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League of Legends Build Guide Author rhodrycz

Miss Fortune - The Critical Healer

rhodrycz Last updated on January 2, 2011
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Welcome to Miss Fortune - The Critical Healer build :)

- nice auto-attack dmg output
- pretty critical chance
- can heal up pretty fast on creeps and even enemy champs

- squishy in the beginning
- needs about 16k gold for full equipment
- reduced mobility if being hit
- very vulnerable to disables (Mercury's Threads help a bit)

9x Greater Mark of Desolation
9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity
9x Greater Seal of Alacrity
3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I did chose this runes to get as much armor penetration as possible, and increased attack speed. You can also change the "of Alacrity" ones for critical chance/damage, this can do some good as well.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: With this slow, chasing wounded prey is easy :)

Ghost: Great to get away from danger or to get faster to gank zone.

Flash: Mixed with Exhaust gives you almost sure kill.

Cleanse: Very handy to get out of dangerous disable situations.

Ignite: Good for finishing enemies.

Item build:
I did target nice critical chance and attack speed, together with some damage and life stealing. With this Item build, I did get like 600 dmg criticals in end game against other champions, and about 300 heal/shot from the 45% life steal, meaning if hurt, then go kill some creeps to heal up (pretty fast, with 800dmg crits -> 400HP+ ), or just keep hitting enemy champs (but beware, if ganked, you will go down very fast anyway since you have no armor boost :) ). With this, it is not actually so hard to survive something, and enemy champions (mostly non-tanks) can go down in maximum of 6 seconds. Even Tanks are not so much of trouble, with the 70 stacked armor penetration from Black Cleaver, and a bit more from Runes.

I did choose Berserker's Greaves for this build, even tho I used Boots of Swiftness for in-game testing. I think this part is kinda versatile, and taking Mercury's Threads for the disable reduction and bit bonus magic defense is also good alternative.
Note: In end game can be replaced with another Phantom Dancer, it will give +30% crit chance and small attack speed increase, however will make MF bit slower.

Stark's Fervor:
well, another bonus attack speed, plus nice aura that gives atk.spd, life steal and 30HP/5s regen. Good boost for team battles.

Phantom Dancer:
Not really needed to describe why. Increased attack speed, critical chance and movement speed. What more could ranged DPS want.

Black Cleaver:
Gives nice attack damage, together with stackable armor penetration. Deadly for squishies, dangerous for tanks.

The Bloodthirster:
Again, if stacked up completely (easy to do on creeps), gives serious damage boost and another life stealing.

Infinity Edge:
One last damage boost and increased critical chance, and +50% critical hit damage. Just awesome.

Alternate Items:

Frozen Mallet:
you know you might want that. Perfect if enemies run away and gives you nice HP boost. But swapping any item for this might rapidly decrease build performance, since it is focused on crit healing through life steal.

Hextech Gunblade:
Gives nice both attack and ability damage, together with life steal and spell vamp. Also active can prove useful.

Early game:
First buy Boots of Speed to get at least a tiny bit more mobility. Then just stay safe, harass enemy champs in lane, and keep farming/lvling. When you got enough gold, buy final state boots you like (I recommend either Berserker's Greaves, Mercury's Threads or Boots of Swiftness). After that go for Emblem of Valour, it's life steal and HP regen will help you stay in lane longer without need to retreat.

Mid game:
Finish Stark's Fervor, build Zeal and later upgrade to Phantom Dancer. If on mid lane, gank side lanes for some extra kills/gold if planned right. Start saving money for the Black Cleaver to take down some enemy armor.

Late game:
Since you should have all the previous items, it's just about saving enough for first The Bloodthirster, and then go for Infinity Edge. About this time you should be able to dominate duel fights, and cause some serious trouble in team fights.

If going to a fight, keep an eye if some enemy minions are around, so that either after defeating enemy or making him flee you can heal up quickly and continue hunting! :) But be aware of being ganked.

Skill using:
Use Double Up to harass enemies hiding behind creeps, this can give you quite cheap kill if used at right time. Also don't fear to use it for finishing creeps. Same applies for Make it Rain and Bullet Time. For Miss Fortune it is important to gear up, so use all means you have to farm as much as possible.

Note: With this build I was almost able to solo Baron, gotta leave him at about 1kHP at acc level 7, so I did not have as powerful runes as here, and I believe with boots swapped for some + armor and HP I would take him down, will try with Thornmail :)

So, rate and comment, this is my first build. Thanks for reading!! :)