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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lzzy423

Miss Fortune, a BAMF

Lzzy423 Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So, a few months ago, i bought Miss Fortune, and played as her for a while... then i found teemo! after finding out the hard way that teemo is WAY too squishy i changed my playstyle to playing as master yi, and then poppy, and finally, i came back to MF! I've played as ashe for a while, so MF isnt a big trouble, and i have done VERY well as MF. So, here's what I build on MF to own people :D

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Pro's & Con's

Total Mid domination early game with Double Up
Fast movement between lanes
AOE farm/kill skill
AOE ultimate
Epic damage
Fast attack animation
Takes down structures quickly with "W"

One hit --> no more speed :/
somewhat squishy pre-phage
focused often
low defenses

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Runes are standard Physical Mana-Starved Cooldown-Dependant carry. ArP Reds for those extra damages throughout the game, MP5/lvl yellows cuz MF needs lots of mana early game, and still needs as much late game, and cooldown blues because MF doesnt need magic resist? not really? yeah. Finally, I have flat health quints because MF is kinda squishy early game without them... like very squishy. like teemo squishy.

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Masteries are similiar to a normal carry, except I put a point in gold/10 because this build needs a poopload of gold, and you can get like, 500 more gold during an average game.

In Offensive, I put points in MagicPen because Make It Rain (MIR) and Bullet Time (BT) both do magic damage. working all the way up to the +5% Damage

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells:

Exhaust - Great set up for ult, ganking, 1v1, etc.
Ghost - good for escaping when passive is gone, good for chasing when passive is gone, well rounded spell.
Teleport - Great for backdooring, returning to lane after item purchase, teamfights, etc.

Ehh Spells:

Flash - Yeah, it's viable, good for escape... only if someone else doesnt have a flash. Also good for catching up, but isnt that what ghost/frozen mallet is for?

Cleanse - It's okay against CC heavy teams, but if you MM, then you probably won't know what's coming ahead...

NO Spells:

Heal - lifesteal.
Smite - this is not a jungle MF guide.
Fortify - let a tank/support take it
Clairvoyance - Let a support take?
Rally - I don't think anyone uses this spell.
Revive - ._.
Promote - it's removed
Overseer - Are you part of the riot team?

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Skill Sequence

With MF, you want to be able to harass early game, and carry your team late game. To harass early game, you would max out your double up, and also impure shots after that to help with getting minion kills. When team fights begin, you will want to max out your make it rain, as that will almost guarantee an assist, if not a kill. In between normal skills, also get your ultimate.

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Early Game Harassment

Early game, if you want complete lane dominance, you must harass. MF is very very very easy to harass with because of her good range and double up. When minion waves clear out a bit, you will want to run up to the enemy champion, and whack him a few times with your gun. Once you harass them down to about 1/2, they will start hiding behind their minions. Double Up! and bam, they're down to 1/3. By then, if they dont recall, you can easily pick up a kill by using make it rain followed by other skills, perhaps bullet time or autoattacks. An exhaust can also be used here if necessary.

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Middle Game "Harassment"

During mid game, you probably should have at least a phage and a zeal and 'zerk greaves. Once you have at least those, it sill be very easy to kill the enemy team's mid. Let them push a bit more than halfway, drop a exhaust, make it rain, double up, bullet time, AA, AA, AA, AA... BAM! Dead enemy champ! The thing with Bullet time is that you want to make sure the enemy champion cant get out of its range until it's finished - therefore, you will slow them with exhaust, double slow with make it rain, TRIPLE slow with the on-hit proc of the frozen mallet and Double Up, and they will be slowed as much as nasus' "W", maybe even more. If they're not dead after this devastating combo, you will then auto attack them to death, as it's pretty hard to run away with an exhaust and a speed debuff being procced every half second or so...

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How to Escape ganks as MF

This section is right below mid game because Ganks usually start at mid-game and proceed throughout. You are center-mid. you see...

a soraka soming to gank you: laugh, retreat a little bit, and continue as if nothing happened
a rooter (ie. morgana, ryze) coming to gank you: run back while trying to dodge the snare, make it rain behind you so you can slow the gankers
a master yi: gtfo, and fastttt! might have to use a ghost :/

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Late game is where you truly excel. By now you should have all of your items bought if you have done well. With these items, your attack will be well over 300, crit every 3/5 sttacks for ~820+ damage, and with strong autoattacks every half second in conjunction with your double up, you will do up to 2200 damage a second (About 1800 if you consider the enemy's armor & MR). This will pwn almost any squishy/caster/support/teemo, and will atleast bring a tank do to half, if not more. Here's a video of me play as MF with a full build.

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What's gonna work? Teamwork!

Without a team, you're screwed. If you have watched the video up there ^ then you should have seen amumu supporting me and calling me a KSer. Always be with a tank at late game. If you walk in pairs with, say, a teemo, both of you will get faceraped by a Yi. In team fights, target the support, then DPS/carry, mages, and then finally tanks. Killing the support first will ensure that the team can't get revitalized, and following that, when the DPS and Mages are gone, the team is basically a walking sack of armor/MR/health, which your team can take down easily.

The lesson of this paragraph: never be alone after mid game, stick with the tank, and target the tank last - everything else can die.

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Early game, try to farm by using double up on a minion, kill it, and let it bounce to the enemy champion. This way, you will ensure a last hit, and whack your enemy for a respectable amount of damage, especially if its an annie of something.

Mid game, you should be able to farm by making it rain on those minions and follow it up by a few auto attacks.

Late game:

Pre-full build - do the same as mid game, although you should be able to 1-shot minions after the full duration of making it rain.

full build - AA

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Here it is, my second build ever, on Miss Fortune! Hope you enjoyed it, vote me up, and please leave suggestions, comments, ideas, etc too :D