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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bishoplarue

Miss Fortune, Farming Machine

Bishoplarue Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi and welcome to my guide to playing MF. I will be discussing how I play her and how effective it is to almost anything the other team can throw at you.

Updated as of 2-20-2011, changed 5th item to IE and 6th to GA. Got rid of BV.

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Amazing farmer
Hard to catch
Amazing AOE in team fights

Once hit slows down a lot
Less damage on a ranged AD than normal
Positioning is extremely important

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The runes I chose is to maximize damage output through armor pen with marks and quints, and to allow enough mana regen through seals and glyphs so no items are needed to be bought for this.

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I find that going a full 21 points into one tree is not necessary for all champs. Utilizing mana regen, movement speed, and improved summoner spells in the utility tree greatly benefits MF, and still having 14 points for the offensive tree to give her some damage through ARP, attack speed, and crit chance is a perfect fit for the way i like to play her.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ghost I think are pretty self explanatory for a ranged AD that thrives on staying out of ranged while still being able to kite/chase.

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The items I have chosen and the order is extremely important to the style of play i have with MF. Getting early game survivability as well as an amazing chasing tool with a phage and boots is pretty much the tool you will be using all game to be the threat the other team has to watch out for. Imagine being able to auto attack your opponent to death with a proc from FM, reducing their healing gained, and cause extra magic on each attack all by clicking 1 time and pressing W once.

The attack speed from recurve bow helps to not only do more damage chasing ppl, but pushing towers and getting off as many shot as possible is what makes you such a great pusher, in combo with an active from W You will be attacking with an 80% increase. Eventually upgrading this to starks is needed for the lifesteal it gives plus its a great team item.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is the big damage output item you will get that again help with taking out towers with the active, but more armor pen, crit chance, and damage makes your auto attacks hurt like hell to anyone who is not stacked with armor.

Getting an IE as your 5th item may seem a bit late, but I can assure you that without it you will be doing some nice damage to anyone other than a really tanky toon, this not only really helps you add to that total but allows to help take down a heavy tank. I had 2 defensive items as my last 2 items mostly but i did indeed find that it left me a little gimped for damage output, and since MF is a carry she should be built for that first before survivability. The last item i still find GA to be the best defensive item to get, but rarely would a game last long enough to get all 6, even with the farming MF can do. The only other 2 items I can think of that would fit a situation with a heavy AP or AD team would be a BV or a randuins.

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Skill Sequence

By maxing E first it gives you the farming tool to wipe out minion waves/creep camps with ease and quickness, allowing for consistent tower hitting. I get W up to rank 3 afterwords since your auto attacks are more important than a quick, small burst from your Q. Grabbing one rank of Q by 10 however does help because by then you will have, or soon will, a brutalizer which gives the attack damage necessary to make even using q worth it.

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This guide is meant to be a solo lane guide only. You need it for maximizing your farming and having one opponent to deal with in the lane makes chipping down the tower bit by bit much safer. In fact since you should be trying to push the tower so much I would say taking mid would be by far the better choice than a 1v1 top, since pushing that lane even with a flash and ghost, might be too dangerous.

The idea behind my strategy is to last hit only with auto attack, while waiting for your opponent to go near a group of their minions( ends up mostly being around the casters since they will likely be staying back). Once they move in for a last hit for themselves, that's when you pop E on them and if possible, depending on how far your lane is push at the time, running in with an active W for some shots on them, Only commit to chasing them for those few auto attacks if the damage you can get off will greatly offset the damage you will take from their minions and even the enemy champ.(Note:getting hit by even one minion shot will completely disable your passive for a short time, so be cautious when committing.)

Unless you have a good shot to kill your opponent, the tower, or do some good damage to it, The second you can fully afford your next item, recall and get it, along with a few health pots. Doing this keeps your potential lane dominance in tact and allows you to take some punishment through the use of potions.

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Team Fights

Your job in team fights is simple, wait for the opportunity to use your ulti on as many enemies as possible while not getting interrupted. After that Watch for any enemy trying to run and start the frozen mallet chase, they will be going nowhere unless they have several tools for running ans use them all at once. Between the slow from your AA's, and your E, most ppl can't run. If it looks like its a straight up fight, try and AA each enemy once and keep switching between them along with using E and Q on cd for extra damage and a constant slow on the entire enemy team. Again, you will not be tearing through the enemy like an ashe who rushes IE, but if your teammates have good damage, the utility you provide along with at least solid dps is very welcome to any team comp.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. I am not the best writer nor the best LOL player but I feel I play MF just as well as the next and wanted to offer my take on her. Thank you for reading and let me know how it works out.