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Warwick Build Guide by dem0man07

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dem0man07

midwick, warwick and magewicks less loved brother

dem0man07 Last updated on August 23, 2011
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this was a build inspired by ALYZAR and CellOne

Although most people would say Warwick is regarded as the jungler of choice, with his passive lifesteal, and skill that allow him to counter jungle and jungle quite nicely while staying fairly safe. The fact that prior to lvl 6 he has no cc and a tendency to be shunned from 2v2 lanes or 2v1 lanes and has he brings little to nothing to a 2v2 lane. with a little ingenuity, Warwick can be an extremely viable mid and even a good 2v1.

why mid with warwick?

-> It is very difficult to successfully harass Warwick. This is the reason why chars like Mordekaiser and Vladimir are regarded as deadly mids, although many experienced player will tell you that, through persistence, both of these characters can be harassed. With Warwick this can be similar but i feel that the fact that he is able to self heal more effectively, especially when compared to say Vlad's early game.

-> Warwick is not an effective ganker in the early game. Why bother putting Warwick in the jungle when he has a limited ganking ability level's 1-5 and not much better at lvl 6 with his ult, compared to say; Nunu, Udyr, Rammus, Shaco, Xin, etc, etc, etc. Although i really dont want to admit it, there are better junglers out there that put those early-game buffs to more use.

-> A lack of potion reliance His serious amount of lifesteal adds to his general survivability in the lane. and when combined with chalice you will rarely, if ever, have to go b. Why not abuse this?

-> His ability to ignore harassment makes him a very potent zoner. Abusing your hungering strike is key and will often cause your enemy to miss out on creep kills because they simply can't out harrass the healing that your lifesteal brings on top of your own form of harassment.


- Item Independence. Warwick won't need much to get his damage off the ground, and this allows for him to focus on defensive items after his core is complete. He doesn't need lifesteal items and he doesn't need serious mana regen.

- Versatility. Warwick fills many roles simultaneously in a team fight, and they range from Anti Carry to Initiator depending on the situation. Warwick is a character for people who enjoy versatility in a char and being able to fill different roles on the fly.

- Neutral Creep Control. Controlling Baron and Dragon are arguably Warwick's most important jobs. Luckily, all he needs is a bloodrazor to tear through Baron like no other.

- Arguably the best single target CC in the game. A flash that heals you, procs on-hit slows, chews through carries, and in many cases saves your life all rolled into one 1.7 duration stun.

- Excellent 1v1 capabilities. This goes without saying.


- Damage can seem lacking at times. A fair trade off considering the versatility that Warwick has. Warwick is not a top of the line DPS or burst-er, although that doesn't stop him from being an amazing carry.

- Vulnerable to CC. Especially when channeling your ult. Warwick relies on being able to spam his Q and to be auto attacking constantly in order to survive. Focused CC can do horrible things to a Warwick, although this applies to most carries and most char's in general.

- Vulnerable to ignite, and other healing reduction. Although he isn't nearly as reliant on regen as, for example, Mundo.

The Role of a Midding Warwick

This variation of Warwick is, in every sense of the word, a hard carry. Luckily for us, he isn't as item dependent as Master Yi or Tryndamere. This doesn't mean that you should neglect your farm or your level. Make sure you try to stay ahead in levels and creep kills, lest you going mid in the first place adding up to nothing. Abuse and nurture that level advantage and you will find yourself snagging triple kills.

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Pre game


you may think this build is a little weird for a WW but i find with items and that i pick up it works very well.

RED = Here i take insight, as i find that this can really help make those Q's hit that little bit harder plus will also make your wit's end and Bloodrazor that much more dangerous.
and with WW doing mostly Magic damage well why not?

Yellow = Clarity, I have always like the Mp/5 runes though Armour, AP or what ever can also work i say personal preference and common sence. but for me i would take mp/5 as you will most likely be spamming skills a fair bit and its always nice to have that bit of mana to be able to do that.

Blue = Focus, Here i will take focus runes as that extra little bit of CDR is very nice allowing your Q and Ult to be up even more frequently specially as said above you will find yourself spamming these quite alot. If you find your not spamming spells so much and would like a little extra punch from your Q AP runes can work quite nicely aswell.

Quint = As Defult here i normaly would take Fort as i like that little bit of extra HP, as it can help in many various ways, though swiftness, AP, ARpen, Mpen could also work quite nicely i guess.

Trolling or Domination? (you decide)
Full AP runes can work quite nicely here as and alternative, yes at this point in time you may be thinking.. what the..... but listen, hungering strike has a 1:1 AP ratio, and with this build you get ~110AP because of runes etc. which greatly increases ww early game, it allows him to harass mid quite easily, and the added hp regen from hungering strike is quite nice too.

i takeandthese i would have to say are pretty standard.

flash is really good for when u want to use your ult but they are just out of range. flash in then ult, and the enemy will really be like.... oh ****, its warwick! or can be also be used on the defensive to keep your self alive and away from those ganks that will be coming your way.

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Skill order

Skill order
i will always takefirst followed by eitherordepending on how i feel the game is going. for example the only time i really will take blood scent over hunterscall is if i have already harassed the mid to ~1/2 hp or less (yes this has happened for me)

but always takewhen you can.

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yes it is true that normally you will not find a full item build order for Heroes as most builds should be situational and no game is ever the same as another. So Make Sure that You Remember that while playing. also it is suprising how many people will not leave a set build order, ive seen so many times where carries and even tanks will stick to only their build and would not even get a banshees veil against a full caster team.

-The Fun Stuff Alright Now that we have the Core out the way thee are a few options open to you.

-Against Heavy AD
-Against Heavy AP

*note: As most games you will end about here you wont have time really to sell your dorrans ring though feel free to do so if you farmed / ganked like a boss and can afford to do so. :)

Never forget pots.

-Other Optional Items

Malady will always be good if you feel you have a good Harass and are winning lane. Malady will allow you to pretty much dominate it and pump out some good early dps. would be a more aggressive move compared to wit's end.

Early Dragon, and possible early barron depending on the rest of the team. is a very nice item to make your madreds into if you don't feel you need the Bloodrazor, though would maybe make this early.

While i would love to take this item more often, as the benefits from the AD it can add and the Slow + extra life steal are awesome, as with ww one point he is not very strong in can be his lack of CC, and having to rely on being able to outrun people, this item's Active can change that.

Is also a great alternative to Gunblade if you decide to go the Hextech route and gives a nice buff to the rest of the team too. possible nice if you have people that rely on spell vamp or a heavy AP team (tho this ww build is prob not best with a heavy AP team comp).
These two items can both be very nice as well for very similar reasons as the Hex-tech.

Shen can Be a fine item specially when combined with his Q as using this while running into them will give you a burst of damage when opening up the fight, just remember to keep procing it when possible in fights for the extra burst. Also can build into awhich is a nice item on WW thought personaly i wouldn't take it all the time only if your really winning, and have some extra coin. If you decide that u want to play Triforce then make sure to get Sheen Early.

-More AP?????
*note: i would only really do this if you pick full AP runes.

This build Gives a very nice amount of Q damage but feel that it is too easy to counter, but is an awesom build if you are stomping, trolling, or just want to try something different.

-Optional APOR
As both give a nice chunk of Mpen aswell as other stats to help compliment an full AP build. if Haunting Guise try to buy early for that early boost to Q damage.

Is a nice item instead of that Tear if you feel you need to be a bit tankier and don't mind losing a bit of AP. though Spirit Visage is just about as good and Tear builds into Archangel.

Is Also a fun item on a Full AP ww and can get a fair nice bust damage from him as either and extra poke, finish a runner, or during a team fight / 1v1.

Good for an extra bit of MR while still giving you AP. IF for some reason you find mages bursting you down too quick.

Moar Archangels is always fun but could give up a bit of tackiness i would recommend only if dominating.

Magic Penetration is helpfull in all stages of the game. You'd be surprised at how much MPen this build manages to snag (Which not only helps you with keeping your hungering strikes high, but keeping your Bloodrazor up to snuff.) This build can succesfully net.

Feel free to add any items as you see fit i mean that's what this build is for, funsies.

-Early game AP into late game DPS = optimal yes most of you will probably flame this remark and disagree with getting a madreds so late, as most of the builds out there for ww sugest rushing madreds after boots. to this i will say;

Madred's is an item that scales into the late game. Although it IS his bread and butter item, it is also an item that isn't quite worth getting super early. Yes, it is amazing, but would you rather have potent burst, with amazing flash heal potential, ontop of fairly decent DPS (Malady ftw.), or simply an item that doesn't offer you versatility or survivability? Madred's IS an amazing item. It is not an amazing first item.

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Who to be careful of when going mid

These are characters either have very good harassment abilities, or are characters that you generally shouldn't bother trying to fight / harass.
watch out for her burst damage.
Her harass is able to do a bit of number on you, best bet is to avoid her AoE and you should be fine.
dont try to take him on your own. he will kite you with ease. let him push then gank him when possible.
DO NOT ult while he has his ult active. He can harass well, although if u make it a point to avoid his shuriken and surge, and use your q on him if he gets close you should be fine.
Like Warwick, Nidalee is somewhat impervious to harassment, ignore her, and free farm. if she pushes you, gank her.
Urgot is the same as Cassiopia, apart from the fact that his harassment is a lot more effective than hers. Avoid being hit by his AoE at all costs, if you find you are getting hit alot, sit inside your creeps so it hits them aswell and the lane will get pushed. when this happens gank him.

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Intricacies and Rules for Middle

Lv. 1-4 Farm, Farm, Farm.

Level's 1-4 are more or less about farming and zoning your opponent (If you are able to) A good creep score to shoot for by level 5 is 22. IF your opponent is harassing you, you have two choices.

A.) Harass them back with your hungering strike.

B.) Use your hungering strike on a creep.

Due to the fact that Hungering Strike will only use flat damage on creeps, you will more often then not steal more life back from doing so, so it is up to you to decide which is the better choice.

Tips for landing a hungering strike on someone who is trying to kite you.

- Abuse the range of it.
Some players do not understand or know how large radius is of your Hungering Strike can allow you to land it with ease.

- Abuse your speed.
Warwick has a higher base speed then most (Not all) middles. Check their movement speed and react appropriately.

- Juke them into believing that you are giving up.
This strategy relies on going in to hungering strike them, and backing off as they run. They will more often then not turn around the second you go back. Turn around, and with said range, use your hungering strike on them. This works best on enemies who rushed for boots or have higher movement speed then you do, as the gap is closed faster and there is less reaction time.

Harassing with hungering strike is completely based upon how stupid your enemy is. Some of them will be smart enough to avoid it. This is not the end of the world. If this is the case, don't overdo it and get killed. Simply rely on farming and hungering striking creeps when need be.

General tips for 1-4

Last hit. Don't push the lane. Last hitting involves waiting until your auto attack is enough to kill the creep and doing soon. Don't be afraid to use your hungering strike to kill creeps you otherwise wouldn't. Your Doran's Ring will do wonders in regards to keeping your mana up.

Never go b. You want to shoot for around the 2090k gold (Enough to get chalice, kindlegem and boots 1). That being said, the maximum time you should stick around before going b is when you have 2840 gold (Enough to get the full Sorcerer's shoes)

If you've managed to harrass them down low enough to the point where your Blood Proc is triggering.

You have an amazing chance of killing them, if not sending them to go b. Flash in and lignite them BEFORE you hungering strike. This will get you the you an extra bit of damage and get you in range for a quick Q. If that doesn't work and they decide to stick around, zone them out so they get no hp, or get someone to gank them.

Level's 5-7

This is more or less the same as level's 1-4, except you have a bit more freedom. Try to arrange snagging dragon with your team, although try not to force it. don't leave your lane unless there is a very obvious kill or you need to protect someone. Your laning ends when your team needs your help, or when you have successfully farmed your Wits-end.

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Your Role After Laning Phase

If you have played WW as a jungler, your role more or less remains the same, although if you've done well in mid, you'll likely have more gold, and more experience then a Warwick in the jungle would. Your jobs from this point forward are as follows.

Don't lose that bonus.If you lose your level bonus, being in mid has more or less been a waste. Make sure you are getting a steady stream of gold and experience. Farm the jungle often. Try to avoid dying.

Control Baron/Dragon.Because of WW's skills, he is an excellent controller of the Dragon and the baron. If you ward properly, a Baron at fifteen is easy with your whole team. Try to get every single dragon that spawns. Keep tabs on both of them and communicate with your team. If you are playing in a premade, try to arrange that more then one of you gets a wriggles/razor and you can take down Baron with even more ease.

Abuse your AS buff to push towers.Warwick on his own, is a subpar pusher. That being said, when your entire team gets a burst of attack speed, towers will go down in seconds. Keep this in mind.

Carry the team.Not through kills, but through your amazing team-wide pushing power, your ability to snag baron early, and your ability to stay alive and to punish problem characters. Don't let that advantage you got in mid to go to waste.

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How to Approach team fights

You are durable, but not durable enough to initiate.

With a defensive item or two under your belt, you might assume yourself somewhat tanky. This is true, to an extent, although there is a very thin line between being overly aggressive and playing WW the way he should be played.

Ulting through their entire team into MF, who safely sits behind her entire team? Bad.

Ulting is on MF as your Tank Initiates with maybe a Ignite and a Q before Flashing Out? Good.

Warwick is very good at walking the lines of being in the fray and being out of the fray, but he is certainty no Rammus. His ability to take -some- damage whilst being able to flash disable a problem character is what makes him a good hero.

Having low health doesn't place you out of the fight.

This is one of the reasons why I find Warwick amazing, and why some AP can be effective on him. If you flash away and find yourself needing some HP, there are ways to get it back very quickly.

Having a flash heal is very very good for Warwick. Feel free to find a nearby neutral creep to leech XP of of.

See a moronic Warmog stacking Cho'gath with no actual MR? This is so good for you because of that amazing HP you take with each hungering strike. So, when Cho'gath is at 5000 hp, that nets you a fair whack of hp on the fly, whilst doing a lot of damage to him. This applies to tanks as well, and this is WHY an AP build could be viable, if you decide to invested in the 20 penetration boots, the offensive mastery, and malady. Most tanks will have around 150-250 MR, unless you have some serious magic damage on your team. That, often considered measly mastery offers you 22-37 Magic pen. Pretty fancy, if I'd say so myself.

For the sake of exciting ourselves, we're going to add all of these up.

24 + 20 + 37 = 81 Mpen. Achieved easily, effectively, and at little cost.

This means that, that durable 250 MR tank now has 169 MR, this will net you a large chunk of HP, will take decent damage themselves, and will more or less put you back in the fight / give you a means of escape.

Exploit Hungering strike and your ult in order to bait enemies.

Your ult isn't something you have to use at the start of the fight. It can be a way of baiting an enemy or saving your life. Kiting an olaf away from his team and into a brush and then using the combo of Hungering strike -> Ultimate -> ignite -> Hungering Strike (Low cooldown ftw) can be devastating for him. Having a well coordinated team helps make this strategy much more destructive. You generally have faster move speed then most enemies (Especially with Blood scent.) If your health gets low, juke like crazy and use the amazing range of your Hungering Strike to punish stupid meleers. Through use of the brush, this tactic works just as well on ranged characters.

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Ward Placement

Wards are a very important part of a match, map control is pretty much everything. look to control the river and all the world buffs.

How do I counter wards?It's not unheard of to buy an oracle elixir if wards are giving you a great deal of trouble. Even if they have no stealth.