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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeoRush

Miss Fortune: Stack That!

NeoRush Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you decided to play the red haired beauty, with guns the size of her body.



Manamune attack damage conversion increased to 2% from 1.5%

Malady (remake)
Recipe changed to: Dagger + Dagger + Amplifying Tome + 550 gold = 1825 total cost
Base stats changed to +50% attack speed, +25 ability power
Unique Passive changed to: Your physical attacks shred your target doing 20 magic damage and reducing their magic resistance by 6.
Magic resistance reduction stacks up to 4 times.

Okay so because of the huge change on Malady, I'm going to replace it with Starks Fervor.
Get the Recurve bow -> Emblem of Valor -> Starks Fervor.
Might change it though..

Miss Fortune
Bullet Time range reduced to 1400 from 1500
Bullet Time scaling reduced to 40% of damage per shot from 45%
Strut maximum movement speed bonus reduced to 70 from 80
Double Up bounce range reduced to 500 from 575ยจ

Miss Fortune
Ricochet Shot damage dealt to the secondary target reduced to 115% from 120%.
Make It Rain slow duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5 seconds


Thank you for clicking, now lets begin..

Amazing damage
If positioned right she will RAPE in teamfights
Strut is awesome at ganking, or moving from lane to lane
Red Hair <3
One of the best champions at harassing imo

Strut is awesome, but don't trust it too much
Glass canon, very easy to kill
Needs 'Bounty'
Has no escape mechanism


I hate this spell so much, yet I love it at the same time. When you and your team just won the teamfight, and Garen and Xin Zhao is getting away with 7% hp left, you aim the Double Up at Xin Zhao, and it bounces over to Garen and you score that penta kill + ace, you WILL yell in excitement, my friend.
Make sure you level this up to harass as much as possible in early game. Since you need a lot of gold to keep Miss Fortune going, you should always try to aim Double Up at a low hp minion.

This is the skill that is going to give life to this build, this is the skill that will make Gangplank poop coins when he faces you in a battle. Level this up second to Double Up.

Kind of useless for this build, but awesome for chasing until you get Frozen Mallet. Place it to harass (Kind of waste of mana, but if you are getting held down it might come in handy) place it to slow champions running away from your blazing guns. Take one point in it at level 2, if you are going for first blood. You can also pick it up at level 4 instead of Impure Shots, but be sure to get it around level 1-5

One of my favorite ultimates of all time. Low CD, extreme damage, completely amazing in teamfights, all around good. Make sure to ALWAYS stand behind your teammates while you use this, first off to make sure that you won't get silenced/stunned so it will be canceled, but secondly because Miss Fortune is so squishy.

Summoner Spells


Ghost: Ghost is awesome. Use it for chasing, use it for escaping use it for moving from lane to lane. You want to use Ghost as your escape mechanism.


Exhaust: Also great for chasing, 1 vs. 1 and escaping. But when you and your team looses a teamfight, and you try to escape, Exhaust won't help you against 4 other champions. Then again, if you and your team are extremely good, or your opponents are really bad, you won't need to escape.

Flash: Another great spell for chasing and escaping. Keep in mind that you have to use it very careful if you wan't to survive, and not make a 'flash fail' Ghost doesn't have a chance of failing, but if you like this spell and you use it a lot, go for it!

Cleanse: I like to use this spell a lot. It has low CD and in my opinion necessary to keep yourself alive in teamfights, 1 on 1, or any battle to be honest. Life steal is an important part of keeping squishies like Miss Fortune alive in combat.


Item Build:




Okay so you start off with buying a Sapphire Crystal and x2 Potions, so you can spam that lovely Double Up, and keep your enemy/enemies at low health. Make sure you last hit the minions so you get as much gold as fast as possible. Recall the second you reach 1800 gold, unless your teammates need you, or your lane is getting pushed. Now you will probably only have reached the 1800 gold early game, if you have gotten a kill, or you have gotten a TON of minion kills, so expect it to take some time. When you have recalled for the first time you should pick up Manamune. If you HAVE to go back, just upgrade the Sapphire Crystal to a Tear of the Goddess, even though this means that you have to recall another time to get Manamune. Now I know this item has been nerfed, A LOT and some might even call it useless, but Miss Fortune still gains a lot of advantage from having it, and the faster you get it the better it will work. If you have more gold you should also buy Boots of Speed

Okay! Have you been out ganking yet? No? Well you should! Try to gank as much as possible and get as many kills/assists as possible. It doesn't matter if you die once in a while, as long as you get a ton of kills and assists. Gold is one of the most important parts of playing Miss Fortune.
You want to get your Recurve Bow as fast as you can after you have gotten the Manamune. This will boost the mana you will receive from Manamune with the 40% of attack speed you have gotten from the Recurve Bow. You also want to use Impure Shots as many times as possible, as it only costs 50 mana and it boosts your attack speed a lot. After the Recurve Bow, go buy the Emblem of Valour.
As soon as you realize you have enough gold for Starks Fervor go pick it up! This will help you stay on your lane a lot more, and give a major kick to your damage.
Great! So you are already starting to 'Stack That!'
I usually buy Mercury's Treads after Starks Fervor as it helps you a lot if you are getting targeted in teamfights, or if you get surprise-attacked. Some people tend to buy Beserkers Greaves which is fine too of course.


You should now have entered


, and you are going to want to buy another Recurve Bow and upgrade it to Madred's Bloodrazor. Remember to buy wards, and place them at the regular spots, like at dragon, baron, blue buff, red buff. People tend to forget about them, but they actually help more then you would believe. 1st it can save your lucky arse a hell of many times. 2nd they only cost 90 gold! These wards can get you so many kills and assists.



Manamune, Mercury's Treads, Starks Fervor, Madred's Bloodrazor


This is all you need to win the game. If the game continues, the build continues..




has begun you want to get some more damage to your auto-attack..
Thats why you should buy B.F Sword and then upgrade it to The Black Cleaver now you are going to SHRED your enemies apart when you attack them.

Late game is the time where either your team or the enemy team, will hug your turrets in crowds like it was Tibbers the Pedobear. If you aren't the ones hugging turrets, pick up THEIR blue buff (if it is there of course) and start spamming those abilities on your enemies. Every time their creep wave is in range, use Double Up to try and damage some of the enemy champions. If you ARE the ones hugging turrets, try to get your tank initiate a fight, and use those abilities like it was the only thing you could. If you can get your enemies near the turret, then even better, turrets doesn't damage that much in late game, but it still is something!

As the last part of your build you want to buy Phage and upgrade it to Frozen Mallet.
Now you might think ''Why not get Frozen Mallet faster?'' Well you see, when you put a masterypoint in ''Utility Mastery'' your buffs will last a little longer. Thats why you in my opinion should try and get the red buff as many times as possible. Not only does it help you a lot in damaging, but it also SLOWS your target.


Ability Combo:

When you enter a fight you want to hit 'W' to use Impure Shots, followed with Q (Double Up) and then E (Make it Rain) Then use Double Up again, and again when they start running away fearing death.

To sum it up:
[W, Q, E, Q]

If you are in a teamfight, start with R (Bullet time) in a good position where you aren't standing in the front. Then use E in the crowds, to hit as many as possible, follow it up with W and Q. Keep Q'ing as the CD is semi-low

To sum it up:
[R, E, W, Q, Q]



At the ending words I want to thank you for checking out my guide.
Its my first so I understand if you disagree with something in my guide. Please leave comments to help me editing some things in it!
I hope you have fun with this build and GL!

//NeoRush, EU