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League of Legends Build Guide Author KenTec

Miss Fortune - Fast Farm-Queen

KenTec Last updated on September 14, 2010
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My build for Miss Fortune is a simple high damage farm build. I only played her a few times since Miss Fortune was released on friday. I found a few similar builds but I like mine the best because it is simple to play and does high damage.

I wanted to make a build with high attack speed but since you get mana problems easily I decided to add Manamune (it is not in Mobafire yet so I just added the recipe: Tear of Goddess and Long Sword but as soon as it is in here I will change it) to the build and so it became a high damage build. The skill Impure Shots makes Miss Fortune pretty fast so I concentrated on it.

Since Miss Fortune has very low health you have to be very careful so you dont get ganked. Ghost and Exhaust help very much if you want to escape. In 1v1 battles you can use Exhaust to take less damage or to keep the enemy at distance. Since Miss Fortune is pretty fast when out of combat you can run away the moment someone calls a miss. When the missing enemies are back you can join the fight again in a few seconds because of your passive. So play carefully then you will level faster than anyone else. She is also good for destroying towers because she can kill minion waves in 2 seconds and with Impure Shots active her damage is insane.

Explanations - Why this items/tactics:
Many people chose items to make her even faster or make her do even more damage. But I can explain every single item in my build and with Impure Shots 85% attack speed is enough.

Dorans Blade: Health and attack for beginning.
Berserkers Greaves: High attack speed early in the game.
Vampiric Scepter: Early lifesteal - very useful.
Manamune: All mana problems solved + damage. No mana runes or masteries needed.
Phantom Dancer: Attack Speed!

Frozen Mallet: The slow makes it harder for enemies to dodge Bullet Time and Make it rain / The damage is useful since it is a AD build / The Health is also useful since she is so squishy.
Bloodthirster: Huge damage/Lifesteal
Infinity Edge: With Infinity Edge in the buold you have a 50% crit chance (with 250% damage) so every second attack crits. Since we concentrated on Impure Shots and Attack Speed items you can hit twice every second dealing 307 + 767 Damage so more than a thousand damage every second.
Trinity Force: Very useful! I use it instead of Frozen Mallet-

Why this skill sequence?
I chose to skill Make it Rain first because of a simple reason. With Make it Rain you can kill first minion wave faster than the enemy so you will be lvl 2 faster than him and then you can skill Double Up. Ok - when you skill DU first you hurt your enemy from the very beginning but you kill minions slower. With Make it Rain you are lvl 2 very fast much faster than with Double up. So in the end you make more damage with Make it Rain as first skill. Also strange is the fact that my first lvl 5 ability is Impure Shots but I already mentioned the answer "why" before: With Impure Shots active your attack speed is insane even without more AS items.

How to use abilities:
Double up: In early game aim it at minions to hit hiding enemy Champions. Later you can use it for 1v1 fights too even if that means the second hit is wasted.
Impure Shots: Main ablity. Use it in fight against enemies/towers.
Make it rain: Early games against minions (try to hit melee fighters with it too) later it is pretty useful in team fights (as soon as you have Frozen Mallet) since many enemies will stand on the same place. You can use it in 1v1 battles too: Aim it at yourself if yu fight against melee CHampions and aim it at enemy position against ranged fighters to make him move (move = no attack ^^). You should not go out of mana even if you use it many times but still I would only use it against strong enemies. Else it would be a waste.
Bullet Time: You can kill whole minion waves with it or aim at enemies in teamfights. 1v1 it is not too useful but you can use it if the fights very hard. With Frozen Mallet it is hard for enemies to dodge it. You may think it is a waste to use ultimate on minions but in that case it is not. If enemy-minions are pushing and you want to make a counter attack you can (like I already mentioned) kill whole waves with it. So you can turn a enemy push fast into a push of your team.

- High attack damage and speed
- Fast levelling
- Good for farming
- Easy to play

- Squishy
- Mana Problems in early game

Try it out and rate/comment ! :)
Like I mentioned before I only played her a few times so I will probably change some things so check for updates now and then!