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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author linabx

Mommy, Theres a Plump Demacian Being Fed!

linabx Last updated on September 25, 2010
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Hey guys! Welcome to my 3rd guide. Please take note that this is for a 3v3 game only. Please dont votes down if you take this guide and play on 5v5 and then you suck.

Alright, lets get started.
Important things you absolutely need to know:
1. Heroic Charge does deal double damage with a stun if you run opponent into a wall.
2. Diplomatic Immunity does protect you against turrets.
3. Valiant Fighter does apply will everything, skills, attacks, area of effects. Everything except Turrets.

Summoner Spells:
Flash: Multiple Uses. 1. Flash over a wall to flee. 2. Flash over a wall for a gank. 3. Flash right next to a low-health enemy and land the killing blow. 4. Just to get away.
Exhaust: Mainly for hunting down enemy champions.

Game play with Item Explainations:
For 3v3, the first thing that comes to mind is gank! Most of the time, My team and I always go bot. And there IS a bush in the middle where the enemy team will hide. This is where you decide whether you go into the bush to start a fight, or to tower hug. Usually, I enjoy having a champions on my team that can check the bushes. Here is a list:
Champions that are able to check bushes with getting anywhere NEAR the bush (at level 1)

Original 40:
Anivia: Flash Frost
Ashe: Volley/ Hawkshot
Blitzcrank: Rocket Grab
Chogath: Rupture
Corki: Phosphorus Bomb
Dr. Mundo: Infected Cleaver
Evelyn: Shadow Walk
Heimerdinger: Concussion Grenade
Janna: Howling Gale
Morgana: Dark Binding/Tormented Soil
Nasus: Spirit Fire
Rammus: Powerball
Shaco: Deceive
Sivir: Boomerang Blade
Twisted Fate: Wild Cards
Twitch: Ambush
Veigar: Dark Matter

Akali: Twilight Shroud
Ezreal: Mystic Shot/ Essence Flux/ Arcane Shift (plus he will get a buff if he hits something)
Gragas: Barrel Roll
Kennen: Thundering Shuriken/ Electrical Surge
Kogmaw: Void Ooze
Malzahar: Call of the Void/ Null Zone
Nidalee: Javelin Toss
Olaf: Undertow

Season One:
Galio: Resolute Smite/ Righteous Gust
Miss Fortune: Make It Rain
Urgot: Acid Hunter/ Noxian Corrosive Charge

These Champions are ideal for checking bushes. If you do not have any of these champions are your team, then I suggest not to gank. If you happen to have one of these champions, continue the gank. First check the bush. As Poppy, you need to position yourself where you are able to heroic charge the enemy champion into terrain. If you are able to pull this off, your team will get first blood. After 2-3 Seconds of fighting, one person WILL withdraw themselves. This is your chance to own him. Because of your somewhat higher Movement Speed combined with your boots of Speed (your first item with two health potions and one mana potion)), you will have 370 Movement Speed, Just enough to chase after a fleeing enemy. Pop exhaust on him and keep whacking him, and right before he dies, flash right next to him and land the killing blow. Poppy is not squishy, so your chances of dying during the gank are very slim. Retreat back to your tower and recover with the health potion.

For Poppy, I suggest laning with a Ranged DPS character or a Caster. Reasons are because that if you are laning with another Melee DPS against any Ranged DPS, chances are that they will harass you and force you to tower hug. If you were to solo, just hope that you are not against a Ranged DPS. I never enjoy soloing because there is a risk of ganks.
Once you have gathered enough gold, recall for a Boots of Swiftness. Why? Because:

1. Poppy has no slows, stuns (Heroic Charge does do a stun, however, you need to position yourself to make the stun happen), snares or fears. Paragon of Demakis just is not enough to chase after a fleeing enemy. You will need more speed. And note that this is not a tank Poppy Guide, so I never get Mercury Treads/ Ninja Tabi.

2. Poppy Base Movement Speed: 320 + Boots of Swiftness: 90 + Paragon of Demacia: +25% = 513 Movement Speed. Utilize this for fleeing or mobility.

A. (for those who are doing well) Buy the Sword of Occult. More Attack Damage which totals up to about 110 damage with another 15% Boost of Movement Speed.

B. (for those who are doing bad) Buy Phage, This item gives a 225 health boost and it will slow any fleeing champions.

After that, Youmuus Ghostblade. Why?

1. Lets see the effects: 20 armor penetration, this is not arguable. Most DPS players rarely get and armor and they start out with less than 20 armor (some of them), so with youmuus ghostblade, you basically ignore the armor. 30 attack damage and 15% critical chance, every once in a while a crit comes along. This is really handy if you are going head to head with another champion. A Critical here and a critical there will help a lot! Plus 15% cool down Reduction means there is more Heroic Charging and Devastation Blows.

2. The activity Ability is extremely useful especially if you want to chase after the hasters (champions that have the ability to flee: Sivir, Master Yi, etc. etc. or champions with ghost). The active ability totals you up to 708 Movement Speed for 4 seconds with Max Paragon of Demacia, Max Sword of the Occult, Boots of Swiftness, and the active on Youmuus Ghostblade.

3. Remember: Youmuus Ghostblade REQUIRES activation.
If you got Sword of the Occult, Then Get Trinity Force,
If you got Phage, and you are doing well now, Get Sword of the Occult. And then To Trinity Force
If you got Phage and you are still doing bad (which should be impossible with Valiant Fighter), then get Thornmail, Banshee Veil or Guardian Angel. I would really recommend Thornmail Because of the return damage. Or any item of your choosing. Then get Trinity Force

Next, The Black Cleaver. (I will stop using WHY)

1. At max stacks, this item reduces 60 armor. Another Armor penetration item.

2. +75 Attack Damage.

Important Total Item Bonus:

Attack Damage: Poppy Base Damage at level 18: 115 + 110 (Sword of the Occult) + 30 (Youmuus Ghostblade) + 20 (Trinity Force) + 75 (Black Cleaver) = 351 Attack Damage

Attack Speed: Poppy Base Attack Speed at level 18: 1.114 X 1.04 (Masteries) X 1.25 (Trinity Force) X 1.5 Attack Speed(Youmuus Ghostblade) = 2.172 Attack Speed

Health: Poppy Base Health at level 18: 1881 + 300 (Trinity Force) + 145 (Runes) = 2326 Health

Armor Penetration: +20 Armor Penetration (Youmuus Ghostblade) + 17.64 (Runes) -60 armor (The Black Cleaver)

Movement Speed: Poppy Base Movement Speed at level 18: 320 + 90 (Boots of Swiftness) + 15% (Sword of the Occult) + 20% (Youmuus Ghostblade) + 12% (Trinity Force) + 25% (Paragon of Demacia) = 792 Movement Speed.

Other Gameplay Tips:

As Poppy, you are able to solo the dragon at level 12~13.

You may have to use flash to position yourself just right to run your enemy into your terrain.

In the Early game, If the enemy champions get close to your turret, flash over them and heroic charge them into your turret.

Heroic Charge will interrupt: Katarinas Ultimate, Nunus Ultimate, and any other champion that requires channeling, as long as you provide the stun.

Always have the Dragon Warded.

Place Diplomatic Immunity on the weakest Champion Available, so you will not receive damage from the stronger players.

Diplomatic Immunity Blocks Obelisk Damage too, so if you see a disconnect player, place diplomatic Immunity on him and heroic Charge him out of your fountain.

Thats it! Please comment on my Poppy Guide. And I hope that you will be the carry on your team.