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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeliriousSoul

Miss Fortune Ulti Rocks!

DeliriousSoul Last updated on March 19, 2011
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First of all I want to clear some points:
1) This is my very first build, and I hope you found it usefull, please be kind :)
2) I'm not english-speaker, so i may have one or two errors, so please try to understand.
3) In this guide you will notice I give many options of one thing, so you can build your mf depending on the game your playing, 'cause every game is different, every champion and team is different and you can make lots of legendaries with the same champ using different options.

Clearing that I just wanna say that when I started to play this game, I randomly played Miss Fortune when she was free and I simply fell in love with her. Her rash attitude, her speed, her skills, the way she speaked to me... She is the kind of woman I've always dreamed to be (yes, imma girl) and her skills simply rocks! A fast Dps with a crazy ulti... I just loved her ulti!!!
As a fan of her, she was the first champ I bought and since then I've trying to make the best build ever for her... After many tries and many recomendattions and a lots of failures I finally found the perfect build that worked really great, and that's what I want to share with you.

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Runes are very simple and its hard for me to see any other chances than this:
Marks: Penetration marks for obvious reasons, She needs to pierce enemy armor, lots of crits won't help more than penetration.
Seals: Mf doesn't have a very good AS, and in the first lvl that could be the difference between a kill or seeing your enemy running with 3 hp. It really helps.
Gylphs: Mf needs lots and lots of mana. I've trying using manamune but in late game it becomes a stubborn. I've tried to play mf without using so much skills and its useless, you need mana, the much the better. You can use flat mana as well but the mana regen is what worked better on me.
Quinttescens: Penetration is the only quint you can use on her. Tanks will finally hate you...

I really don't have a long explanation for runes, you can swich the gylphs and seals if you want but without the pen, you`re nothing.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells.

Ok masteries are basics:
22/0/8.... Why 22? Well i'd rather prefer a little more AS than 1g every 10 seconds... if you play good you'll start having first blood and soon you'll be legendary. You won't need that stupid gold, and there's no better option. I use Archaic Knowledge 'cause Mf ulti is magic, and it's a plus to your freaking armor penetration.

Note: Considering the summoner spells, you could swich exhaust with ingite for being more agressive, if you're gonna do that you can swap cripple for archmage's savy. It's important for you to know that ignite may give you sometimes an extra kill, but you will not have that heavenly exhaust for saving you when they tower-dive you or when you're running alone in the middle of the jungle ;P

Ghost is obviously for reaching some place or running away, it's important for you to know that your passive may be a pain in the *** when the team fight is over and you need to run away from a ranged enemy chasing you... That's why ghost is your salvation.

You could use teleport for harrasing, but it's a high price to pay being without exhaust or ghost or ignite...
Clarity is not recomended 'cause you'll need it until lvl 6, then you'll discover that with blue golem is enough or you don't even waste that much mana and it would be a waste.
You can swich exhaust for flash, but again, exhaust is good as well for killing, and flash can fail in so much ways, I used to use it, but right now I prefer exhaust or ignite.

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Items, Pros/Cons, Skills Secuence.

I had used LOTS of different Items in all the games with my pirate lady, and I finally discovered the perfect combination. Please please DO NEVER BUILD AN AP MF, you won't do that much damage, you won't have enough cooldown, you'll be squishy and powerless... Even the best ap build isn't enough to cover her weakness and to power her virtues.

Let's start with her pros/cons first so I can explain myself.
    Really Squishy
    First Target ALWAYS
    Her passive forces you to avoid being hit and stand sometimes too far from action
    Her ulti sometimes is hard to aim good
    She does lot of damage
    Excelente farmer
    Very fun to play and very easy to harras
    Impure shots also reduces healing
    Her ulti is the best!
    Her /t also is the best!

Now, let me explain why the items.
We start with doran's blade. Yeah I know now is more expensive, but the health and the lifesteal is something that I couldn't replace... Starting with vampire scepter is not the same and starting with just a ruby is not enough. Doran's is a little of both, such a great combination for the beggining.
After that, you have to buy first a boot and vampire scepter, at this point I also buy mana and hp potion just in case (i always use them). You need the speed and you need the lifesteal because when you reach 6, the doran's lifesteal won't be enough, but don't sell doran's yet! It will be very usefull until you finish Phage.
The next thing you're buying is the B.F. Sword and you finish the mercury threads, 'cause you need the damage, and reaching first the bloodthirster means start staking and having a nice lifesteal, mercury threads is my only option in boots 'cause if you don't have them, stuns ands fears will end when you die. If you're lucky and the enemy's team doesnt have any disabler, you can buy berseker or swiftness... But believe me, mercury's is the wise choice. Then, you buy ruby and build phage, just now you can sell the doran's, when you get the ruby.
Frozen Mallet will give you survability + slow, wich is going to be great in team fights and chasing.
With the Mercury Threads, the bloodthirster and the frozen mallet, you have half your build and most of the time i'm really done and im getting legendary or complaing about the ks of my teammates (:P). Now you have a free path to chose between Infinity Edge, Youmumu's Ghosthblade, Phantom Dancer or Madred's Bloodrazor.
I usually continue with youmumu's, then infinity then phantom (but the match is always over before that).
But if you need, more speed you can use phantom first. Or if you see that you're not dealing enough damage continue with infinity.
You need to know that in big team fights, your AS may not be enough, when that happens you have to accept buying youmumu or PD is the only solution. Youmumu is such a great item for all its componentes, and it's very cheap, but wont give you an eternal AS and MS as phantom will.

Madred's is when you have a lot of enemys with lots of hp... But in a ranked that I was losing against tanks a teammate yelled at me: "You'll do more damage stacking 2 bloodthirster, it would help much more than your stupid madred's". I tried stacking the bloodthirsters, and it works if you know when to do that... If you're doing good and the match is going great you won't really need that... But if you're filled with tankys and other teammate alredy bought madred's, maybe it will be better for you to get the 2 bloodthirsters, and i think it will be faster.

Next is skill secuence. Well, let me say that the first skill, as well as all the secuence, can chance depending on your team, and your enemys.
Let me explain:
If you're midding against Vladimir I strongly suggest chosing first impure shots, because early game his transfusion sucks and you'll put him in a dificult situation, that will end with you getting first blood or he running like a baby to his base.
If you're not in a mid lane, and you're accompanied by Sion/Taric/Lux or Morg with snare, you will love to have double up ready for a lvl 1 fight that will end in you getting double kill (all the times i play with a taric, i end up being legendary!). Double up is good too if you have to mid against a squishy that is playing behind his minions (like heimer, that's always behind his stupid turrets)
If you're mid against a complicated foe, or your teammate is not a disabler, or is not a ranged, you will want to have make it rain, 'cause in mid will be a great help harrasing (and slowing enemys if they try to do something), and in bot/top will sometimes save you and your friend if the lvl 1 fight doesnt go good and you need to retreat.

After you know that, the most important thing is to maximize double up, cause it's your primary weapon and if you aim good (its important to know that double up jumps into a minion or champ that is right behind your target), you can get double kill or shoot a tank and make it bounce on the half dead squishy, making him die and insult his tank. It's important that you know that Double Up can be really capricious, sometimes your enemy is just right back the minion you shooted and it hits another minion a little bit closer. There's a build here that has a really long explanation about double up, and even if it is a great help, it can fail. You'll have to try lots of times and see by yourself. I just can give you this hint: It depends on where you are, and where the one you want to recibe the bounce is, of course always related to where your first target is.
After that you maximize impure shots, and then finally make it rain. It is good as well make a 1 on 1, i mean chose a make it rain and then impure shot, then make it rain again... But make it rain is merely a slow it will no do that much damage as your auto-attacks combinated with impure shots. NOTE: is good for you to also know that make it rain upgrades his slow in lvl up, so consider that in making your choice. It depends a lot in what you need in every game.

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Well, now i Just wanna say some things about playing in teams. If you don't have a tank, just wait for a strong melee to initiate, never start you 'cause even feeded and in the best of situation, is hard for a mf stand alone against many enemys, and you'll be really screwed if they got lots of slows or even 1 disabler. Wait for being into your turret, or even gank. Mf can be a great gank in lots of situations. You just have to be care to not being seen, aim good your ulti and wait for the enemys to push a turret or one of your disablers to act. You really want to see what happens if you combine Nunu's or Amumu's ulti with yours... I was in team with this new champ, Jarvan, and he trapped 3 of our enemys in his arena and I ulted them... It was a massacre ;).
In the beggining, do not hesitate to use your ulti on minions. Of course if you dont have to gank... Slaying a whole wave of creeps can be convenient to go to buy without letting your turret alone, and you can trap your enemy in his own creep wave, making him low healt enough to make it back.
But always use your ulti wisely, its cooldown will be a pain if you waste it or miss, but don't feel terribly bad, I failed LOTS of ultis, and even now it happens to me sometimes :/
Combining your make it rain with your ulti is great too, in ganks is really annoying for your enemys and most of the times the gank end with they hating you.
I usually never leave a teammate behind. Even if he was really stupid, you still can save him using make it rain for slowing your enemys, or if you see one of yours running away with 13 hp from the fight and you got no mana, just simply hitting the chaser with the effect of frozen mallet would make enough slow to save your poor companion. And you could even get a kill.
Make it rain is also usefull to check bushes.

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Well, I think this is all i've got to say about my favorite champion in the League of Legends.
Just don't get cocky and enjoy her as much as I do! :)

If you have any constructive feedback bring it on :)...
This is my first build and I did it in the morning so its not gonna be perfect jajaja... But well I hope you all enjoy it.

Good Game To All.

*.Delirious Soul.*