guide) Here. You have to have LoLReplay to watch these replays. Download LoLReplay Here. The program, LoLReply, allows you to record your own games and replay them at any time. An hour of gameplay is about 7 MB; 100x smaller than an average quality video, so don't worry about the files taking up space :)

LoLReplay is great because it allows you to see how you could have handled a situation better, it allows you to analyze possible other routes or paths you could have taken. It also allows you to show off :P

SPACE This was an Orianna game i did recently. I played some premade with my friends, and i did pretty well in mid lane (Considering their Ahri was pretty lame). I want you to see the funny playstyle of Orianna as it is all positioning of your Ball + Skillshots. I ended up 24/6/26 and we won the game.


Status: Rarely Banned. I haven't played a draft game or ranked where she was banned. It's pretty strange cause she is so strong, but i heard she is banned more in higher ELO's (Im currently at 1400).


SPACE This is a ranked Vladimir game, featuring ME! I was playing duo with a friend and ended up at 14/1/9 and scored a quadra kill. I was against a Brand, and note, lasthitting with Vladimir is really difficult.


Status: Never Banned. Never heard he was banned at any time, you can surely pick him in ranked..


SPACE Ryze is a really strong champion. This was a ranked game, featuring another quadra kill.. BY ME! If Hecarim wasn't so fast it would be penta Q_Q Anyways, watch it, also i was kinda sleepy that day, so lasthitting + reacting to pings were like far too slow...


Status: Rarely Banned. He isn't banned very often, tho some people are smart enough to do it. Only banned sometimes, but ALOT at higher ELO..

Guide Top

Thanks to...

Xiron For all the awesome banners in the guide. Cheers to him!
Slappiz For reminding me that i forgot my warding section after the release.
Jhoijhoi for her guide that helped me out since i joined MobaFire, check out her guides!
ilke994 For her awesome coding for the "Games!" section! Which was invented by JhoiJhoi, but anyways she helped me get it, and i reccomend you check her Cassiopeia guide and Katarina guide to learn quite some stuff for those two mid champions!


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