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League of Legends Build Guide Author Isayev

Modification on Duff's

Isayev Last updated on June 7, 2011
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This is just a modification to Duff's "REAL Ryze" build (link here).

I just took the idea/philosophy of that build and modified the items/masteries/runes in a way that I thought works better for the said build.

It's not an ideal build, it's just a sum of proposed changes to an existing build in order to keep the philosophy the same, but modify the items/masteries/runes in a way that I thought was better. I didn't do any research on it other than the thoughts that came to mind while typing my response on the comments to the original build(at the bottom of this page) and I don't aim to either go in depth with it or claim it as my own build, it's just that: some modifications that I think would work better for a certain build that I didn't agree with.

Items that I didn't choose or masteries or stuff are all limited by the original build limitations and I didn't wanna change the basic idea. Also just read my post on the page 3 for the specifics on the modes.

Again if you want information on how to play this build visit the original guide by Duff since he both covers this and I'm a bad player and can't really suggest much on how to play, I'm just good with numbers and could only contribute in this area with my suggestions.

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Stat Comparison

Duff Build --- Modified Build:
Health 3751 --- Health 3805.96 at 18 --- +55
Health Per 5 Sec 44 --- Health Per 5 sec 47.25 at 18 --- +3
Mana 2888.5 --- Mana 3101 at 18 --- +212.5
Mana Per 5 Sec 33 --- Mana Per 5 Sec 11.7 at 18 --- -22
Armor 176 --- Armor 261.1 at 18 --- +84
Magic Resist 110 --- Magic Resist 109.3 at 18 --- -1
Attack Damage 101 --- Damage 101 at 18
Crit Chance 6.25% --- Critical Chance 6.25 at 18
Crit Damage 200% --- Crit Damage 200%
Attack Range 550 --- Attack Range 550
Movement Speed 380 --- Movement Speed 380
Ability Power 160 --- Ability Power 150 at 18 --- -10
Attack Speed 0% --- Attack Speed 0%
Life Steal 0% --- Life Steal 0%
Armor Penetration 0 --- Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 8.55 --- Magic Penetration 34.22 at 18 --- +25.67
Cooldown Reduction 35.0% --- Cooldown Reduction 25.0% --- -10%(-5%)
Dodge 0.0% --- Dodge 0.0%
Gold Per 10 Sec 0 --- Gold Per 10 Sec 0
Reduced Death Time 0% --- Reduced Death Time 0%

Total difference:
+55 hp
+212.5 mana
+84 Armour
+25.67 magic pen
+25% spell vamp
+Active AOE slow for ~4 seconds

-22 mana/5sec
-1 magic resist
- 10 ability power
-5% cooldown reduction(40%+14% overcap against 35% on my version)
-15% magic pen(Archaic knowledge)
-Active AOE speed for 3 seconds

Comments: The magic pen difference( static vs archaic knowledge) means that my modified build will be more effective against enemies with ~180 or less magic resist and if you add the increased damage output of the spells due to the larger mana pool(not much, like 14-15 points more damage before resistances) the increased life and survivability from extra hp, armor and life regen and the similar active ability( slow on enemies vs speed on allies) I think that my modification sums up to be the better one for this kind of gameplay for Ryze.