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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freegid

Miss Fortune - Can't be tamed

Freegid Last updated on October 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Typically one of the best carries in game, Miss Fortune succeeds in having an extremely High Damage output. Many decide to use her Ult as her main source of damage, simply because of insane range and it's high damage output. But I feel doing that leaves you prey to the current metagame - the tankies. I believe atleast 3/4 of your games at the moment shall consist of tanky characters naturally rolling because of their solidity. MF's ult - although strong - is a one chance ability, and for the most part, unable to do a substantial amount of damage to tanky characters. (This is even considering if you get every tick of your ult off.


- As of v1.0.0.103 Runes of Strength have become superior to Armor Pen runes. You get a very slight advantage of damage with Runes of Strength over Armor Pen to begin with, but after that it goes downhill, you start to lose to Armor Pen after you surpass 100 AD. However, Runes of Strength give you a better earlygame because of your farm-ability. You'd be starting with +16 damage and 6 armor pen from masteries, compared to the 25 armor pen. This being said, you can start with 75~ damage depending on masteries, making it super easy for you to last hit. And we all know good carries require a ton of last hits.

Marks of Strength x 9
Seals of Clarity x 9
Glyphs of Alacrity x 9
Quints of Desolation x 3

Seals of Clarity lets you harass consistently and well with Double up without getting Oom.
Glyphs of Alacrity give you the privilege of having an edge early game if ever you require to fight 1v1. It also aids in last hitting.
Quints of Desolationlet you almost penetrate all armor at lvl 1. Which is what you really want.

Mathcrafting (I didn't include the numbers because most of them were an "assumed average" armor of champions, however, I did it through a few different scenarios, and this is what panned out.)

I have taken the liberty to look for best runes for maximal output of damage for early game.

I've done calculations based on 3 situations:

- Hybrid of Flat damage Marks + ArP Quints
- Full ArP
- Full Flat damage

I assumed that everyone starts with an average of 18 armor. (This includes the tanks, and how sometimes people start with doran's shield.)

What I found is that the damage output from the Hybrid, considering the 18 average armor is consistently better than full ArP until about level 7. Full ArP then becomes a little bit more powerful throughout the game. Compared to flat damage. Hybrid, compared to Full Flat Damage runes is about the same at lvl 1. However, Full flat damage decreases in damage much faster than both Full ArP and Hybrid. For the best early game (lvl 1-7), Hybrid is the best for last hitting and harassment.

Remember, what we're looking for here is BEST EARLY GAME ADVANTAGE. Earlygame will affect your success and ability to complete your build, making it probably the most crucial time in every game. Having the most advantage while laning can be gamebreaking.


She's notorious for this. Learn to Double up properly and you won't lose mid to anyone, period. Even after post nerf, if you aren't able to get that second hit on your opponent, just use double up as a direct damage spell. Alot of people decide that hiding in their ranged creeps is a good way to avoid MF's double up. If they do this, simply push them out of the creep wave by Auto Attacking them with your ASPD boost and double up the last ranged creep in the bunch. Usually guarantees a double up to hit. Level up as fast as possible. It's usefulness is deterred late game.

Impure shots should be prioritized over Make it Rain. Sometimes I even ignore Make it Rain in hopes to max it faster. Use it when you feel like there's going to be a confrontation, and when you know your opponent can't get away. I like using it alot when I have red.

It's a Meh spell. I wouldn't get it unless you go AP, but a point into this early may save your life. Cast it where your opponent is going to go to get full effect, it's very easy to dodge.

The centerpiece for many MF builds. But I don't usually count on this spell too much. I usually use this if exhausted or trying to get a fleeing enemy. It works wonders with AoE binding skill. I use it time to time to get a full wave of creeps before heading back to fountain. Don't forget about the range, you can use this through walls if your opponents are low for free kills. (Won't typically work if their wise enough to go back though.) I use that trick alot mid when their just standing at tower to tower hug. Go to the inner side of either side's wall and cast it to get that last hit off.

Item Build

Pick your items carefully. If you're not doing very well early game, or are just mediocre, simply start with the typicalfor a nice early game advantage.

However, if you're able to farm 2200 at mid, don't hesitate to getand.

Your aim ultimately is to be able to getas your first item. Getting it before 20 minutes means you're having a typical good game, but if you get it before 15, it means you're doing extremely well.

Follow that up with ato create a. Why Madreds? Because in this current tanky metagame, it's an item you should never give up. 9/10 of your games will include atleast 3 people that'll end up with High HP. (Consider anyone that gets RoA or Rylais tanky.) This is where my build deviates from many other people. Unless their building an FoN, you won't need to go foruntil later in game.

Essentially, your core is:

This setup gives you maximal Autoattack damage without having to worry to build more damage. You follow up by continuously improving your damage with:

After this point, if you don't build any defense, you're gonna be focused and taken down in a few hits. That one mordekaiser is going to come and tocuh you inappropriately, that mundo's gonna chop you in half. You have a choice of going on with damage items after your core, but I highly am against it. After this point, I usually go with 2 defense items usually,

At this point, you should be extremely hard to kill and are a big threat to the opposing team. You should have about 3000 hp along with the Red Pot, making you able to stay durable in team fight. If they come for you first, your teammates will rape them, and even if they get you, you come back to bite their ***es.

The only real problem with this build is it's lack of Lifesteal. I like taking afor some additional damage.

Your last item can be anything you want, something offensive is recommended.


If the opposing team has 4 squishies that are not realizing they need to build some defense. Your core should change to:

Follow this with defense items, or anything you want. With an mid-game Phantom Dancer, you'll be able to take advantage of their low defense and using your crits to take off 1/3 of their health. The movement speed supplemented means that chasing them down is only getting easier. Typically, you'll be able to kill most squshies before they even touch you.


Early Laning Phase

Start by gettingand try to take mid (If you're ready.)

At this point in time, take full advantage of Double Up to harass the opponent. For the most part, they will not be able to outdamage you early game. Trade blows as often as you can without dying, and make sure you always come out on top. What you really want to concentrate on, though, is your Last Hitting. Miss fortune has a natural affinity for last hitting. If you don't have the largest amount of creep kills in game, there better be a heimer or morderkaiser in that game, otherwise you're not doing very well. Last hitting can be game-breaking, and usually is.

Once you go back time and prioritize getting

followed byif you decide to go the early game advantage route.

Take advantage of the times when you overpush your lane, and the enemy is busy tower creep killing and see if anyone on the sidelanes are overextended. Use strut and get there for a quick gank. Mids don't typically realize it when the enemy mid goes MIA when last hitting at tower.

Make sure you buywhenever you're able to. Because if you don't do it, who will? Don't die too much and you should get through this phase perfectly fine.

The rest of the game

After laning phase, the most important becomes the team fights. Positioning on MF is extremely important. Always try to stay behind the tank and ult if you can get more than 2 people affected. Try and pick off overextended enemies by dropping Make it rain and activating impure shots.

Make sure you try your best to get red buff up all the time. It'll supplement your insane damage by slowing enemies down. It's especially important for early game ganking. Aim for the carries and not the tanks.

Most importantly,


Don't ever forget that the point of a game of LoL is to break the Nexus. YOu can have as many kills as you want, but if you don't try your best to team up and break towers, you are bound to lose.

Other than that, there's not much more to know about MF. She's based alot on feel. She isn't a hard character to learn, she's actually extremely easy. But as like most other champions, mastering her is a challenge. But once you do, believe me, you'll have streaks that last for more than 10 games. My first and only Pentakill was done with MF in ranked.


Feel free to Ask questions, I'll post some helpful ones here.

by ZippyTheWndrSlug » October 21, 2010 2:51pm
Stupid question, I know, but how do you ensure the hit on Double Tap? I have played MF a half a dozen times and seem to always miss the second hit on DT. The DT usually passes right by the toon and hits a creep behind the player bounces to the side hitting a creep. I know it is possible to land that hit every time because I see MF who player her and never miss that second hit on DT. Is there a trick to it? Generally speaking, I aim for the mob directly in front of them. Sometimes it hits the player most of the time is passes right on by. Tips on this would be welcome.

Report by Freegid » October 21, 2010 3:06pm
Yes. Sadly, after the latest nerf, her DT is extremely hard to get on if the opponent knows what their doing. During lane, there are usually 3 things they do to make sure they don't get hit by Double Up.

Here's what to do if they do it.

1. If they are in the ranged creeps hiding so you can't specifically target them in the crowd, but you're low on mana and need the extra damage from the Double Up.

- You need to approach them aggressively by Autoattacking. The moment you see them take a step back, just Double Up the last creep in that batch, you'll hit them for the most part, unless they have extremely high movement speed.

2. If they keep a considerable distance from the last ranged creep, and stays really careful not to get in your range.

- No way to hit them now with your low bounce range. You don't have a choice, you either pick to just keep farming, or try and pressure them out of the lane. Just go behind their ranged creep and Double Up them the moment they get close for some intimidation.

3. Their spazzing around kiting creeps, and you occasionally.

- The typically "aggressive" players do this. Whenever they come up close to you, Make it Rain, and immediately aim to Double Up on the last ranged creep. When they start to return, they'll be intimidated and slowed, and your 2nd Double Up should hit.

- - -

Try this build before you comment on it. I've done the mathcrafting and IE + Madreds right now seems to be the best in terms of damage. Just try it. Whether you hate it or like it, feedback is always nice.