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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avid

Miss Fortune - Shock and Awe

Avid Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Enemy Misfortune - My simple AD guide to Miss Fortune.

This guide is going to be a reference for people who like AD Miss Fortune. It'll be a public build. Feel free to comment and give criticism but don't give -1s because you chose to try this build ONCE and did terrible. As I state later in the guide, she is a squishy carry that requires plenty of situational awareness, and caution to play. If you play like a moron, you're going to get ripped apart, no matter who you're playing with.


I went 21-0-9 into masteries for Miss Fortune for full on damage. 19-0-11 also works very well, but I love having that 5% damage over the mana regen, or the creep buff duration.

Runes and Summoner spells

For my runes I always take armor pen marks and quins.

Of course, mana with her is an issue. Early game she is very deprived of any kind of mana regen unless you get a meki pendant and rush manamune. Although manamune is a VERY good item for her, I took a different path. Clarity seals for mana regen is perfect for her. Early game they might not be of TOO much value but they do the job. Mid to late game they work like a charm.

For glyphs you can take either Clarity or Focus. I prefer focus because being able to spam your skills quicker is never a bad thing. Especially make it rain. Creep farming, slow on chase, slow on escape, and so forth.

SUMMONER SPELLS. - I use Ghost and Exhaust for her, taking cripple in the offense tree. As you can see in the items I don't have a Frozen Mallet, or much survivability. This build is full on carry. Being able to blind and slow on escape, or on chase is perfect for her. With her run speed, you shouldn't need too much slow. Once again, make it rain.
You can substitute Flash for Ghost. I prefer ghost simply because I can get across the map quicker if I need to. Flash is better for team fights if you need to jump out of range or sight quickly. Just preference.

Skill Sequence

I choose to go for double up first, because in team fights, and early game... if you can be precise enough with it, it's annoying as HELL. It does quite a bit of damage and people don't smarten up to it, especially when they want to harass you back. Impure shots second for last hitting creeps, and I don't use make it rain too too much on creeps. I use it mainly for team battle slows, and chasing or escaping.

ITEM BUILD. The thing people are concerned with the most.

Since these builds are all preference, and a guide for people who don't want to bother finding their own, and want a good reference/idea on a build to start with... please don't be too negative. I do fine with this build, and I'm sure others have something similar. Giving -1's because you played a bad game with MY build just means you weren't careful enough. Miss Fortune is a character that needs to stay the **** away from ANY conflict whatsoever, and make her entrance/bullet time when the time is right.

Back to the item build.

I take a Dorans Dagger at the first of the game, and a mana pot. I've never been a big fan of any of the Doran items simply because you can't build off of them. But, for Miss Fortune the 6 damage, small % of lifesteal, and the bonus 120 health at the start of the game make a nice difference.

Berserker Greaves are the next thing I purchase, unless the other team has plenty of disables. Then I go for Merc treads. That just seems to be common sense on ANY char.

After the Beserker greaves I get a sword of the occult ASAP. The bonus AD, and the extra you get for assists/kills is extremely useful. I know a lot of people rush Manamune, because it's good for her mana, and her AD... but I love saving that extra 600g, and if you're doing well enough at staying out of the *****torms, you get plenty of damage from it. Late game the mana regen isn't a big issue anyway with Clarity seals. So swap out SoC and Manamune as you please. If you're rich enough, just go with Manamune. But also consider if you're decent with Miss Fortune, 100 AD, and 15% move speed kick *** later.

After the Dorans Dag, Bes Greaves, and SoC it should be just after early game and into mid game.

Last whisper is the next thing I rush to. 10 AD isn't too much, but that 40% attack speed on top of impure shots, with the armor pen for bullet time is so awesome. Again, with the SoC if you're working team fights or ganks just right your AD should be sick enough that having a Last Whisper is just folding their team in half.

Next is a Zeal, for the crit, ASP, and move SPD. Obvious reasons. Time for late game.

Now, next you can either choose to get into your Bloodthirster, or your Phantom dancer. I prefer the blood thirster for the hellish amount of damage it provides, and lifesteal. With the attack speed you have, from IS, and Last Whisper, Bloodthirster should keep you alive and deal TONS of damage. Especially since you have some crit on you now. You can choose to swap Infinity Edge for Bloodthirster, but as good as infinity edge is, giving her more crit, dmg, and crit dmg... Bloodthirster is my weapon of choice. You can always choose to swap out the Dorans dagger later for any other item. Survive item like Frozen Mallet, or whatever.

I'll make the guide more fancy later. Use this build as a stepping stone for YOUR Miss Fortune. I give my build ten trillion +1s because I do amazing with it, but other people might not. So bend the guide to your play style. If this guide even helps people understand her a bit better, or her item build at least.. I've done good work.