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Nidalee Build Guide by Amn_BaLKaN

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amn_BaLKaN


Amn_BaLKaN Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Summoners!
My Name is Amn BaLKaN and I'm a member of the clan: "Amnesia Gaming" we are a Dutch clan that play tons of games. My game is League of Legends. I play solo queie & premade games.
I've made this Build Simply because i never lose Mid/Solo top with this build. How? maybe the enemy's are bad but i don't think every opponent is bad i've plaid against so much good people but still I outfarm everyone. So go ahead & try it! If you want more advice just add me ingame: Amn BaLKaN <-- EuWest!

Note: Sorry for my bad English!
Note2: If you dont understand something or want more info contact me : Amn BaLKaN

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Why there runes?
Magicpen Marks:? Your spear will do huge damage against tankisch chars or char who has just Mercury Threads. Magicpen means it removes the magic resist so if you got 30 magicpen it removes 30 resist from : 80 -> 50 // So ofc your spear will have some huge dmg. You don't need to use Magicpen runes but remember this: if you dont get the runes than you have 2 build Sorcress Shoes in stead of Mercury Threads.

Armor Seals: It Simply awesome and the best runes in his kind. If you play against an ad char @ top the +13 armor could be nice. you wil also be tankisch with your tigerform

Ap Per lvl Glyphs: Some ppl get the Ap +0.99 runes but i dont like that so much because i just don't throw my spear on early lvl's why not?: Because i will get so fast oom i just lanepase with normal lastthitting minions & healmyself if its needed. So I'm never oom

Ap Quints : +5 ap! Not bad tho +15 if you got 3 this will help you dominate the lane early just simply because you will heal a bit more on yourself and that is simply good

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1st Choise: Boots : Why? Because you move faster and you will be able to dodge skillshots more easy for example: Kennen's Shurken / Brand's Piller / Cassio's Poisen / Anivia's Stun etc etc.
And the 3 pot's are not really needed but still if you get a lot ganked by junger they could help you.
2nd: Why Catalyst in stead of Blasting Wand? Simply because you get a lot of Hp/Mana and when you lvl up it restores some hp/mana. Also remember your Tigerform gives you armor/resist so you will be harder 2 kill. Blasting Wand gives +40ap wow so what? you heal a bit more (10/20) and your spear will doe 30 more dmg maybe. but still remember your spear is maxed @ lvl 12/13 and you will have the Rod than if you play fine. You really don't need the Ap for pwning your opponent.
3rd Build your rod you wil be tankisch/strong
4th Ok get your Mercury now so you move faster and are more imume for Fear/stuns. Why Mercury and why not Sorcress? Because remember: You have +13 armor runes. you have your tigerform (30arm/30resist on lvl 3) and from the cury you get 25 resist so you will be bad *** tankisch. Sorcress shoes are good for casters like annie because they have 3 ap scaling skills. Nidalee has here Spear thats the only one. The magicpen runes are enough believe me. And still Nidalee can jump over walls so if you get stunned 1,5 sec in stead of 2 you have a change 2 jump over a wall and survive it!
5th Rabadon : Ok now its Serieus Stay behind your team and spearshot as much as you can: Remember: You need the Bluebuff Everytime it is availible 2 kill. so you can spam Q/W/E. With Rabadon you can make Serieus dmg on all kind of champs. Especially the quisy once. if you hit your spear nice & from a far distance you can easy take 50% hp from champ even if he's fed.
6th Void Staff: Ok dont be afraid of hitting the tank now with your spear simply because the +40% magicpen will rip his magicresist.
7th: Guardian Angel: Ok now you are tankisch you can inisate now and tank some dmg but remember dont do this if you have no Flash/Ghost simply because it will waste the guardian when you die.
Final Item: Lichbane with your huge scaling Ap now you will have major damage with basic hits. Als you wil deal 'Tons of Damage' on Turrets.
More items?: Buy all pots/Oracle and now you are maxed!!!

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Skill Sequence

Why not Max Spear first? Because it cost so much mana. It doesnt doe much damage earlly lvls. You won't be able to dominate your lane:
Why Heal? Simply because if you get damaged a bit sometimes you can heal up and continue lasthitting. You wont get harrased like hell believe me so you will be able to regenarte the mana from the Heal e***y.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: You can chase people so easy just because of your Passive "+15% movement true brushes" and you can jump over walls. now active Ghost and you wil be really fast
Note: You can use it to Chase and also to run away if you ghost and can make it in time to get into a Brush you will be uncatchable.
Flash: why? because: It's the best summoner spell in the game: Used for: Getting Kill/Run away (jump away). Why is it so good? because you can Flash over a wall so the enemy cannot catch you and you will survive it. or you can chase another enemy who flashe also over a wall.

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Now I'm Gonna tell you my laning Phase.
Mid/Solotop: Play normal/defensive just lasthit minions heal if it's needed and sometimes harass the champ with basic hits. Don't overextend or play agressive untill you reach 6.
LvL 6: Ok now you can Harras a lot just jump to the enemy and E/Q if you do this rite you will need 2/3 combos to kill the enemy. Also Towerdive if its needed (Don't dive if your heal is on Cd and if you dont have flash). Also Remember You are Nidalee you move faster True brushes Gank other lanes. even if the Jungle is ganking fine Every kill/assist Helps.
Also Ask your Jungler for the bluebuff. If you have the Bluebuff than dont be afraid to Spam your Q because of the massive Manareg you will never be OOM
Lategame: You can inisiate if the enemy has a lot of bruisers/tankisch chars. or you can stay in brushes and throw spears @ the Squisy chars.

Note: If you wanna see me Playing Nid add me ingame: Amn BaLKaN
Note2: I can show it in normal games but also i can teach you in Custom games.

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Unique Skills


Tips & Triks:
W -> Pounce : you can jump over walls. Like the Riverwall (smallone) the baron wall/dragon wall Blue wall and many more walls. I would say: make a custom and try it!
Your W is like a trap when you place it it reavels the area for like 1/2 sec.
Remember when a champ is recalling you can place the trap close to him just 2 see when he is recalling and than : THROW DA SPEAR! "An enemy has been slain"
So the trap is really nice for just reavealing the area for like 1/2 sec just to see if there is anyone you also can use it in brushes when you don't trust it.

Note: Place traps (w) @ the entrace of dragon/baron. just 2/3 in a row it's like an vision ward if the enemy staps in it they will be reaveled for some sec and you will be able to see if there are more enemy champs near the trapped one and you see if they wanna do baron/dragon.

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The most important thing:
Lasthit the minions. Dont focus the enemy champion even if he's agressive. Because of your Heal you will be able to lane & take some dmg. If you have like 1400 gold you can return to the base Buy a Catalys/2-3 pots. Now: You will dominate the lane 100% sure start harrasing now tigerform minions they simple are W/E and instant kills.