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League of Legends Build Guide Author ianxplosion

Midwick and You

ianxplosion Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Warwick, Junglewick, Lanewick, ah, yes, here it is, Midwick!

What is Midwick?

Midwick is Warwick going mid, dominating the early game via Q/E/AP/MPen.

Midwick is Warwick roaming often, because your R makes ganks a 3v1 affair. Top and bottom will fall before mid does.

Midwick is fleshing yourself out by late game so you're not a one trick pony, grabbing buffs and being dangerous 1v1, dangerous 5v5.

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Pros / Cons


-Amazing staying power in the lane
-Crushes mistakes made by your opponent
-Decent ganks (not as good as in the jungle, but you're good)
-SFC offers farm and armor, SV offers better sustainability
-Tower diving with your E on is very rewarding


-Not a lot of room for mistakes
-Not as much range as a traditional mid
-Not much of a team player (except for R)
-You're Midwick, and a lot of people can't handle that

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Runes focus on the early game, for the most part. MPen lets your Q shine through, while health keeps you alive just long enough to land it, and CDR lets you land it more often.

I took offense and utility for my masteries, for more of the same. MPen, CDR, and Mana. Midwick shines in the early game or not at all.

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Skill Sequence + Play Tips

There's really no need to stray from the skills.

Q has a short range, but it's easy enough to figure out when your enemy is going to stop to hit you so you can pull it off. Either they're auto attacking, because they're a mid carry and that's what they do, and you Q them for serious profit, or they're using a skill, and you Q them for serious profit. You hurt them and you heal, either for a % or your AP, and with your MPen, you'll be hitting for (and healing for) more.

E only makes Q better. After the first couple of levels, they're going to figure out how this little dance goes. By that time, they're going to be low enough health that you're going to be moving quickly, and at this point, you don't even really need for them to stop. You run up and Q them, they keep running, you go back and farm.

By the time they figure out that you're going to win the harrass game, and they stop focusing on you and start focusing on minions (because you've zoned them out with your QQQQQQQQQ) you're going to be level 6 (sup, +XP mastery) and you'll be ready to go for the kill.

Wait for them to come comfortably into your range, as your first kill mid will take tower diving (but with the heal from Q/the speed from E, you'll either kill them and make it out thanks to the health, or be able to run away in time). Continue to harrass, and once they're 75% or below, you're going to pop R and then QQQQQQQ them to death.

(This is simple warwick stuff.)

That first death, combined with your farming, should have you enough to grab Sorc Shoes. B and D. The lane is yours, by this point. Farm yourself up another couple of kills, you should be 1-2 levels above your enemy. I've R'd them right in front of the tower, taking 1-3 hits from it, just so I could Q them afterwards, and head for a gank while they go B.

I always try to initiate a gank with my R, and I let my teammates know I'm coming. It obviously helps if the enemy will be effected by E, as you can assure the kill, but really, with 2 (or even 1) guy unloading for 1.7 seconds, if the bad guy isn't dead, you're gonna mop it up with your Q afterwards.

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You get your Doran's, you get your Sorc Shoes.

Now what?

If you're laned against an AD champ, or someone you need a little oomf to kill, Sunfire Cape. The AOEDPS is great for your R, because by the time it's over, you've dealt some damage, and you're likely moving faster than they are thanks to the damage. Plus the farm is easier.

If you're laned against an AP champ, or you're getting focused a lot (2v1), get Spirit Visage. The MR is decent, and the increased healing is a lifesaver, especially if you get The Bloodthirster later.

You can get both, I often do, but that's the vanilla build.

Once you've got one (or both) of those items, it's up to you. Nobody building MR? Get AP and mash your Q button. Find yourself playing into a lot of ganks? Get The Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor and let those on hit effects from your R take you places.

You don't need crit, you don't really even need the attack speed. You'll find Q is your most damage by far, although towards end game, having W to turn on while you're chasing is nice, so AD might be an option.

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I'm not saying it's the best way to play Warwick. He's a great jungler. But he's also a considerable presence mid. I always say in character select that 'if I suck, I'll switch'. But that's a bad idea, and I've never had to do it anyway.