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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Limonadakiller

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Limonadakiller

MMM - Mordekaiser Metal Madness

Limonadakiller Last updated on July 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction Solo

Hello everyone, this is Limonadakiller in my second guide over here. And I think there's no better champion to pick this time than my main character. I don't play him like usuals do, my build focus on building him more like a tank than an AP caster. I know it can look like a bad way to play him but don't judge me before trying and when u try, I'm sure u wont regret it . That's why I decided to burn out my fingers once again and show the world an alternative (and for me more efficient) way to play the Master of Metal. I know that Morde has power to be a top Tier champion at any lanes if played correctly. So let's getting started.

NOTE: Im not a natural english speaker, my mother language is portuguese (no it's not spanish) so plz forgive any mistakes.


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My Last Match

Im glad to say to all the haters and trolls downvoting this guide that on my last match "07/15/2012 " I won a match with an awesome comeback, scoring a pentakill (wearing my Pentakill Morde skin, making this epic). Note that I carryed a pre-nerf eve on the same match and had succes soloing mid against a cassiOPeia (note the hightlight on OP). Im printing here the match history and soon the video that a friend recorded from the match


sry about the low definition, direct link to the image is here

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Presenting the Guitarrist

He's a bad boy, he looks evil, he has a dark and cool armor that reminds me Fable I, he has no face, red eyes and a mace that make anyone with good sense regret trying to approaching him (in my case he has an axe-guitar cuz I often play him using the Pentakill skin). All the skill names are from famous Heavy Metal songs, do u need any more reasons to like him? Well time to give u more. U can farm like a *****, harass the enemy all day without running oom and the best part is that u can't be harassed back. On team fights u can soak a good amount of damage, bring some pain to the enemy and enslave their carry to win the teamfight for ur team. He lacks cc and this is his main weak point, he has no much mobillity or gap closer, but this guide is made to counter hard those weaknesses.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Good harass tool and natural damage
[*] Very usefull ultimate that heals u and control the enemy carry
[*] Passive shield that makes u unharassable
[*] His W makes u unexpecting tanky

[*] Kinda squishy until u reach level 4
[*] U need to know when and who to ult
[*] No cc and low mobillity
[*] Ignite dependant to deal damage with ult till level 11

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I take MPen Marks cuz this will make u hit really hard, even if the enemy has MR runes. More damage means more shield from the passive and more harass trading power. For the Seals I recomend HP per level to increase ur survivallity a bit, but armor is also a good option. For Gliphs I like getting CDR cuz they will make u more harassive with ur E and also having ur ultimate up faster, making urself much stronger ofensive and defensively. For quints flat HP to help u to survive untill level 4, when u start to shine in ur lane.

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21/9/0 is also an option but I feel like the defensive stats worth more to u, mainly in the early game. Mpen will increase the power of ur runes and make u hit even harder

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Summoner Spells

is a must on morde, u can't play him without this. That will allow u to put them through the fire and flames when they start becoming childrens of the grave due to ur ult. Lacks damage untill level 11 and ignite is there to ensure u kills

Usefull to get away from scary situations, chasing and closing gap to get in range and kill someone. Flash is also an option but the cooldown is longer and I feel like the duration of ghost works better for morde than an instant teleport.

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Ur first item, useful to give u some extra HP for the begining and helping u to survive, provides some armour (Mordes starting armor is poor but it raises during the game) and some hp regen to prevent urself to suicide with ur own skills

and a ward (+ 1 hp potion if u feel u need). This is ur first recall buy, getting this will increase ur sustain and almost neutralize ur HP cost for the skills, making u able to spam more often.

U need boots and those are the ones that give u more. Some MPEN + ur runes + ur masteries will make u hurt hard even if they have runes or get some MR to counter u

Extra HP and armour to make u tanky, its a must on Morde cuz u need to get on melee range to deal damage. A squishy Morde is a dead Morde. It not only makes u able to stay close dealing DPS with ur but also gives u extra 40 M damage per second, making easier to farm and more painfull for the enemyes just staying by ur side. (80 from W + 40 = 120 Mdamage per second, and believe me, it hurts)

Now imagine ur combo E hitting for 250, Q hitting 200-300 (depends if its single target) + 6 seconds of 80 + 40 = 1270 damage, of course Im not countig enemy MR, ur MPEN, ur AP, auto atack damage, having only 4 seconds base cooldown level 18 etc. Its just to show the nice amount of damage u can deal as a tank, and did I mention that 30% of this comes back to u as a shield? Now add the ult + ignite combo damage (17% enemy hp + 410 from ignite at level 18). This is more than enough to hurt the enemy carryes and everyone that stay nearby, cuz most of ur damage is AoE

Ur next buy. It gives u MR to protect urself from magic burst damage (ur main enemy, once u can always keep reducing DPS by sustaining ur shield), HP regen to really cancel the HP cost from ur spells and give u even more HP regen and 8 movement speed multiplier to make u run faster and helping to solve Mordes lack of gap closers, Mobillity and cc, getting this u can stick easily with ur enemyes and deal more damage.

This item is a must to Morde. More HP to make u more beefy, some good AP to increase a bit ur damage (all ur skills scales with AP) and the passive slow for ur skills. Now who said Morde can't have CC? I know that E and W count as AoE spells and apply reduced slow but it still good, u can hit with E, approach, turn ur W on, dealing slow per second on them and hit with Q (counts as single target for Rylai) then u can also ult, its another single target slow to make enemy life a worse nightmare.

Oh the mallet, More HP, some AD to improve ur damage, aswell as ur auto atacks. But the best part is 30% slow for each auto atack (remember that Q resets ur auto atack timer, making u hit twice). Now remember the
slow? Now those two items are going to perma-slow ur enemyes, u will feel like ashe or sejuani hitting. Now Morde HAS some CC to help the teammates and get some extra kills aswell. By this point, getting away from u becomes a challenge, ppl wont recognise the old Morde that always used to see enemyes getting away with 10 hp whyle trying to chase in vain.

Now the cherry on our cake, our last item. By this time u shall see how the match is going to get the best choice.

I usually go for this, it gives u all-around good defensive status to make u even more tanky and altough u are a hard guy to kill, if u are playing right ppl WILL focus u on teamfights, of course this is good, u are the tanker but u will be dealing so much damage and killing so hard with ur skills and ghost that most of the enemyes will see u as a thread. Of course u ARE a thread, but we dont like dying and losing all the fun, do we? + in some games u are the heart of the team, ur teammates need u so much on the fights and if the enemy can manage to zone u out, focus u down and kill u, well, gg, u are not like Mundo, Singed or Rammus that are almost immortal tanks, its really hard to kill u but if u get focused sooo hard its possible. To prevent this, GA is there. This item has saved my game many times and now is part of my core build in almost every game. The GA aura has a moral effect, the enemy will think twice before focusing u and seeing ur Glorious Rebirth.

If u are fed, dominating and nothing can hold u back u shall get this goodie. Spellvamp for ur skills, Lifesteal for auto atacks and Q, extra AP and AD to improve even more ur damage. But the best on this item is the active effect, a shot that deals 300 magic damage and slowes ur enemy by 50% (SLOOW RIDE OVER 9000 with ur Mallet and Scepter). Its a great finishing tool and make ur R + Ignite combo even more powerfull by adding a shot on their heart, it makes capturing enemy ghost MUUUCH easyer. But by getting this item u are trowing away all the defensive power of , u shall get this if u are really fed and trampling the enemy team. I almost never get this cuz I have a personal preference for the Guardian Angel, but its up to u. All the matches I got this I really had a lot of fun by killing more than all my team together xD.


grab those instead of and if u are not the only tank on the match. U wont be the initiator on teamfights so u can go for a more offensive option, those items still give u defensive stats and the best part are the auras for ur team to help ur Mages friends (including urself) deal more Magic damage and the enemy carryes deal less DPS with the ASPD reduction aura. Those items also give u some cool ofensive power with the extra AP from the Abyssal and the CDR from the Heart. The bad side is that u have less HP with those items than the standart build, but as long as u wont take the harder burst on the face by initiating the fights u can let it go. Those items also give u more carrying power for those matches that the team needs more ur damage than ur overall help with the slows, usually when u already have another tank to cc them. U still have the slow from Rylai so u wont lack something to make u more sticky.

If u have another ideas plz comment, I cant remember all the situations and items by now, I just put here the most frequent options that I take

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Ur songs, an explanation


A famous hit by Black Sabath, also one of the best passives in the game. This is what makes u a good tank and a harass machine on lane phase. U can also use ur skills to gain some shield and survive fromfor example. Don't be scary to fight when u have a ghost, even if u are at half hp and ur enemy is fed, cuz each of the ghost auto-atacks will charge up ur shield. (But u won't face a superfed Sion or Jax with ur powerfull LeBlanc ghost auto-atacks will u?)


One of the most famous songs from Mothorhead, some may think this is ur main skill, ur bread-and-butter, but its not. Its a really usefull skill to keep ur shield up, deal some extra damage and reset ur auto-atack timer, but the other skills worth more to level first. Thats why I max it last, taking only one point by level 4.


This one is from Metallica, a band that I like so much. My love for this skill shuldnt be diferent. This is in my opinion ur best skill after the ultimate. It makes u (or an ally, remember that) very tanky, gives u a nice amount of shield, deal some good magic DPS and can be used on minions to deny last hits and harass a bit too. U just wont max it first because u need ur E to farm and harass in lane


Great song from Megadeth. A great harass/farming tool aswell. Wonderfull to finish off enemyes with ur R + Ignite + E combo. U shall max it first cuz as it deals good AoE damage this is ur main shield source.


One of my favourites songs from Black Sabath (oh God why there isnt one named Paranoid?). This ult is just wonderfull. He deals % damage, heals u, drains the enemy status, has a large range and gives u a slave ghost to pentakill ur enemyes. This ult + Ignite can turn the tides of teamfights and 1v1, making it possible to beat even Jax. I dont need to say that u must max it always as possible.

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How to Rock on every stage


Morde has a perfect mid if u play him right, to do so take this advices. Try to always hit ur enemy AND the minion wave. Doing this ull get more shield to block all the **** they try to trow back. If the enemy plays the smart and tryes to stay far away from the wave just wait, dont waste ur E only for the minions. Doing this u are wasting hp when ur enemy is not and when ur E is down u are so much more vulnerable, so make sure to trow this thing over his head. Zone the enemy out the last hits and when he/she tryes to kill the minion BOOM, make those metallic things apear below him. This will make the enemy scared and underfarmed. When they are with 1/5 + - the hp bar u can try to go for a kill. Hit with E, pop ur ghost, activate W and smash his head with Q, when the enemy tryes to run scary u ignite and E again to pick the kill. Do the same plus ur ult when u are level 6 (sometimes u dont even need to Q and W him, just ghost + ignite + R + E.)

Solo top/duo lane

The strategy is similar to mid, but when u are top, take more care about pushing and save ur HP, top champions often have good sustain and u shuldnt play too aggro untill u recall and get ur. On duo lane take care to dont expose ur ally and urself so much, try to harass both with ur but if u cant, always focus on the squishiest. When u get ur ghost, go, catch ur double kill and use the pet to tank the turret for u


Keep warding the map, at this point ur enemy lane is almost sure to be down, so keep roaming around, pushing lanes, trying to take down turrets and killing aswell. Play as a beefy guy, dont get scared unless its a 3v2 or 2v1 and they are all full hp (otherwise, get the ghost and make the party start). But dont get too cocky if u are not that fed or not doing well, if u are really doing poor, just farm the entire waves and earn some money, its not hard. At teamfights if theres another tank on ur team (a more suportive one like galio, amumu or shen) let him start the fight, engage just after him and focus theyr carry like u never did before in ur life. I will explain how to use ur ult and the ghost on the next chapter. If u are the only tanking, well the initiation is urs, go there and ask to ur team to come RIGHT AFTER U. U can't soak damage forever like rammus or shen, u are a good tank but what makes u different is ur power to deal damage and win the fights. Protect ur carrys, stay near to them, give them urif they need (or if they are chasing down someone to earn an assist xD). Once u have ur Frozen Couple (Rylai and Mallet) u will become a slowing machine, making this job even easier.


STAY WITH UR TEAM, control the buffs with wards and the baron. Lead ur army to the victory like a general, walk in front of The Troopers, kill the enemy carry, win the fight, slow down fleeing enemyes and push theyr last turrets to victory, making ur ghost tank them if necessary. Thats is the part they will say "gg morde is OP, nerf morde".

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The Prisioner (Iron Maiden), ur #1 fan and how to use him

Ive said before thathas many uses and a really good Morde knowes how to profit its best. U can ult to heal urself, to this aim the beefy targets once u steal a % of their total HP. U can also use it to turn the tides of a fight, ult the enemy, start draining his life and stats and finally steal his ghost. Sometimes for Morde the best defense is the ofense and turning back and fighting instead of running like a chicken can be very rewarding, but u must have the feeling on when to do or not to do this and u can only learn it by playing, playing and playing more. U can also ult to "ks", but its gonna worth even if ur carry was going to pick the kill, but u shall only do this when u feel the ghost is going to be really necessary or its the enemy ad carry.

How to control the ghost like the Master of the Puppets(Metallica)

When u catch the ghost, look around. If there are any event occuring nearby, EG : An enemy fleeing with low HP or an ally being pwned in a 1v1 fight, send ur ghost there. NOTE: U can do so even when u are at low hp, hide urself somwhere safe and just control the ghost with alt + click or reactivating the skill. Also note that if u get so far away from the ghost it will teleport to where u are. If there is no danger around and nothing to do with the ghost, go to the nearer turret and spend its life there. If theres an enemy hugging the turret send the ghost to atack him but note that if u get under turret range it WILL focus u (but sometimes its good to tank for ur Tryndamere Ghost that is raping the enemyes below the turret). U can also line up the ghost with u to tank some skill shots and ultimates like, remember that for many effects it counts as a champion.

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The Grand Finale

U must also remember of key things that may help u on every match, not only with morde

    Help ur teammates, dont blame them if they are bad, u need them to win the match
    If someone is being trampled at any lane switch, u may not go that well as ur previous lane but it worth since the enemy wont have a fed guy
    dont forget to call mias
    keep calm even if u want to blow up ur teammates heads

If I remember something else Ill post here, feedback is gonna be welcome too

Ill add another chapter talking about champions that are kinda hard to play against and u must take some care soon.