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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author linabx

Mommy, There's an Abominable Snowman Outside Our Igloo!

linabx Last updated on September 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys, I'm Back with my 4th guide. This guide will cover the essential things you need to know in order to play AP Nunu.
Items Order w/ Explainations:
1. Doran's Ring - Personally I think this is better than taking Amplifying Tome or Meki Pendant. This item gives a combination of both, +10 AP and 5 Mana Regeneration and an additional 120 Health. You might want to take a health pot as well.
2. Sorcerer's Shoes - +20 Magic Penetration. Handy for those whose stack up on Magic Resist.
3. Rod of Ages- Try to get this item as soon as possible because the longer you have it, the better off you will be. Maximum- +650 Health, +725 Mana, +30 AP.
4. Archangel's Staff- This Item is your most useful (IMO) item. At level 18, Nunus Maximum Mana will be 969 in addition to the 725 Mana from Rod AND 1400 from Archangels = 1694. The Passive Effect of Archangels Will give you 92.82 AP.
5. Archangel's Staff- AGAIN??? Yup. Archangel's Staff's Passive IS NOT UNIQUE! So, in other words, the second Archangel's will convert 6% of your Max Mana. The second Archangles will give you ANOTEHR 400 Mana. So the second Archangels totals you up to 209.64 extra AP
6. Archangels Staff- This 3rd other will give you: 467.28 extra AP
7. After you have completed your build, Sell your Dorans Ring for Zhonyas Ring. Remember, Zhonyas Ring has an Active so use it wisely. The Passive will increase your Total AP by 25%

Important Statistics:

Mana: 969(Base Mana at 18) + 725(Rod of Ages) + 1400 (1st Archangels Staff) +800 (2nd and 3rd Archangels Staff) + 101.25 (Runes) = 3995.25 Mana x 1.05(Mastery: Expanded Mind)= 4195
Mana Regeneration: 9.5 (Base Mana Regeneration at 18) + 75 (3 Archangels Staff) + 3.69= 88.19
Magic Penetration: 0 (Base Magic Penetration at 18) +20 (Sorcerers Shoe) + 8.55 (Runes) = 28.55 Magic Penetration
Ability Power: 0 (Base Ability Power at 18) +14.85(Runes) + 30 AP (Rod of Ages) +135 (Archangels Staff) + 4195x 0.09 (Archangels Staff) = 557.401125 AP * 1.25 = 696.75140625 AP

So,697 AP. What does this mean?
Consume will now heal you for 1042 Health
Ice Blast will now deal 972Magical Damage
Absolute Zero will now deal 2867.5 Magical Damage

With this build you will be able to 1-shot almost all DPS characters and ALL the casters.

Early Game
This build works on any 3v3 or 5v5 map. I personally would like to lane with a ranged DPS or a Melle DPS who can harass i.e. Akali, Chogath Olaf, etc. etc. With Nunu, you should be aggressive. Utilize Ice Blast when you have it to harass. At level 1 you should do 100 + Damage with Ice Blast. Also, use his passive to conserve your mana so you do not have to port back every 3 minutes.

Mid-Game / Late- Game
Mid-Game should be the time you get your first Archangels. During this time, there will start to be ganks. The safest way to play Nunu during this time, is to tower hug, or play defensively and dont push out too far. If you are caught in a gank, its best to try and lose them in the jungle. If you are low on health, consume a neutral monster. If you find yourself still being pursued, ice blast the chaser and Pop on Blood Boil to flee. ALWAYS have Baron Warded. If you are going to Baron, it would be BEST if you pop Absolute Zero. A combination of your Skills will deal 3839.5 Magic Damage - 6% (Magic Resistance) 3609.13+ 900 True Damage from consume= 4591.66. Pretty contributive to your team.

Mastery Explaination:
3x Archmage's Savvy- 10.8 ability power by level 18.
1x Cripple- -10 Magic Resist? That combined with Sorcerer's Shoes completely ignores most DPS character's magic resist.
4x Sorcery- 3% Cooldown Reduction
1x Archaic Knowledge- 15% Magic Resist Reduction- Anyone who has lower than 35 Magic Resistance is nullified. 35 x 0.85= 29.75- 20 -10 = -0.25 Magic Resist.
Burning Embers- +10 AP when ignite is on Cooldown.
3x Perseverance- 4% increase health and mana regeneration.
1x Good Hands- No specific use actually, just gets you back in the game faster
4x Expanded Mind- with nearly 4k Mana this will boost your Mana to 200 more.
3x Meditation- 5 Mana per 5 seconds.
2x Utility Mastery- You will need this buff because you will take blue golem buff. +0.015 x 4.2k Mana??? Totals up to about 163 Mana per 5 seconds with CoolDowns.
1x Greed- No specific Use Just for extra gold.
3x Quickness- +3% Movement Speed. You'll get : 315(Base) + 70 (Boots) +15% (Blood Boil) +3% =456 MS
3x Intelligence: 6% Cooldown Reduction- More Spamming of Ice Blast!

Why did you take Burning Embers instead of Presence of the Master?
There is really no point for lowered cooldown for Summoner Spells. AP Nunu should not be that dependant on Summoner Spells. Usually, I rarely even USE my Summoner spells and just rely on Ice Blast and Absolute Zero.

Why can't I just Tank Nunu? His health increase per level is +108 That would be great for tanking him!
True, but Notice his AP to damage ratio for Abosulte Zero. Its the highest in the game 10:25. Consumes health restore and Ice Blast is 1:1 Ratio.

To Raise your confidence on this build, I have played 12 games with Nunu and I have lost NONE. So that should convince you to try this build out. Thanks. Comment and vote!