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Miss Fortune - The AD Shredder

Idea Last updated on September 13, 2010
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This is my version of a comprehensive guide to Miss Fortune. For those who are not familiar with her, she is a very strong team fight carry that is very very squishy. This build is created to make you a legendary killing machine in team fights, however if there is a champion who can be defined as a glass cannon Miss Fortune would be it. She is amazing at team fights but that does not mean that you run in first in team fights, it means you stay the hell back and melt peoples faces from a range.


Miss fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after 7 seconds of not being attacked, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed. (This is important to keep up to prevent harassment, and sometimes to chase opponents)

Double up:
Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing 35/70/105/140/175 (+1 per attack damage) physical damage and 120% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first. Applies on-hit effects.(Important to note that it "Applies on-hit effects" because this will make your Tiamat and your bloodthirster insanely awesome)

Impure Shots:
Passive: Miss Fortune deals 6/8/10/12/14 (+5% of ability power) magic damage to her target with each attack, cumulatively stacking up to 4 times on the same target.
Active: Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased by 30/35/40/45/50% for 6 seconds and causes her attacks to lower healing received and health regeneration by the target by 50%. (Fantastic for harassment with the stacking debuff, if you can stack high enough you force the enemy away because the damage becomes overwhelming also great for preventing an enemy from healing pop it when the enemy is at about half)

Make it Rain:
Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, dealing 95/155/210/275/335 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds. ( Very useful Area of effect(AoE)for harassing and slowing enemy champions as well as farming creeps)

Bullet Time:
Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing 60/85/110 plus the higher value between (+20% of ability power) or (50% of weapon damage) magic damage per bullet. (Your personal human shredder, great when used in unison with make it rain)

Summoner Skills

To get right into it I'd like to start off with the summoner skills. The reason why I chose exhaust is because I find it extremely useful in both ensuring a gank and also getting away. The blind stops all incoming physical damage from a single target and in unison with the slow it allows strut to rebuff itself because misses don't remove strut. Ghost I chose because it allows you to get back to your tower insanely fast if you had to base, and being as squishy as she is, that might be an issue for new players; if used while you have strut up and boots of speed you are capped at 520 movement moving around the map like a boss. Other summoner skills like Ignite, Heal, and Flash are very viable I just have the most success with these, a build is a build it is the player that makes it their own.


Next I'd like to address the rune choices that I made, they are pretty typical for a physical carry in the sense that I got as much armor penetration that was made available to me, but also it is important to note that I got the cooldown reduction that is necessary to hit your abilities as much as possible to get your mana high for manamune, also the mana regen seals to support that constant hitting of your abilities.

Item Sequence

Core(explained below):

The item list is pretty standard, I picked up the Mana Crystal right at the start so I can get those extra abilities in before my first base as well as give me the advantage of a couple extra abilities in champion fights. Also the health potions to provide that back up that we sometimes desperately need to prevent us from basing too early and missing a critical item.
+and if you have $ +
So your first base you want to pick up your Tear of the Goddess so that you can start stacking up the mana as much as you can to get all that AD right when your turn it into Manamune. In this trip you should be able to pick up Tear of the Goddess and your level 1 boots and if you got a kill or two (which is easily possible early game with Miss Fortune) you might be able to afford your Manamune here too or at least the long sword required.
Your next base should be around 2700 gold or roughly level 11 depending how the game is going, here you want to pick up your level 2 boots, which as all boots usually are depend on your enemy champion combination. If you notice a large amount of CC then pick up mercury treads, if not then get boots of swiftness because everyone loves running at 470+ speed. After your boots you want your B.F.Sword to start building your infinity edge which will create a huge spike in your damage and your double AoE abilities will literally shred the other team apart.
Rarely do I ever get this far into my build because games just end so fast with Miss Fortune, but either way next I like to pick up either the Bloodthirster or Stark's Fervor for the life steal, what good is a physical DPS carry without some life steal? If someone on your team already has Stark's Fervor obviously don't get it, also if you don't have much physical damage on your team besides yourself don't get it, Bloodthirster is a great option and fully stacked it is ******ed how much damage you will do, and you will get full stacks from 1-2 team fights, you tend to get all the killing blows on champions because you are doing so much damage with both of your AoEs. After that I chose Tiamat because I had much success with it on Ashe and Master Yi, and it turns out that it works for your double up and your ultimate (cough OP). And as a last spot filler why not get the speed and crit and all the wonderful stuff that comes with a Phantom Dancer. After some review and play, I realize that a Black Cleaver is a very strong option to pick up for the additional armor penetration and attack damage instead of the phantom dancer, but both are still very strong.

Your ideal end game build should look roughly like this (boots are up in the air)


So like I said this is a comprehensive guide so here is where you comprehend what I am trying to tell you. First point in make it rain to get a bunch of damage on creeps and last hit as much as possible with it, (LAST HITTING CREEPS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR PHYSICAL DPS CARRYS BECAUSE BUILDS ARE EXPENSIVE) and while trying to land it on creeps if you can drop it partly on an enemy champion do so, it works really well against melee champions. 2nd point into double up, so that you can harass the **** out of whoever is laning against you, pretty much it will bounce to the furthest target behind the primary target that is in range, you want to make the bounce hit the champion because it does more damage, it takes some getting used to but it is a very strong harassing tool. 3rd point into impure shots because your auto attacks now are great harassment because every time you shoot your enemy you do more damage and if they are about to heal use impure shots to mitigate the healing and press on with your unrelenting assault of bullets.


In a team fight you want to stay as far back as possible while being able to hit all of your enemies in front of you, this is very easy because the range on bullet time is incredible and make it rain is a pretty far range as well and both can be cast through walls if you are standing a little bit away from the wall. when the enemy is clumped up or at least 3 are guaranteed to be caught in your make it rain, drop it and immediately hit bullet time on them, it is important to drop make it rain first because it makes it harder to run out of bullet time because of the movement speed reduction. A very nice place to hide when there is a team battle at mid is in the trees on the sides of mid lane or in the bushes at river, they are far enough away that if they try to chase you your 470+ movement will take you out of harms way.

Let this serve as evidence that this build is viable:

This is my first build, comment and feedback, down if it failed you, up if it proved to work, also if you have a hero that you want to see a comprehensive build done by me suggest it. I will be updating this on a biweekly basis so sorry if you see something that is at a wrong value.

Thank you for reading,