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League of Legends Build Guide Author Syvir

Miss Fortune - Armor Pen

Syvir Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Miss Fortune is a great character with a summoner who has a great attention to detail. This build is not for the faint of heart. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible without going to extremes. Her items are crazy expensive, but worth every gold piece. I will be adding more about info in the future. This is my first build and I don't even play as MF, this build is meant for my Fiancee, so please keep that in mind I'm not familiar with her actual game play, only as partners.

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Greater Mark of Desolation -
Let's face it. If you want to do damage, you gotta get past their armor. Almost all characters start with some value of armor, and it's always possible to go into the negative from what I understand. considering armor reduces a percentage of your damage, it's better to negate the armor all together then it is to simply buff your AD DPS.

Greater Glyph of Focus -
Keep healers at a disadvantage with Impure Shots, and everyone else dead with faster Double ups. Besides that faster abilities means faster harassment from Double Shot and Make it Rain.

Greater Seal of Replenishment -
Mana to MF is like crack do a drug addict. She uses. Alot. Keep her addiction fed with early on Regen and Clarity.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation -
Adds that extra little bit over the top, helps with Tanks. Even Cho's think twice.

Later in the game her Mana is stable and fine, and it won't be a big deal. Level stacking runes instead are nice, however do not give you that needed edge at the beginning. I choose the base increase runes instead due to this fact. With skill that early edge will give you an early lead on gold and levels, with that, you will have the advantage even into late game. With this idea in mind, it'll help make games end quicker.

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The typical 21-0-9 configuration with a slight change up, the last one in Utilities will goto the extra gold. between this and farming, it'll help you get your items faster.

Note this set up I have is a team lane build. If you are solo, get Awareness under the utilities tree instead of Expanded Mind.

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The S button on your keyboard is key. it stops MF from attacking until you issue another command. between moving around constantly to dodge things like Nid's spear, the S key (think Stop) will help time your basic attacks. Time it correctly to last hit minions to get that extra bit of gold, or to pull off that extra shot on a Rammus who gets too brave. There is a very good guide out there about Farming, including a break down of how many hits each type of minion takes from towers. I believe Melee minions take 3 hits from tower, casters take 2, and I forget the other two types values. I'll look more into this. It helps with knowing when to hit each minion for last hit. I believe it called for shot caster minions twice, once before the tower and then after, and the melee minions after the tower shoots them twice.

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Items is the Key breaker for Miss Fortune. They will be the difference between the loss for your team and a 3-8 record vs a 18-3 round with a win. Unfortunately MF's items cost quite a bit at max. The item pattern I have established in this build allows for getting the basics of her build as quickly as possible, then upgrading them to the bigger models toward the end (I.E, Youmuu's, Phantom, and Frozen Mallet.)

Doran's blade to start. 9 damage will help with constant harassment, and last hitting of enemies. The 3% will help soften to blow of enemy harassment damage that they actually get off. 100 HP will further help with survivability early on, but unfortunately doesn't upgrade to anything.

If for any reason you have to go back before level 6/1000 gold, I suggest getting the boots of Speed and a couple Health Pots. This will hopefully increase longevity so you don't have to go back, and increase your speed so you can dodge harassment damage.

Afterwards it's all dependent on the enemies you fight. If you're against a Shin who's getting Health Items, it might behoove you to get Zeal before phage, but if he got armor(I.E. Doran's Shield), you may want to stick with the original build path.

After getting the Dagger after Zeal, you'll have 6 items. Dorans Blade has seen it's use and its time for it to go. Sell it when you have 1632 gold, as it is time to get a B. F. Sword. Upgrade yourself to an Black Clever.

::::Now On a side note, you may want to consider changing from a phage to a Infinity Edge. It'll increase your damage at the risk of survivability. Choose wisely::::

Get yourself another B. F. Sword, and upgrade to Bloodthirster and go for as many minion kills as you can, as after 40 kills, minion or champion, Bloodthirster will be giving you 100 AD and a good amount of life steal.

After you've gotten Bloodthirster you should be pretty well on you way with gold, enemies shouldn't live very long at this point, and group settings will never end will for them if you got a decent team. Upgrade your items to their ultimate version (Phantom Dancer, Frozen Mallet, Youmuu's Blade) in the order above, and you'll be set to go.

Remember Youmuu's Blade has a unique active. I suggest dragging the item to your first item slot so you can activate it with the 1 key on your keyboard, and get you that needed boost.

Remember that no item build pattern is going to work 100% of the time. You need to actively monitor the enemies items (hit the tab button) to see what you need to get to counter. It is also important to remember even if this works one time, the next time it might not if you are having a bad day, getting good enemies that have an advantage over you, etc. Be fluidic and modify it as you need to for the scenario.

One last note on Deviating from the build pattern. Pay attention to items Passive and Active's. If they are unique like Phange and Frozen Mallet, they don't stack. If they are not unique like the BloodThister, they do stack, so take full advantage of having five Bloodthirsters if you feel it needed. (I do it for panth, works woderfully.)

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Skill Sequence

Skill set I think is Pretty obvious. Get your ultimate the first time you can every time.

Double Up is a great harassment tool. It's going to hit two units in a (sorta) straight line. so if you select a minion to get the champion behind them, be forewarned that if another minion gets between you and the champ, it's not going to get the champion. some times it's more beneficial just to select the champion himself to fire it upon, lessening the likely hood of getting your shot interrupted.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost. Sounds crazy even wasting your time having Ghost on the fastest character without items, runes or abilities considered in the game. She's fast, and with her passive even faster. Problem is she's Squishy. Flash works well for this to, especially if you can get to the other side of a jungle wall or up a cliff to get away. But it's also great to out run even Warwick and Rammus on a good day. Or close the gap on that Maokai that decided to the tower hug with 10 hp left cause he really wanted lvl 6.

Clarity. She's a mana *****. Use it with pride. consider allies around you. It'll help in keeping the fight going in your favor.

It has been suggested and I agree that instead of using Clarity, get Ghost. If you can master the use of Ghost, it'll keep you alive longer. It's better to be alive and out of mana then all the mana in the world and be dead and them extra gold.

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Pros / Cons


Slow enemies with E


Heavily dependent on allies working together and not having a tank that finds it necessary to Kill Steal enemy champions and last hit every minion they see, robbing the carry of much needed gold.

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Team Work

If you're playing with an ally MF, especially if your a tank, FEED HER. Time Pings to notify her to use her R (establish this rule before the game begins), taunt the enemy if they get froggy and want that 1000 G cause she's 9-0.

Be willing to sacrifice yourself as a tank (not if your another Carry or support obviously) for the team.

Get the minions down in health so she can get last hits on them.

Now once she is fed, she's going to beable to return the favor and feed you minion kills and champion kills (if she's a good MF.) But it's the trick with all good carries, feed them, and they will return the favor to you.

That Being said, if you are MF. Don't cry cause you don't have a full build or the got a kill steal or ten from you. Assists Pay gold too. Many of times MF hasn't been able to close the gap (she's ranged, I was a melee) and I would flash to them and get the kill.

And please for the love of God, don't forget the dragon, it pays good.

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This is my first build so be nice. Constructive feed back is always welcome. Any personal experiences and such, I will include in this build if you have a better way to approach an idea. The best thing to remember is no one Style of play will work 100% of the time. Be Fluid!