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League of Legends Build Guide Author paperlegend

Miss Fortune's Potential

paperlegend Last updated on February 23, 2011
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Hey guys this will be my first guide to Miss Fortune, this is how I play her in the game. My miss fortune guide focuses on her ultimate and positioning. I believe people will look at my masteries, runes, items and assume I am a bad mf player but please read my guide and try it before making your judgement. Feedback and criticism is appreciated thank you.

I believe miss fortune has a game changing ultimate because its AOE and does high damage, in teamfights if you are able to use your ult on 3 or more enemy champions without being interrupted then your team is in a good position to win the fight. With that being said it can be hard for new players to effectively use her ultimate, they might waste it on 1 champion or be in a position where it can be easily dodged or interrupted. This was one of the hardest thing to learn for me when I first started playing her in ranked.

A lot of people like to play miss fortune as an auto attack champion and I do think its viable, however this is not how I play her in early-mid game because I feel that since she is so squishy that if she is used to engage enemies in close quarter combat she will be focused and taken down. Instead I believe that in early to mid game, you should abuse strut and spam her q,e with selective uses of her ult to win battles. Her ult is strong early-mid game and I like to abuse it. With this being said please do auto attack, what you want to do is run back with strut, aim and run back... I am just saying don't go into team fights with the mentality of yi etc and instead run around spamming her double up and keep safe distances with her make it rain.

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Pros / Cons


    game changing ultimate
    easy last hitting champion
    high movement speed at low levels with strut
    reduces enemy healing capabilities

    very squishy
    no inherent escape
    only effective if positioned effectively
    maximum potential is achieved with effective use of her ultimate

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Summoner Spells

I use flash and ghost for escape purposes, to set up good ultimates and to chase/gank etc.

I do not consider other summoner spells for mf.

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Play Style and positioning

My mf play style is not the norm, as you can see with my choice of skills. I believe in leveling up 'make it rain' because I play a hit and run mf, I spam my e more than I spam my q sometimes. Make it rain allows mf to maintain a safe distance from her enemies, always use the spell on the edge of its casting range, no conventional stun or slow can reach you. This with your high movement speed gives you decent, lane and crowd control. Her e also makes it harder for your enemies to escape your ultimate which is very important.


Like I said earlier I do not believe in getting up close and personal with my opponents in early and mid game, it's too dangerous with mf. From early to mid game I like to spam my q, e as much as I possibly can. Always stay behind your tanks when entering jungles and never initiate unless you're backed up by stunners and cc.

Late-game is a whole different story, at this stage just auto-attack anyone who gets into your range and be more aggressive. Use your 'e' to slow opponents and 'w' to cut down their health.

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If you are not buying wards as mf, you are making a big mistake. She is so squishy with no real escape mechanics. Your summoner spells will only save you every so often. The key to staying alive is just simply knowing when you are being ganked, and knowing where the enemy champions are. On average I buy 15+ wards per game, no joke. I literally light up the map, with wards at every vital route not just dragon and baron. Wards and map awareness wins you games, this is my belief.

Sometimes you might be laning mid and you only bought one ward, in this situation ward up the right hand side if you spawn top and ward up the left hand side if you spawn from bottom. This lets you see the side that has the enemy red buff. Then during this duration you want to always hug the side of the lane that has the ward. That way you maintain a safe distance between yourself and unwarded brush. If you see enemies approach from the brush, do not run back to the tower unless you can make it in time, with strut you should run towards the lane that you know is safe and ping for help.

The main reason I get quin of avarice, which I believe alot of people will not accept or understand is also because I buy so many wards. I feel that the extra HP is great but to really survive, I can't depend on the 90 HP but instead I can depend on wards and avoid ganks altogether. Also because of my playstyle, I don't want to rely on the 90 HP to get in my opponents faces, instead I like to hang back and do my job.

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Bullet Time

I love mf's ult, I keep saying its game changing because that's what I believe. I think mf's maximum potential is to be able to come into a teamfight, unleash her ult from a good position and do enough damage to the enemy champions so that they will go into 'retreat' mentality. She is a champion that can be very good at doing heavy damage to one enemy champion with her auto attack and 'w' ability but this just means that the one enemy champion will start to retreat whilst his/her teammates will stay and continue to pummel your team and possibly you because you're in their faces auto attacking.

I do not like to initiate teamfights with my ult, I rarely do. The reason is obvious, they'll just back up and the team fight is delayed or doesn't happen. You want to use her ultimate when the opposing team is heavily invested so that you know they'll stay and cop your ult or a good proportion of it. Preferably you will let the tanks and fighters engage, they will use their spells and then you will position yourself so that you can drop down 'e' and then your ultimate which will hit 3+ enemy champions. If the enemy carry is also tucked safely behind the enemy teams don't focus her if it means you're gonna get aggro from the enemy team. It's perfectly fine to ult their tanks and fighters because you will do more damage with your ultimate than ashe can with her single hitting attack and volley. As you all know, carries are nothing without their tanks, so if you make the enemy tanks and fighters go into retreat mentality, either their carries will run too or get dropped. With that being said, try and catch as many of the enemy teams in your ult as possible and the range of your ult makes this possible. I know this can be hard but with good practice it becomes easier. Again remember don't use your ultimate too early, because they'll back off and don't use it too late or else your tanks will be the ones running.

I know that bullet time can be used to clear minion waves effectively, but I don't recommend this use of her ultimate. If it's only 12 minions might use q, w and e instead. This way you won't kick yourself later if you find yourself needing your ult within the next minute.

When I lane mid and I want to go back to buy or need to go back to heal, I usually always let off bullet time to clear the minions and damage the other champ. This way I get the cash and also force him to back, or if he stays he's setting himself up for a possible death.

If you can kill an enemy with your ult, use it. Don't think the ult is so sacred that it must be saved for 3+ enemy situations. If you down an enemy it doesn't only result in the immediate gold and xp but it also means that in any ensuing team fights, the opposing team will be one champion short, giving you guys a huge advantage.

Bullet Time is a cone shaped AOE skill, this means that the width of the skill is a lot larger near the end. Enemies too close can easily move out of the way our ult whilst enemies too far away can just back off. What you want is to get them in the middle end of your cone but not too far at the edge. The cone has a long range so always and you can abuse this in many ways. If an enemy is running away, they will have to follow a general direction, this means that you can force them to cop the damage from your ult if you line up your bullet time in that path of retreat. Never look at an enemy and just use bullet time in their direction. ALWAYS use bullet time in accordance with the terran and the enemies route of travel.

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The items I have shown are my core build. You can get GA or banshee or whatever depending on the situation.

Bloodthirster is what I always get. I like it because it makes mf less squishy, the lifesteal ensures she's always healthy and we all know everyone likes to target champions on low HP. The damage from bloodthirster is also great.


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This is my first guide to mf, I mainly play her in ranked. I will try and update this guide with more in-depth content on a later date. My LOL id is 'paperlegend'. Thanks for reading and please comment.