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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BladeDark

Miss Fortune - Guns Blazing

BladeDark Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Offense: 9

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Defense: 21

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Utility: 0

[Mana Potion = Manamune]
First off... I dont know how to pretty this up... Just being honest

Masteries - 21/ 0 / 9 getting xp and mana in Utility and armor pen and cdr in Offensive.

Runes - Armor pen Red Health Per Level yellow CDR Blue

Summoner Spells - Flash / Ghost

HOW TO GANK - When you leave your lane, assume that you know you can kill your target, they have 75% or less hp. Run out behind them, drop your make it rain and activate impure shots to slow them, hit them with dubble up and autowack until your dubble up is up again, if they get away at low hp, before they get TOO far hurry up and use your ultimate, you should be-able to catch them. If you have one of those stupid pub games where the laneing phaze is still going at level 16-17 [very rare but ive been in them] you will have your FM and wont need your Make it rain until team fights start.

[BURST] Item Build -

    Meki Pendant - Mana Regeneration

    Manamoune - Mana and early damage
    Boots of Swiftness - Escape and Chase speed

    Sheen - Ramps up your Dubble Shot Damage

    Phage - Health and Damage

    Trinity force - Health Damage and Dubble Shot damage

    BF sword - Damage, and to build into IE

    Infinity Edge - Damage and Crit
[normaly the game ends here if you were farming well, but some games drag on]

    Madreds Bloodrazor - Overall rape damage

    STarks ferver - Attack speed increase for bloodrazor, and lifesteal.
Play Style -
I play her agressively in the lane, but i hang back, what i mean by that is get your Dubble up first [max this first aswell], aswell as the meki pendant. And hang back behind your minions, be sure to LAST hit the minions instead of auto wacking them. When they come up to hit minions, auto hit them, when they go back behind the minions DUBBLE UP the minion infron of them. Wait for the cd, then do it again, pushing them back. Stay back to not get ganked yourself but poke with dubble up and autohit when they come for you most people will back off, if they dont, fall back yourself. but keep pokeing and they will drop alot of hp, when you get level 2 get your first point in make it rain, MAX THIS LAST, if you cant just blast and kill them, flash away from minions, but towards them, and drop make it rain in their escape route, and finish them, if their partner is on you ghost back to your turret. When you hit level 3 get impure shots and max it 2nd. Continue this until the ganking phase starts. [when you go for your manamoune, get tear of the goddess first, and TRY to get as much out of it as you can before you get the gold for your manamoune, this little tip will help max your early game damage and cause alot of kills]
Edit - This build is for a large squishy / caster team. If they have a armor stacking tank you wont hit him very hard.

Get your boots of mobility and go around the map ganking and jungling. Make sure you keep killing the neutral mobs, if you have a jungler on your team, then after each gank clear out the minions in your lane then continue on.

As the ganking phase turns into the team fight phaze follow aroudn your team, during the prefight poke session make sure you hit the MINIONS infront of the enemy, if your in range of them they can initiate and kill you. After you poke get to the back of your group, when the fight starts, drop make it rain, poke with your dubble up, then use your ultimate. After thats done activate impure shots and auto hit till your dubble up is up gain, and continue the cycle, auto hitting to fill in gaps.

When Ganking turns into pushing use your impure shots to down a turret quickly, you can also drop make it rain around a turret to harass the enemy around it, then as your team pushes and make it rain falls off dive and bounce a shot off of one enemy to your kill target, or even a minion to your kill target.

Miss Fortune is very powerful, and the Trinity Force increases the damage on your dubble up to almost unfair levels very early in the game if you farm correctly.

When the ganking phase starts

Ive been running with this build since miss fortune came out ive bone 10/11 wins. the only loss was when we had two leavers. Miss Fortune is a SUPER CARRY. MEaning of your good, and you can hang behind your tank and other dps you can wreck the whole enemy team and carry to victory. I WILL be updating this periodicly Drop comments for what i need to add aswell.


[color=violet]Armor Penetration[/color] Item Build -

    Meki Pendant - Mana rgen

    Tear of the Goddess - Mana

    Vamperic Scepter - Life regen, time to farm tear of the goddess mana.

    Manamoune - Mana Regen, massive early game dmg

    Starks - Armor Pen, Life Steal, bla bla bla

    Bloodrazor - do i even need to explain this?

    Last Whisper - Attack speed / Armor pen

    Youmomous - Move speed boost, Attack speed boost Armor pen and CDR

    Black Cleaver - Armor pen Damage pain

The strategy for this is almost the same as the one above, but your main damage will come from autowacks, cause Dubble up isnt as reliable in this build as the first build.

Over the Last few days ive been playing with another build.

Carry Build
- I call this the carry build because i tried the build i use with master yi, i didnt mean to, but i was against a tryndamere and the dodge is what inspired me to get this.

First you get The manamune as normal. Try to farm it up as much as you can.

    Meki Pendant
    Tear of the godess
    Ninja Tabi
    -Manamune - At this point you will have nice damage, depending on what your playing against you should beable to leave your lane and gank.
    -Phantom Dancer
    -Frozen Mallet
    -Phantom Dancer
- Indicates the items you will end up with. If you harass correctly, and poke using the 2nd bounce of miss fortunes q before team fights you should beable to really work down the enemy, then when you get into combat just autowack, drop your E before you do your ulti and you can even finish off a whole team as they flee with it. Ive killed people by aiming it through a wall to cut them off, and the like.


- What some people read guides for...

1. If your chaseing a runner, rather then try to get the last hit on them, if they have minions coming down their lane, or a friend coming to their rescue, use them [last minion in the line if minions] to bounce a shot in for a kill. This also can work form mordes pet and malz's pets.

2. If your chasing someone and they make a turn around the wall, drop your bullet time through the wall to finish them.

3. If your being chased but not in melee distance, turn around and keep pokeing them. If theyre close drop and run through your make it rain before pokeing. Most often you can outrun anyone and use this to kite them and wear them down even if they overpower you.

4. If theres someone you want to get rid of, but theyre just out of distance, use your flash to position yourself for a Dubble up. they dont need to be BEHIND your target, just a farther distance from you then your origional target. Using flash to position your dubble up can help finish off alot of foes who dont wanna recall.

Common Sense - if you show up late to a team fight, drop your aoe, make it rain and bullet time before poking and auto hitting.

More Common Sense- Taric... soraka, janna... if you find yourself against one of these 1v1, and you CANT kill them, [taric] be sure to use your impure shots to reduce his healing.