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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AxisXIViral

Miss Misfortune

AxisXIViral Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Chapter 1

Miss Misfortune: A build that will make your enemies cower in fear.

Please do keep in mind while reading my guide that any champion guide should be used as such, just a guide, and not a list of rules. Not all games are the same, and a good player will make adjustments to skill order or items or runes depending on how they play. This is just my take.

Miss Fortune isn't really that tough to use, and I think you'll find she's super easy to pick up and start trashing kids. My first three matches using her, I averaged 15+ kills with her, and a fair number of assists as well. This build may not be the best one in the world, but it does its job fairly well.

Here's all you really have to know about Miss Fortune. Don't get hit, and you win. Simple as that. I know it sounds obvious, and maybe a bit silly, but here's why it's important: Strut. Her passive ability, Strut, increases her movement speed if she hasn't been hit for 7 seconds. This bonus increases by 25 movement every second, with a max of 80. This is the main reason why you're going to want Ghost and Flash. If you have to run away, throw one or both of them down to give yourself some distance, and then wait for your passive to kick in. Your enemies will find it very hard to catch up with you at this point, considering you're just constantly getting faster. Even if they have ghost or flash as well, Strut gives you the upper hand. Hands down, you are the fastest **********er on the planet. But, this movement speed is not only great for running away, it also makes you the fastest to the front lines, and it makes you a great harasser/pusher. Even if you're fighting someone who is turret hugging, you will find it's quite easy to run in and poke them, then run out of turret range before it can even target you. Particularly if you time your shots with the turret's well.

Other possible summoner spells:

Exhaust: Good for catching up to gank, and also easier escape.
Clarity: Not the best choice in the world since this is a high mana build, but you do suffer early. I reccomend taking mana pots instead, but some people might like having Clarity.
: Cripples healing and helps do even more damage on top of your already insane DPS ability. Not a bad choice.
Cleanse: Helps escapes, particularly useful during a match against a team with heavy CC.
Teleport: Helps your mobility a lot, keeps you in your lane pretty consistently if you use it correctly. Gets you to a gank faster if you need it, and gets you to your team faster if they need support. Overall a very underrated summoner spell in my opinion, I'm surprised I don't see it more often.

Don't use:
Heal: It's not going to help you more than the mobility from ghost/flash or utility from exhaust/ignite.
Revive: Lets be honest, this is just a waste of a summoner slot.
Clairvoyance: You are a DPS carry, you should not have this.
Rally: You are a DPS carry, you should not have this.
Smite: You're not jungling.
Fortify: Have your support character take this instead.

Last but not least, concentrate on last hitting minions as much as possible. You should have double or more than the rest of the players on your team at the end of the match. Last hitting is extremely important with Miss Fortune, because her builds are typically pretty costly, and for her to be effective she needs to stay level with or above her competition. Get under-leveled, and you'll run into some serious issues.


Passive: Strut
Description: Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after 7 seconds of not being attacked, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed.

Double Up
Description: Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy, damaging them and a target behind them.

Double up is a nuke, and it's a good one. Line up your shots well and you can attack two champs at once. This will be your main damager other than auto-attack+impure shots, and it does a fantastic job. ALWAYS max this first. I recommend targeting squishies first, particularly the long range ones. Remember that the second bullet on double up does more damage, so if you see someone sitting behind a minion, shoot the minion with the first shot! It can be tough learning how to line shots up right, but practice makes perfect.

Impure Shots
Description: Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's attack speed and cause her attacks to lower healing received by the target.

Impure shots is a very surprisingly useful skill. It has three huge main uses. One, the attack speed increase is fantastic for taking down turrets quickly. Especially when you're done with the Phantom Dancer. Think Master Yi, but ranged. Two, it has a similar effect to ignite in that it reduces healing effects, which is great for characters like Warwick, Mundo, and Sion. Three, the increase in damage makes you even more viable for quick, easy ganks. Activate just before firing, and before your opponent knows what's happening, they will be dead.

Make it Rain
Description: Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to opponents and slowing them.

Circular AOE. Great farming skill, and great attack to use against a group of ganking champs. Solid damage and slowing. Always, always, ALWAYS, open with this attack when going after champs, whether it be in a team fight or otherwise. It will help you line up your shots better, especially your ult, and it does a nice bit of opening damage on top of that.

Bullet Time
Description: Miss Fortune channels a flurry of bullets into a large cone in front of her, dealing large amounts of damage to enemies.

Bullet time, though it has been nerfed a tad since MF's initial release, is still a great skill, especially for team fights. It's also extremely useful for clearing a large amount of minions quickly, as all minions inside the cone are affected by the damage. A good thing to keep in mind as well is that it goes through walls, which can be a useful feature if you know someone is hiding around a corner. Be very careful about your timing though, as it's highly prone to interruption. The good news is, you can cancel out of it and run for the hills if you need to get away. No need to be worried about being trapped if you get too close to a turret or something. Make it Rain is a fantastic buffer skill for Bullet Time, as it will make it even harder to get away.


Early game:
Because you start right off the bat with a nuke and 80 more movement speed than other characters, early ganking is a great idea. If you've got one or two other people with you, you should have no problems getting one or two ganks before the minions even get out to the middle. You're going to want to start by buying a Sapphire Crystal, which you will eventually build into Tear of the Goddess. This, you will eventually build into Manamune, which I will explain later. After Manamune, get either Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness. A lot of people hate on boots of mobility, but I enjoy them. Really it comes down to a matter of preference, because boots aren't going to make a huge difference to your build in the end. Try not to recall back for mana too much if you can help it. I'd recommend picking up a few mana potions if you can spare the gold, since you will run low on mana sometimes till your Manamune is in use. If you really have to recall, don't worry about it too much. You're the fastest at getting back to your lane. Use ghost if you have to.

As mentioned before, last hitting is essential, especially at this point in the game. Make good use of Make it Rain, and farm like crazy, preferably while harassing and supporting at the same time. Be a good multi-tasker and you'll go far.

At this point, if you've been playing right you should have several kills/assists under your belt. You're going to want to push as hard as you can, and not give your enemies any time to rest. Try to gain a couple levels up on them if at all possible. When ganking, try to get as many of the squishy characters as you can. Most of them you should be able to wipe out fairly quickly, even on your own. If you can manage to get a lot more kills under your belt, say 10 or more, you should have no problem getting strong enough to do some serious damage to the tanks. And this is why: Manamune and Black Cleaver.

Manamune costs just under 2k total, making it a fairly cheap item for the bonuses you get. Add 350 to mana, +7 mana regen per 5 seconds, and +20 attack damage. You might think that's not great for a 2k item, but you're wrong. Because the passives are what really make Manamune worth the gold. Its first passive turns 2% of your max mana into AD. The second passive gives you 1 mana for every hit you make, and also 4 mana every time an ability is used, topping out at a bonus 1000 mana. So with your max bonus, the Manamune is giving you 1350 mana, and 40 attack damage, plus the mana regen. All for the nice comfy price of 1895 gold. And that's not counting the AD you'll get from the mana you had before, collected by your Tear of the Goddess, which gives you 4 mana per ability used every 3 seconds. Then you add in Black Cleaver. It's fantastic against tanks in combination with impure shots, because it will lower their armor significantly, and increase your AD and attack speed at the same time. It's definitely a must have item for this build.

Now, at this point you have to decide how you want to proceed with your match. My usual item lineup is in the order I've given you, but you can switch the order around if you like. Because Manamune's bonus increases per hit, you may decide you want to build Phantom Dancer first and get that extra attack speed while your Tear stacks up more mana. Personally, I find that it's a better idea to get that extra AD as soon as you can, because otherwise it'll take you longer to do enough damage to keep up. Frozen Mallet is a great choice for both the health, because she's a bit squishy, and also the slowing for obvious reasons. You can also get Madred's Bloodrazor if you're up against HP tanks like Cho or Vlad. I recommend getting at least one defensive item. My usual choice is Thornmail, Banshee's Veil, or Guardian Angel, but you can pick whatever you like depending who you're playing against.

Late game:
By late game you should be nigh unstoppable provided you've been getting enough kills/assists. Be careful of ganks, as Miss Fortune is a pretty squishy champ, especially without your Frozen Mallet. Continue to use your teammates as a distraction. Let them kite people in, and then slow/nuke for easy kills. Keep up your pushing and harassing, and lead your team to victory.