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Miss Fortune Build Guide by xDestinyyX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xDestinyyX

Miss Fortune the CowGirl

xDestinyyX Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, my name is xDestinyyX. My Elo Range is 1400. This is my Miss Fortune Guide. Miss Fortune is currently in a good position as Healing/GP5 is the current meta. This gives her an advantage on her W and Early Game destruction.

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Attack Damage/Armor Penetration is the best Marks for Miss Fortune as it makes it easier to Last Hit/Damage Output.

Armor is the best Seals for Miss Fortune as she will be facing an AD Carry bot. This gives her better sustain.

Attack Speed/Magic Resistance is the best Glyphs for Miss Fortune as Attack Speed is very useful and Magic Resistance is good for sustain against an AP Support.

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is an AGRESSIVE Mastery build as it gives you extra damage/armor and sustain. This is the best option for Miss Fortune as she needs these early game buffs.

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Dorans Blade 2x Stack - More Health, Life Steal and Damage for a Cheap Price.
Attack Speed Boots - Good/Cheap.
Wriggles - YOU MUST BUILD WRIGGLES ON MISS FORTUNE. It is a very cheap and handy item for her as it can win early game in an instant!
Infinity Edge - Great Damage output and Passive.
Phantom Dancer - Higher Crit Chance, Attack Speed and Extra Movement speed.
Blood Thirster - Late Game replacement for Wriggles
Banshees Veil - Good Health/Mana and a Spell Block for Miss Fortune.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - You always take Flash. Good Getaways/Chase
Heal - GOOD. Just get the support to use CV!
Ignite - If needed, but you have your W.

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Need More Help?

Watch Chaox play Miss Fortune!

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AD Carry Match Ups

"I've heard she's the most OP carry in the game!" She is...Late game. Hands down Miss Fortune beats Vayne unless she gets ahead. With Vayne's low range, utilizing your passive with auto attacks in many times negates a Tumble attack towards Miss Fortune as you can easily get away from right clicking away. Be weary, late game you will not beat her unless you're ahead or have exhaust and she has no cleanse.

If you fall short, and let Graves push you to tower and you fall behind in CS, there is no recovery. Graves and Vayne snowball extremely hard. The best way to beat Grave's his the same as Vayne. Utilize your higher attack range and their low range to harass. If you are getting pushed to tower, don't even second thought Ulting a wave for CS...It's worth it.

Ashe is not seen played that much anymore, although never get his by her first "Auto Crit" in lane it can give Ashe a huge advantage unless you have a heal then it won't matter as much with sustain. The biggest scare of facing Ashe is her burst with her Frost Arrow/Ultimate dodging this ability will win you lane with harassment and damage output. Miss Fortune greatly outdamages Ashe early/during lane phase unless Ashe pulls ridiculously ahead.

This will be your hardest opponent as Cait is with every AD who lanes against Caitlyn. Her range and pushing abilities just make her a nuissance in lane, and it's near impossible to out push her early, you will be able as soon as you get your Ultimate, remember do not spam [skills/missfortune/e.png] to outpush her. Best way to beat her is play passive until you KNOW you can get a kill. Or just farm fest as Caitlyn falls off more end game.

Ezreal is really weak unless he is able to poke you down with his Q's. Avoid his skillshots and you win easily. Play behind minion waves constantly as you don't want to lose your passive to his poke!

Right now Corki is very strong, the worst thing about Corki is that his Q is able to his you with enough range as your auto attack and it stops your passive. Corki's true damage from his passive makes him pretty scary to face as well. Out harassing Corki early levels before he gets his Ultimate is the best way to receive a lead.

Best way to beat Tristana is stay away from your creeps her E will make them explose and deal damage to you for free harass. Also her early game burst is very scary be wary of it. Otherwise general harassment with Auto Attacks and throwing in [skills/missfortune/q.png]'s help out harass her early game torments.

Sivir is actually very scary right now. She can shield [skills/missfortune/q.png]which negates a lot of damage. Best way to beat her though, is dodge her Boomerang and out harass her. CS well, oh and again just DODGE HER BOOMERANGS AND YOU WIN.

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Supper Match Ups

Janna is by far the best partner to lane with when playing with Miss Fortune.

Utilizing her passive, knockup, knockback, slow, and shield she becomes the ultimate support for harassment. With zero sustain however I recommend Boots + 3 Pots route.

Sona is another good joice for Miss Fortune. High harass damage, a heal, and a movement speed buff, along with a fantastic AoE Stun, with virtually massive utility via her passive, Sona becomes almost god mode of supports. Why is she not number one over Janna then? Her high mana costs and sustain comes quite bad if one does not max her heal, but then you lack damage, it becomes an ever locking circle which is better, Early team fighting for dragon or Lane sustain.

Alistar, Flash Pulv, Headbutt. With just this burst, many opponents can be taken by surprise. Alistar is among king supports due to his CC, heal and tower diving capabilities with his ultimate.

Leona What can I say? Ironstylus is your best friend for life yet you hardly see her played at all, but paired with Miss Fortune she becomes quite...Scary. Landing Leona's combo of Gap closer, stun, AoE damage, along with a double up from Miss Fortune and Leona's passive makes killing enemies a breeze. With 0 sustain, going Boots of Speed + 3 Pots is best case.

Stun CC, Heal, Armor, and AD Ultimate...Taric has seen better days, the problem with him is he is melee with nothing but a stun to reach his opponents compared to a Gap closer on Alistar. He is easily harassed when running away in lane which makes your lane lose... and lose a lot.

Playing with Soraka is basically an AFK Farm fest...You, as Miss Fortune basically do all the harass and damage being fed health and mana from Soraka. Playing this lane is very lackluster but safe.

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Farming is KEY to Miss Fortunes Build. You need to be geared to do damage. My goal is to hit 100 farm by 10 minutes. 10 Farm per minute is a good goal to set for. You must hit every last hit possible as it can easily give you an advantage over your enemy.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -
High Sustain w/Support
Great Poke
High Damage Output
Great Mobillity
High Farm
Cons -
Can't hold Lane
Can't Farm
Can't Poke without Utillising Mana Cost

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The End

I hope you enjoyed my Guide! If you have any Questions add me In-Game and we can start a chat! Have Fun pub stomping some noobs with B1G Miss Fortune!