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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xylor

Miss Fortune:The Bounty Hunter

Xylor Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Hey this is xylor, this my second build ive made so far and it also seems to be doing pretty good so read this build, try out the items then tell me what ya think even rate it if your a member.

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Pros / Cons

Miss Fortune isn't the best character for everyone so here are some good things and some bad things about using miss fortune:
-High Damage
-Great mobility
-Ranged Champ
-Great Harassing Ability
-Great Farming ability
-Great Team Fight ultimate
-More Damage per consecuitive hit
-Can lane anywhere
-Slowing Ability

-1 Hit and mobility goes down
-Very susceptible to exhausts/ blinds
-Low health pool early game
-Needs damage from items for q

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Skill Sequence

Impure shots first because ya know when your tryin to kill that one stupid minion. Well now it does that faster with your consecutively increasing damage on the same enemy.( if there arent any easy last hits available for minions).
Next a point into Double Up because well lets get with the harassing! earlier harassing leads to the enemy either recalling or leaving the possibilty open for an easy kill.
Needing to chase or run like hell yet? Well you might soon and using make it rain to slow em all down can help you out with this :-) needs to be used strategiclly on a space you know they have to go.
Focus on leveling up double up so you can harass much much easier use it all the time (thoose mana regen runes sure do help a lot)
Focus Impure Shots next for when your takin down them turrets, the active gives you more attack speed for a quicker turret kill which gives you more time to get the hell out of there before they come to defend.
Make it rain last because there is nothing else to spend the points on.
Obviously your going to want to Upgrade Bullet Time at levels 6 11 and 16 because its your ultimate and well thats what you do :-)

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I like to start off with a dorans blade because i love the early life steal and damage and health so if you get ganked early or whatever you dont necessarily have to recall just turret hug and farm it up. (unless they turret dive then just wait until they attack you and use exhaust on them then bam! blinded and a turret shootin at ya. Doesnt work so well if they are ap based though). Next i get berserkers boots some people like boots of swiftness but personally i prefer the +25% attack speed over the one movement.Bloodthirster is an amazing item for one major reason the stacks! You can stack it up to +100 damage and +25% lifesteal an extra 40 damage and 10% lifesteal! A cheaper alternative is to get sword of the occult but its hard to get the stacks up and they can be lost really easily so be wary of which way you want +100dmg. Next you have a choice depending on how you would rather play either way it works you can get a frozen mallet which gives extra health,some damage and slows your target,good for chasing.Or you can opt out and get a phantom dancer this gives critical damage, a lot of attack speed and some more movement. Or you can get both and get amazing chasing abilities i wouldnt suggest it though because for team fights you would much rather more dps then the ability to chase one of their 5.Both items are great for chasing so take your pick survivablility or more DPS.After this i get Last Whisper,this will tear tanks up! if there aren't any tanks it will still help with semi tanks if there isnt any tanks or really anyone with armor, skip it and grab Infinity Edge. Next is Infinity Edge this is especially helpful if you do go with the phantom dancer (cause of the extra crit chance you get with it).Next i grab Madreds Bloodrazors just because its fun to tear up those health tanks that others cant do anything about. But if you'd rather get the black cleaver itll do good damage against tanks give attack speed and more damage (I'd recommend not).You really shouldnt get this far unless your fed like crazy and its a 40+ minute game but it does do a lot of damage especially to characters that got a lot of health earlier on like cho and even morde plus thats 4% an average of like 100extra damage :-D.Now if you have even more time after this(but by now it must be what? 60minutes+)grab black cleaver if you opted out of the last whisper. ( i very strongly advise not to do so stick with last whisper for a pro tank tank!!!!!)

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I get Marks of Desolation because why? its armor pen man early game you will strip the armor off theese guys and shoot them in the heart.Basically an extra 15.03 damage right away cause everyone starts with like what 30 armor?
I changed the Glyphs to replenishment because while the mana cost for double up goes up you do want some base decent mana regen right at the start so ya can harass early and extensively.
Seals of Clarity because mainly the cost of spells goes up like double up"s cost goes up by 10 every time ya level it up and its hard to keep this up just by leveling so on top of that mana regen ya gain every level you gain even more so that you"ll probably find yourself harassing even more later game which is great for team fights.
The Quintessences i mean come on do i really need to explain this? Extra damage on a Damage Per Second character is kinda a given.

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Summoner Spells

I get exhaust because its great for escaping from dps champs or trying to save one of your teammates. Late game you probably wont need it as much, they'll be dead before you get close enough XD.
Ghost coupled with your passive and phantom dancer gives you some serious movement speed especially if youve got a frozen mallet. It also means you can catch up to enemies faster and get more hits in, its also great for fleeing.

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Game Play

Early Game
Early game go wherever go bottom top or middle, i myself like bottom and top cause if i harass enough and good enough i can hit both enemy characters with double up and get a kill faster. I also have a laning partner which is especially great because you will see with miss fortune that having a partner that can stun and/or stun is GREAT!!!! because if theyre stunned just pop your ultimate and watch em get destroyed, they cant as easily run out of the bullets anymore now can they? Middle is great for farming and you level faster, basically whatever you'd prefer.Lane till around when you get ultimate then yup you guessed it....GANK!!!!!!!

Mid Game
Gank Gank Gank a lot and whenever you can grab the red buffs if you dont have a frozen mallet this helps a lot. if you see a team fight developing run there as fast as possible,your ult can easily get you a double kill or even triple or more! When theyre grouped so close together it just mows then down in groups, like pigs for the slaughter...Push some turrets after winning theese team fights your impure shots work wonders when you activate it and get that extra bonus in attack speed to take the turrets down before the other team revives.

End Game
Farm Gank Push, Team fights are CRUCIAL if you want to win because if you win a team fight thats an easy turret or maybe even 2.If you have them on the defensive and theyre busy trying to hold back your amazing minions gather your team(usually by pinging it)and go grab baron,then run down a lane preferably mid and finish this game, easy ip.

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I love this build last game i played i had 12kills 1 death and 13 assists, and a 12 kill streak(only reason i died was because they all teamed up and got a 1k bonus)
Hope you like this build and please try it out before ya vote on it :-)