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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cripple148

MLG Support

Cripple148 Last updated on December 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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MLG Support Guide (covers all support)

This is the might Cripple148's MLG Support guide which will cover how to play every support to perfection. I have extreme experience of over 2 ranked games with support both losses. Hopefully my guide will inspire other players to pick up a support and carry their team like I do every game.

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Taric is one of the most MLG Supports in the game. His Q spell is a heal and you want to max it last. His W is completely useless so you want to max that since your job as a support is to hinder your team. The E is his stun which you should use FOR KILLSTEALING PURPOSES ONLY!!! Taric's ult is the most MLG ult and your better off putting no points into it even when your level 18. The tactic you want to use is run up and start meleeing someone that can you and force your teammate to help you. When they run over quickly run back so the enemy focus your team then once enemy low E them and steal the kill. As taric most kills should go to you so you can buy an early infinity edge cause that's what supports want. When you loose the game you want to blame your laning partner unless you are solo top which you probably should be as Taric cause he is so deadly 1v1.

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Soraka is the definition of a douche. Soraka looks extremely stoopid and is not nearly as babing as Sona or Janna so don't pick her under any circumstances. If for some reason you do her skills are.... Q is a super duper spell that destroys everything in its path so max this. Her W and E are useless and nobody uses them on anyone except themselves so I won't cover them. Her ult is best used while your team are at full hp and you are low. That way it doesn't help anyone. During teamfights you want to run into the middle of the enemy and use your Zhonyas which is the best item on Soraka and is a must buy and when your team dead ult and run like there is no tomorrow. AD Soraka is also extremely viable due to her extremely high base attack speed and her attack motion being so fast so you can just build 6 Bloodthirsters on her.

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Sona is completely babing. That's all I can say.

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Janna is a great support because 1. She is babing and 2. She has no heal so the plan is to spam shields on your laning partner when they aren't taking damage so once they get into a fight you have no mana and blame them for dying. The only other tactic to use is make sure you have flash to that once your team are 1 hit from death you flash behind the enemy and ult to push them closer to your teammates ensuring free kills for the enemy. Build wits end, nashors tooth, frozen mallet and buy 3 spots maxed of wards but never use them. Attack speed op on Janna

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Doesn't deserve my time.

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Alistar is the most simple champ. Don't learn his pulverise-knock up combo its much better to just knock the enemy away and miss your knock up. As Alistar your job is to help position the enemy in safe positions to kill your team. Your main job is to push the enemy towards your team when they are low (same tactic used with Janna ult). Alistar is the support you want to take the most farm as so you can buy an early Deathcap. Starting item should be all health pots and nothing else so you can dive towers LIKA BAWSSSS. Alistar's ult is great when used for the full duration but your tactic is to use it just before death so it is basically useless because you use it when your 1 hit from death. Only other tactics I needed to be useless were force my team to fight while they are low cause I ganked the lane and tower dived.

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As Blitzcrank I like to max my grab and build straight AP. Your only tactic. SPAM YOUR GRAB UNTIL YOU FINALLY HIT ONE. Once you hit the grab DO NOT use your e to knock the enemy up so they can get away and you can rage at you laning partner. Once this is successful refuse to lane with them because they are too 'NOOB'. Once in another lane repeat process until you have been to every lane. By this time it is time to follow your jungle around last hitting his minons and stealing exp. If you happen to get one of the buffs immediately run to the enemy ranged carry (if red) or the mid laner (if blue) and die to them.

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Final Notes

Hope you enjoyed my guide on how to be and MLG Support. This is in now way serious and I just wanted to have a laugh. All of these 'tips' I wrote were taken from REAL LIFE situation and it has all actually happen to me. Yes the attempted 6 Bloodthirsters on Soraka and the maxing W Taric has all happened. I was inspired to write this guide after having countless 'MLG' support who carry me to victory with their pros skills. ENJOY!!!


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