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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bigcheezy

Miss Fortune. Guide to Rape

Bigcheezy Last updated on September 12, 2010
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masteries and runes
I use a 21/0/9 build to help with the damage output miss fortune can deal out. I also go for armor pen runes and i usually use them with all my physical damage champions. The dodge runes help becuase miss fortune is a pretty squishy champion and the crit damage helps a lot after you get your infintys edge. I also get the health quintessences for that extra survivability.


I like to get chalice first so i can lane longer because staying in lane as long as possible and farming is very important on miss fortune. I then build berserker treads for the attack speed because miss fortunes passive makes it so you dont need boots of swiftness or mobility. Then i like to get ghostblade for the added damage crit and armorpen, all perfect stats, The active is pretty nice to. Infinitys edge is a fantastic item with attack damage crit and the bonus crit damage, i rush that after ghostblade. The black cleaver is great for the damage and lifesteal. Then i get phantom dancer and sell chalice to finish it. Once you get this the game will usually be over but you can get a lot of differnt items at this point, frozen mallet if you need the slow, black cleaver, or a guardian angel if your really dieing alot but i usually get black cleaver for the damage and armorpen.

summoner abilities

I get ignite for that bonus damage to help with first blood and its always nice to have that reduced healing debuff.

Ghost is always great for chasing and fleeing when a time fight goes horribly wrong.

Flash is okay to but i prefer ghost.

exhaust is also another good choice but i tend to stay away from it.
Those tend to be the only summoner spells i consider i almost never get any others on miss fortune.


Strut- its your passive that makes you run like a boss after a few seconds of being out of combat, kind of like garens passive. This is why i dont take boots of swiftness or mobility.

Double Up- this is one of your main damaging moves as it does damage to the person you hit and then jumps to someone behind that person doing more damage, it scales nicley with attack damage and i max this first.

Impure Shots- Passivley increases the damage she does to a target and it goes up each hit. When you activate it it increases attack speed and reduces target healing.

Make it Rain- a mini gangplank ult with a smaller radius it slows people inside and does a little damage it tend to max this last due to the fact it scales with ap but i get one rank at level 2 for the slow.

Bullet Time- you channel a ton of bullets in a cone in front of your that has pretty big range and does a good amount of damage.


always try and solo as miss fortune. when your laning always try and last hit minions that it your main priorty. all your skills can and should be used to farm once you get your chalice. in team fights stay back and make sure you dont get focused. I start by activating impure shots and using double up, i always focus the squishiest first or the one with the most cc first. use make it rain to slow but dont depend on it to much for damage. Your ultimate is great for team fights becuase of the high damage and range of it use it when you can.