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League of Legends Build Guide Author Farhquad

Miss Awesome

Farhquad Last updated on October 1, 2010
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Hey, this is my first build. I play on League of Legends EU servers.Basically what this build is all about is a Miss Fortune that the enemy team will have such trouble killing. You stack health early game, and then get damage items end game.

Here are some pros and cons of Miss Fortune:

-Great at Farming
-Ultimate has nice range/damage
-Can run pretty fast with her passive
-Can slow pretty early in the game with 'Make it Rain'

-Needs lots of gold (but you can farm pretty well :D)
-Squishy (if youre caught in a gank early game, youre screwed. This is why we get +hp items)
-Ultimate is hard to target and easy for the skilled enemy to dodge.

Summoner Spells:
ExhaustYou can use exhaust to guarantee kills, you could perma slow an enemy mid game. You can also use it to escape certain death.

IgnitePop an ignite on that low hp enemy that just managed to escape, more kills for you!

Miss fortune gains a speed boost after 7 seconds of being out of not being hit. It increases every second to a maximum of +80 speed.

An awesome passive, you can recall to the base and run back really quickly without the enemy even noticing if timed right. Also great for chasing down runners.

Double Up-
Hits your target enemy and an enemy behind the target.

In my opinion this is Miss fortune's least useful skill, I tend to level it last just because of how unreliable it is. Trying to harass with this is a waste of mana early game. I'll explain how you should harass later in the guide.

Impure Shots-
Increases attack speed and lowers the enemies healing by 50% when hit.

My favorite skill. I level this and 'Make it Rain' First because they work so well together. The attack speed boost and magic damage is incredible early game.

Make it Rain-Deals damage to all enemies in the target area and slows them.

Use this skill in combination with Impure shots to harass early game. It will slow the enemy and let you get a few hits off on them. If your lane partner has a stun (Sion, Taric, Pantheon,Kennen, Malzahar) you will do loads of damage!

Bullet Time-
Deals large amounts of damage per second to enemies in a cone.

A really good ultimate, but hard to target. Stay back in team fights and use it with 'Make it rain' to devastate a team. If you happen to be alone and defending a tower against a team, Bullet time will kill all the minions and push the enemy back, buying your team enough time to help you out.

Item Build
Core items:
If the other team is stacking health, or you're having problems with a tank get this:
If youre having trouble with a lot of magic damage get this:
It will halve the magic damage done to you, and give you nice health regen. This is especially great in teams without a tank, which happens often in Solo 5x5.

How to Play
Early game: Start off with your ruby crystal, try to get an early kill with 'Impure shots' if you can. When the minons spawn, stay back and farm minons. If the enemy gets dangerously close, try to aim 'Make it rain' behind the enemy. Their first instict will be to move back to their tower making them take more damage. Once the enemy is slowed, use 'Impure shots' to harass. Once you've made enough money, go back and buy a Giant's Belt and boots of speed. You have so much health now combined with your health quints. You could even tower dive to get that last hit for the kill. Continue to harass this way and rack up some more cash.

Mid Game:Buy Leviathan and start trying to gank other lanes when they need help to get some stacks on it. Try to keep at least 6 stacks on it, or else it wont be as effective. Once you have enough money, buy Frozen mallet. Now you can slow enemies with Make it rain, and your normal attacks for some kills. In team fights make sure you use your Ultimate(Bullet time) effectively. For example, if the enemy is pushing towards your tower, run around them, use 'Make it rain' and your ultimate from behind!

End Game: You are now an offtank, and a killing machine. Grab your Infinity Edge(or Bloodthirster), and get ready to pwn faces. You will most likely be the target if the enemy is smart, so try to stay back. You should be well on your way to ending the game at this point.

Other Important things to keep in mind

    -When trying to down a tower you should pop 'Impure shots' to increase your attack speed.
    -Once you have your Frozen Mallet, and you happen to be getting chased down by more than one enemy... Use Double up and slow 2 of them so that you can escape!
    -NEVER go farming alone, especially if youre far away from your tower.Stick to your team.
    -Sion, Pantheon, Taric, Malzahar, Kennen, Shen, Rammus, Morgana, and anyone who can stun is your friend. Getting caught in 'Make it Rain' isn't fun.
    -If you've got full stacks on your Leviathan, don't be afraid to tower dive to get a kill. Just make sure you make it alive!

Thank you for reading, comments and criticism are welcomed. If you want me to add something, please let me know!

Happy killing, pirate hunter!